The 10 Best Bass Spinning Reel Under 100 Reviews in 2022

When all you can think of is finding the best bass spinning reel under 100, you may, at times, doubt if you can find a suitable model within this price range. The good news is that you can always find a lovely model on a budget.

However, it requires a guide like this, prepared by experienced and skilled individuals who know so much about spinning reels to find the perfect choice. There are multiple choices for all types of fishing. Whether you need the right reel for freshwater, offshore, inshore, and surf water fishing, you can find your match from these four models.

Product Name





1.Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel


12.8 Ounces


2.Penn Fierce III Spinning Fishing Reels


2 Pounds


3.Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel


3.53 Ounces


4.SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel


3.53 Ounces


5.Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel


0.64 Ounces


6.Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel




7.SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel


0.1 Kilograms


8.Penn Fierce III Spinning Fishing Reels


2 Pounds


9.RUNCL Spinning Reel Titan II, Fishing Reel



Stainless Steel, Aluminum

10.Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel


0.45 Pounds


10 best bass spinning reel  Reviews In 2021

If you are a professional angler with a very tight budget or just a beginner who is unwilling to spend too much on a spinning reel, you can always find something with what you have in your account. The spinning reels reviewed below have exceptional qualities that make them worth checking out. You can get what you need from these four models.

1.Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel

When it is time for you to get a new spinning reel for your bass fishing, you will need something strong and powerful. The Daiwa BG has several outstanding qualities that make it the perfect choice. It is suited for almost every fishing application. 

This saltwater spinning reel a housing made of black anodized machined aluminum. The Daiwa BG features a carbon drag system that is amazingly waterproof.

This reel is very comfortable to use and has a highly ergonomic design. With six ball bearings and a gear ratio of 5.6:1, it makes your work easier and provides you with optimal efficiency. 

It also has an all-time anti-reverse system that makes it even more dependable to deliver optimal performance. The spinning reel's spool design makes casting smooth and handles braided line just as nicely as does monofilaments.

As long as you choose the right reel size and match it with a proper fishing rod, you can use the Daiwa BG for almost everything from inshore saltwater fishing to ultralight freshwater tackle. 

It is the kind of reel that is adaptable to small and large fish species. Since it weighs just 0.8 pounds, this reel is lightweight enough for comfortable fishing in various applications.

Things We Like

  • An all-around versatility
  • Suitable for multiple fishing styles and applications
  • Offer smooth retrieval and substantial drag
  • Ideal for different experience and skill levels
  • Durable and can withstand saltwater conditions

Things We Don't Like

  • A bail wire that is a little bit too sticky if you do not lubricate it

2. Penn Fierce III Spinning Fishing Reels

PENN Fierce II Spinning

It would be easier to love this spinning fishing reel for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a newbie or experienced to the core, the Penn Fierce III would be an excellent addition to your fishing equipment and gear collection. It is constructed with a full metal body rotor, bail wire, and side plates. Such a construction delivers precise gear alignment even under heavy loads.

Generally, the Penn Fierce III offers excellent value for the money. As an angler, this would be an on-point buy considering all the numerous fishing applications it can handle. With its techno-balanced rotor, you get to enjoy smooth retrieves with this spinning fishing reels. No matter how big the fish might be, getting it out of water is made easy and precise.

The Penn Fierce III features four shielded stainless steel ball bearings, making it operate smoothly and handle large fish without putting the strain on you. Also, it has instant anti-reverse bearings. Together, these features make up a fishing reel that delivers optimal performance and can survive constant strenuous use. So if you are looking for the perfect reels for bass fishing, the Penn Fierce III comes in handy and is suited for it.

Things We Like

  • Body and side plates are made of quality metal
  • Boasts heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • The stainless steel ball bearings are efficient
  • Rotor gives smooth retrieves

Things We Don't Like

  • Not the smoothest you can get

3. Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel (All Models & Sizes)

Penn Battle is an exceptional fishing reel series. This specific model features a variety of innovative characteristics that make angling more enjoyable and increase your level of success in fishing. It is a durable high range spinning fishing reel best suited for catching and conquering humongous saltwater game fish.

It has a full metal body, which rugged enough to withstand the weight and pressure from large fish. Apart from the body, the sideplate and rotor are also made of high-quality metal. Together with its heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, you get a reel that is exceptionally tough and durable. You will like its drag system too, which constitutes an HT 100 carbon fiber. It delivers a powerful drag with exceptional smoothness.

The spinning reel features fluid cranking with five sealed stainless steel ball bearings, which, together with instant anti-reverse bearing, deliver brilliant performance. Also, the super line spool requires no backing at all and is braid ready. If you clean and maintain this reel properly, it can serve you for a long time. It requires regular cleaning to protect it from saltwater elements that may react with it.

Things We Like

  • Available in both right-handed and left-handed
  • Designed for long life
  • Suited for medium to larger species
  • Robust carbon fiber drag system
  • Provide smooth adjustments

Things We Don't Like

  • It is heavy and therefore not suitable for long hours of use.

4. SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel

If you are on a budget, never mind getting yourself one of these SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reels. It is an excellently designed spinning reel suited for serious fishing. It is also ideal for both experienced and new anglers alike. It boasts an updated design that includes cold forged HAGANE gears. And for that, it offers a variety of significant performance upgrades and still comes at an affordable price.

It gives you optimal strength for both offshore and inshore fishing. Everything from its body to the gears provides intense, long-lasting, and durable performance and incredible smoothness all the way. Its design represents not only strength and durability but also optimal performance. You get to achieve more with less if this is the spinning reel at your disposal. It is also the best reel for catching all small freshwater fish species.

With a weight of 7.6 oz., this spinning reel is lightweight and convenient for long hours of fishing, including when jigging and manipulating light tackle over an extended time. And with a maximum drag of 7 pounds and a gear ratio of 5.0:1, you will have an easier time in the waters doing what you love doing best. This makes it one of the best spinning reels under $100. Laos, it makes the entire process of fishing enjoyable if you like doing it for fun.

Things We Like

  • Excellently lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for catching various fish species
  • Highly engineered and reliable gears
  • An excellent choice for learners
  • Suited for ultralight fishing

Things We Don't Like

  • When wet, it can develop retrieval issues.

5. Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel, Black/Orange

Okuma spinning reel uses Dual Force Drag system technology to optimize drag power. It does this by including both sides of the spool to increase high–end drag pressure. Additionally, it improves efficiency by creating a smoother spin and makes you move swifter. 

The stainless steel bearings make it easy for you to participate in inshore and offshore fishing. Basically, the ball bearings are resistant to rust and peeling.

I love the hybrid combination of the spool. It features an aluminum lip and a graphite arbor. Aluminum is ideal for creating sturdy designs for fishing equipment or any other tools for that matter. On the other hand, graphite is feather-light, thus reduces the weight of the spool. This combination applies to the body of the reel and the rotor as well.

Okuma reels are for newbie and professional anglers who want to find excitement and fun learning or working. The drag is robust while the spin is smooth and seasonal maintenance is all you need to do to keep the reel in shape. Make sure you set the drag appropriately so that you do not encounter accidents.

Things We Like

  • The dual force drag technology is ideal for maximizing efficiency and drag power.
  • The spool is a perfect combo of aluminum and graphite for lighter weight and strength.
  • It has a quick set anti-reverse clutch.
  • It includes stainless steel bearings for resistance against corrosion.

Things We Don't Like

  • It has design flaws as far as the gear is concerned; they could easily stip.
  • Unfortunately, Okuma has unresponsive customer service.

6. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

The creators of the Pflueger Supreme spinning reel entirely created it with an aluminum structure. It reassures us of the quality and performance of the reel. With a stainless steel aluminum body, you can confidently use the reel on inshore and offshore fishing. 

The magnesium body and rotor are ideal for making your fishing session easier since you will not get arm fatigue. Basically, it offers the spinning reel a lightweight design.

Adding on to the lightweight feature, Supreme has a carbon handle. As we know, carbon is an extremely lightweight compound. Therefore, it is impeccable for fishing applications. 

It also includes a braid-ready spool that features a pair of spools wound with different patterns. These patterns can be recognized as braids. They prevent the reel from slipping and provide a firm and soft grip for the angler.

I would say that the creators of Supreme created it with the angler in mind. Essentially, it focuses on making your fishing experience better. 

The fact that Supreme uses an Eva handle knob that offers you a firmer and relaxed grip is thoughtful. The smart retrieve feature is responsible for offering precision line lay while casting.

Things We Like

  • The supreme reel has stainless steel bearings that are resistant to corrosion.
  • The magnesium rotor and body make the spinning reel as light as a feather.
  • It has a carbon handle that makes it easy to handle the reel.
  • The braid spool protects the reel from slipping and makes it easy to hold the reel.
  • It has a smart retrieve feature that boosts precision when casting.

Things We Don't Like

  • The carbon handle is quite fragile.

7. SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel

Shimano boasts cutting edge technology; the flagship hagane gears. They assist in building a long-term service for the anglers. Additionally, it provides optimum power while casting. You can utilize it in offshore and inshore fishing activities because of the smooth and firm operation.

The designers have made machine cut, anodized spool components. They boost the line capacity and keep the body of the reel compact. With the Propulsion Line Management System, you can cast at deeper depths. Moreover, you can do this without encountering any backlashes or wind knots on the line.

Just like most Shimano spinning reels, Sedona uses G-free technology. It aims at relocating the center of gravity of the reel at a closed position with the fishing rod. Consequently, your arm will feel more comfortable and free of fatigue. This is because the center of gravity is now closer to your hand's position on the fishing rod.

Things We Like

  • The cold-forged hagane gears are ideal for a long-lasting quality of the spinning reel.
  • It has double anodized spools for revitalizing the performance of the reel.
  • The propulsion line management system increases casting depths and eliminates backlashes while fishing.
  • It has anodized spool cuts that improve line capacity and keep the body compact.
  • It has a G-free body that offers you comfort while fishing.

Things We Don't Like

  • The components are quite stiff and stick when reeling.
  • It does not include an anti-reverse switch

8. Penn Fierce III Spinning Fishing Reels

Penn Fierce III Spinning Fishing Reels (All Styles & Sizes)

Pens Fierce III has earned the praises of many because of its quality and versatility. It deserves the award of the best quality hands down. The fact that it feels light on your hands and yet has sturdy performance makes it the ideal spinning reel for any angler. 

Aside from this model, other models have won the approval of many. This is the kind of spinning reel that you would not leave behind anytime you visit the lake, river, or sea.

They are the perfect reels for a light tackle, affordable price with the promise to last long. I love the fact that everyone can actively engage in fishing with the best equipment. 

It is ideal for domestic and recreational fishing. The handle may seem large, but it offers you a firm grip while casting so that you do not run into accidents.

Penn Fierce may not be perfect for saltwater fishing because the ball bearings are only shielded. Using them regularly would require you to service it every two or three trips. 

However, you can use sealed stainless steel bearings for saltwater fishing. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong when choosing it for inshore fishing.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a complete metal body that reveals its ability to last longer.
  • The side plate aligns the gear in the most critical events.
  • Features 4+1 ball bearings of stainless steel made.
  • Aluminum wire can withstand heavy-duty execution and can last for longer.
  • The anti-reverse bearing is crucial for making faster and smoother catches.
  • It is a great fit for

Things We Don't Like

  • It is not perfect for saltwater fishing since it needs regular maintenance.

9. RUNCL Spinning Reel Titan II, Fishing Reel

RUNCL Spinning Reel Titan II, Fishing Reel

The TITAN developers have created this spinning reel with a full metal body. It also includes two-color anodized polishing and single-piece frames for ultimate precision. The rotor has a phosphate coating to offer resistance to the wear and tear of time. 

You can fish in saltwater without worrying about corrosion because of the 168-hour salt mist test that offers reel protection.

With the RUNCIL entire shield system, TITAN II is bound to keep you going for quite a long time. This system has the duty of guarding the main body, rotor, and spool. Essentially, it prevents entry of water, sand, or dirt into the sensitive components and eliminates the possibility of accidents. 

The TITAN II designers have constructed the spool with a braid grip. It is not only angler-friendly but also prevents it from slipping. Therefore, you do not need a mono-filament backing or tape.

The spinning reel has a powerful drag system that includes multifunctional carbon fiber washers. Three of them are 2000 and 3000 while five are 4000, 5000 and 6000. It boosts the maximum drag and stopping power thus, you can catch more and larger fish.

Things We Like

  • It features a phosphate rotor coating for extended durability and performance.
  • Has an anodized metal structure that builds the strength of the reel.
  • The TITAN II has a 168-hour salt mist test that prevents salt corrosion on the reel.
  • The RUNCL Entire Shield System is responsible for protecting the whole reel construction.
  • It includes a braid ready spool that prevents it from slipping and makes it easy to cast.

Things We Don't Like

  • It is competitively priced.

10. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel With Front Drag, STCI44000XGFB

Shimano Stradic is a high-performance reel with the newest Shimano technology. It still retains the performance features that anglers love. You could call it an upgrade on the older models while combining old and new concepts to revitalize the reel's execution.

The spinning reel is lightweight yet offers you a solid feel when you use it. It has an extra light, sturdy CI4+ carbon body and cold-forged aluminum spool. Additionally, the Shimano's Magnumlite Rotor, which is lighter than previous models, contributes to the reel's lightweight design. 

It utilizes an X-ship mechanism that greatly improves the durability of the gear. Moreover, it gets rid of the friction between the gear and spool shaft. Consequently, this improves casting execution; you can make longer casts.

To make the reel sturdy, it has a hagane gear ship and a hagane body. Therefore, the reel can last for longer with optimal execution. You can use it for onshore and offshore fishing because the performance is top-notch.

Things We Like

  • It uses X-ship technology to improve the longevity of the gear and reduce
  • The spinning reel boasts a Magnumlite make that makes it 25% lighter than other reels.
  • The hagane flagship gear and body improves the strength and longevity of the reel.
  • It includes a fluid drive and a dyna balance rotor for smooth operation.
  • It is the best spinning reel for trout fishing.

Things We Don't Like

  • Some parts are cheaply made, which might cause it to break easily.
  • The piece of plastic behind the spool holders is irrelevant.

Things to Consider before buying bass spinning reel under $100

Just like inflatable kayaks, fishing reels are essential in your fishing arsenal. Spinning reels are top-rated among anglers, from armatures to experience. Anglers of various skill levels have used them for every style and mode of fishing over the years. If you are interested in simple functionality and versatility, spinning reels are the perfect option for it.

We have prepared this guide to help you find the best bass spinning reel under 100. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best reel.

Construction Material

The quality of the materials used to make the spinning reel says so much about the reel itself. Most main parts of spinning reels are made from graphite or aluminum. Aluminum is common since it is generally more durable corrosion-resistant.

That is why reels that rea means for more damaging environments are made mainly from aluminum. If you need a spinning reel for saltwater fishing, aluminum is the perfect material for such reels.

Graphite, on the other hand, is lighter but more suited for freshwater fishing. When choosing a spinning reel based on materials used to make it, look for a solid body model and a strong bail wire.

Drag System

The drag system helps by controlling the fishing line and how the line comes off the spool. A tight or higher drag is an indication that the line can only come off slowly, while a loose or lower drag indicates that the line can only come off fast. Spinning reels have lots of disc washers, which helps in offering smooth drag on the wheel.

The washers are often made from carbon fiber or stainless steel, which are two rust-resistant materials. Carbon fiber drags highly adjustable and easy to maintain. They are well suited, and that is why they are common in many reels.

Also, carbon fiber drags do not slip due to flat spots. Spinning reels usually have either rear drag or front drag systems. Front drag typically requires large washers, are durable, and boasts excellent drag strength. On the other hand, Rear drag systems are more comfortable to adjust on the fly when battling a fish.


Several factors affect the weight of a spinning reel. Some of the factors include material and engineering. You need a spinning reel that is easy to handle so that both casting and retrieve becomes stress-free even if you have to do it over and over for hours.

Therefore, in most cases, lightweight spinning reels are highly preferred by anglers because they reduce fatigue, especially if you have to use them for long hours in a day and every day. Do not consider weight without considering the material.

Do not compromise on the quality of the material to have a lightweight reel. Make sure it is not only lightweight but also made of the best materials.

Gear Ratio

With the right gear ratio, every fishing session will be as smooth as you would want it to be. What is the gear ratio? It is a measure of how many times the bail spins around the spool to retrieve line with every single turn of the spinning reel's handle.

It shows how much power or energy you can put into a struggle with a fish on your line. When you have a more massive tackle and a line meant for heavier species, you should go for smaller ratios.

Gear ratios between 4:1 and 5:1 will give you slower and more powerful retrievals. On the other hand, higher ratios of 6:1 and higher provide faster retrievals and are therefore suitable for catching all small fish.

Line Capacity

When you match a spinning reel with the right fishing rod, you can use a line that is as light as two-pound test or as heavy as the largest saltwater fish species demand. There is a right light capacity for every type of fishing. Therefore, the line capacity is an important variable that every angler should consider depending on the type of fishing they do.

A designed line capacity will have a direct impact on both the size and shape. It is advisable to pay attention to the spinning reel's line capacity and not going outside the specification with line length and weight.

For instance, lightweight line in higher capacity would lead to tangles and spool issues, while heavy line on low capacity reel reduces the length to less than what is needed for heavy tackle.

Spool Design

Casting designs are also very important, which makes it necessary for you to look keenly for the right features. Check the spool lip and spool size when choosing your next spinning reel. These two design elements help in reducing the friction. Larger spools will allow more line to fall off the spool and with just one smash on the spool's lip.

Also, spinning reels comes with either skirted or internal reels. Skirted reels are the most common design in modern spinning reels. Many experienced anglers prefer internal to skirted spinning reels. However, skirted reels are ideal for anglers of all skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best spinning reel for bass fishing?

A: Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel is the best you can get within this price range for bass fishing. It has passed many tests as the best spinning reel under 100 for Bass. It has all the right qualities that makes tackling bass easy and increases your chances for success.

Q: What is the best spinning reel for the money?

A: That would be the Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel. It is worth every penny. You can depend on it to deliver the best performance, durability, and excellence at catching various fish species in different fishing environments.

Q: What is the best fishing reel for beginners?

A: SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel is an excellent spinning reel for learners or beginners. It is easy to use, and makes it simple for users to operate it and get the most out of it with every use. It is smooth, and lightweight for better control.

Q: What is the best all-around fishing rod and reel combo?

A: When you pair the Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 fishing rod with the Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel, magic happens. This is the best all-round combo, which is also the best outfit you can have without breaking the bank

Q: Are expensive reels worth it?

A: Yes, but not always. Price is usually proportionate to quality, but that is not always the case. You still need to be careful when choosing an expensive spinning reel but when you get the right one, it would be worth it in every way.

Q: Are Baitcasters better than spinning reels?

A: Yes. Baitcast reels handles heavier lines and even allow for longer casts than spinning reel in the same range of size. A small spinning reel will have a hard time with larger diameter lines since it features a smaller, narrower spool. However, small baitcast reels can handle such large lines and provide excellent casting distance.

Q: Should you spend more on a rod or reel?

A: You should spend more on a rod. Once you get a good reel, getting a more expensive rod would be an excellent idea especially where rod sensitivity will be detrimental.

Q: What is the best cheap fishing reel?

A: The Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel is still many angler' favorite because it meets the profile just fine. It is cheap, but still provide qualities that are found in the more expensive counterparts.

Final Verdict

Getting a great value in the best bass spinning reel under 100 may not seem realistic but it is. If you balance price against other vital attributes as we have discussed in this guide, you are highly likely to get the best value for the money. Lower price does not always mean low quality, functionality or durability.

In fact, from these four spinning reels, you can get what some expensive reels do not offer. We hope you find what you need for the best fishing experience from these four spinning reels. Fishing for bass may be a little more wanting than fishing other species. That is why these reels are special. You can also check some top baitcaster combos here.

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