Top 10 Best Broadhead for Crossbow Over 400 Fps (2022 Update) – Reviews and Guide

If you are a skilled hunter, it is great to have a quality broadband for your crossbow. The best broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps provides deep and powerful penetration on your target’s body.

Hunters who use crossbows over 400 fps target big games like elk and deer. You can shoot accurately and let the animal die painlessly while preserving the meat. We have curated recommended broadhead for crossbow in our expert reviews.

You can find all you need in the best crossbow broadhead reviews and a buying guide to help you make an informed choice. I am sure you will find the perfect broadhead for your needs, so scroll down to learn more.

Crossbow hunters looking for the best fixed blade broadheads for their crossbows have plenty of options to choose. If you want to get a good broadhead for your high speed crossbow model, check these top picks in detail. This will help you pick the most accurate broadhead to become a better crossbow hunter.

1. Swhacker SWH00251 2 Blade 150 Grain 3" Cut - Crossbow 3 Pack with Practice Head

Swhacker SWH00251

An SW Hacker broadhead is among the best crossbow broadheads for hunting over 400FPS. It has a unique set of blade construction that revitalizes its performance. The first set of blades is small yet energy efficient. 

They are also referred to as wing blades because they deal with the impact of the tip on the flesh while the main blades expand through the animal’s skin. These blades are responsible for penetrating the hide and first set of ribs.

On the other hand, the second set of blades, also known as main blades, penetrate the flesh at greater depths. These blades are razor-sharp for optimal penetration and precise shots. 

While the blades have straight penetration, it is easier to retrieve the broadhead for later use. When the animal has escaped after shooting it, it can only last a few minutes until it collapses.

Additionally, SW hacker uses a mechanical rear deploying broadheads for maximum penetration power. The tip of the broadhead is of chisel material that sticks to the skin of the animal while edges slice through the flesh. The tip must be sharp so that the blade broadheads land on the animal skin within the first shot.

Aside from the superior technique and performance of the blades, they also have robust construction. SW hacker ensures that you will use this broadhead for the longest period while maintaining its superior quality. 

The blades are of aluminum construction with stainless steel to prevent them from rusting and becoming blunt. Also, the construction guarantees long-term service as the broadhead will not bend or break from numerous impacts.

Another thing is that this package comes in a three-pack of 100 Grain mechanical crossbow broadheads for use alternatively. The blades are 0.32inches thick with a cutting diameter of 1.75 inches which combine to make a total cutting surface of 3inches.


  • Best mechanical broadhead. 
  • Two sets of the blade for maximum penetration power.
  • The blades are of aluminum construction for long-term use.
  • It is lightweight for effortless shooting
  • The chisel tips are ideal for sticking to animal skin.


  • The small cutting gr may leave a small blood track.
  • It may not work accurately beyond 40 yards.

2. Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

The rage crossbow broadhead utilizes unique SlipCam technology with a huge and razor-sharp leading-edge blade. It is available in two, three, and four cutting blades that you can pick from. They also extend to a cutting diameter of 2.3 inches although this blade has a diameter of 2inches.

The blades leave a gaping wound channel for conspicuous blood trails. Also, the entry holes are large enough to make a killer shot with only one broadhead.

Additionally, rage crossbow broadhead boasts a superior blade retention system that guarantees proper blade retention when you are not using them. It also allows the broadhead to open up easily while using it. 

The mechanical blades are of aluminum construction for sturdy performance throughout the years of hunting. The leading blades create flexible momentum for more accurate shots and large entire.

Another feature that this mechanical broadhead includes is amplified accuracy that many experts around the world have overwhelmingly acknowledged. I am sure you want your hunting game to be invincible and the easiest way to ensure that is by having a top-notch hunting tool. The hunting technique conserves kinetic energy so that you can make accurate shots effortlessly.

It has three, 100-grain broadheads with 0.35inches thick leading blades to boost performance. Rage leads the lethal technology by providing award-winning designs of crossbow broadheads that make it to the top-selling mark.

Rage crossbow broadheads are leading in the evolution of mechanical broadheads as the company strives to deliver quality products. The top staff in Rage is Jim and Eva who are father and daughter with a rich experience in outdoor activities

Jim is well-versed in archery and guns while Eva is a spokesperson for hunters on National television. I believe that only the best and experienced product designers can create the best products. Therefore, rage crossbow broadheads are inevitably idyllic for bow hunting.


  • The rage crossbow uses Slipcam technology for boosted blade performance
  • The blades are of aluminum for sturdiness.
  • You can make accurate hits effortlessly with the energy-efficient hunting technique.
  • The blade retention system retains the crossbow bolts.
  • It left huge wound channels for visible blood trails.


  • It does not include a practice head.

3. Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead RT 1 1/2" Cut 3 Bld 100gr

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead

Be sure that the Grim reaper mechanical broadhead for crossbow will kill your game within the first shot. It has laudable features that give the best killing results. Everyone else that has used Grim Reaper broadhead can attest about the same.

It includes three expandable blades that are razor-sharp. They are of aluminum make, hence they are sturdy and high-performance. You do not need to worry about your mechanical crossbow broadhead breaking within the first shot. The robust blades can drive the chisel point tip to kill deer weighing over 200 pounds in a distance of 400FPS. You can be sure to kill two hounds in a row.

Additionally, the mechanical broadhead works like field tips earning a long-standing reputation of being deadly and having excellent mechanicals. As the chisel tip lands on the skin of the animal, it stays in place as the blades dive deeper into the flesh. Consequently, the mechanical blades leave huge exit wounds for conspicuous blood trails and immediate animal kills.

Although the wounds are extensive to leave blood trails, you do need to follow the blood track. This is because your game drops closer than you think. The farthest your target can go is about 20 yards. You can say goodbye to the times that you have had to walk for two hours while tracking your target. 

Grim Reaper provides a quick, clean slate that kills most humanely. It saves you energy and time, hence it is among the best crossbow broadheads.

Finally, this is a three-blade, 100-grain broadhead with a 1.5inch cutting diameter that drives effortless kills. The next time that you go for a hunting exercise, be prepared to get astounding results.


  • It has three expandable blades that create huge exit wounds.
  • The stainless steel blade is robust.
  • The chisel tip easily sticks to the animal’s hide.
  • It has razor-sharp mechanical blades.
  • The grim reaper is ideal for deer hunting.


  • The blades are pretty sensitive to stress and dirt.
  • The practice tip is weak which causes it to bend

4. G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Steel Premium Crossbow Fixed Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Steel Premium Crossbow Fixed Broadheads

The G5 provides you with the best practice heads to polish up your deer hunting skills. G5 practice heads are as sharp and precise as the best broadheads for crossbow hunting. Unlike other mechanical broadheads, the G5 is a fixed broadhead. 

It has three stainless steel blades that work separately making it the best fixed blade broadheads. It will be advantageous because it saves you the trouble of assembling wing blades on one crossbow broadhead.

Although the cutting surface on the animal’s skin will not be as large as those that wing blades create, it can pierce deep into the flesh. Also, it has a cutting diameter of 1 to 1.125 inches that is pretty small. 

Unfortunately, it will not leave a huge entry for blood trials. Even so, we consider G5 among the best broadhead for crossbows over 400 FPS because it can fly at great hunting distances at a swift speed.

So, how do you use a fixed broadhead? You simply load one of the blades on your compound crossbow and aim at your target. Even when you fail to acquire the first target, you can use the remaining stainless steel blades on other animals. 

Additionally, this fixed blade broadhead has fixed blades with string tapered blade design to build their sturdiness for long0term use. The chisel point tip is strong enough to handle the impact on a rock. Therefore, it can effortlessly stab an animal.

Since the fixed broadheads are lightweight, they fly straight into the air and through the animal’s skin. They have a quiet flight so that the animal does not sense any threat. 

Also, you can easily re-sharpen the fixed blade broadheads when they get blunt. However, I must say that they are not very good at maintaining their sharpness. Therefore, you should complement the fixed blades with good sharpening tools.


  • It includes three fixed blade broadheads.
  • The crossbow broadheads are lightweight and easy to use.
  • The broadhead flies at a distance of 400Fps
  • It makes clean and accurate cuts.
  • The stainless steel blades are sturdy.


  • The fixed blades are not very sharp.
  • The packaging is unsafe since the blades are not covered.

5. Slick Trick Raptor Trick X 3pk 100 Grain Stainless Steel

Slick Trick RaptorTrick X 3pk 100 Grain Stainless Steel

The Slick Trick is among the best broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps that has superior quality and outstanding execution. The manufacturers of Slick Trick have combined quality materials, streamlined design, and tight tolerances to come up with the best mechanical crossbow broadhead. It beasts any other mechanical broadhead in a similar price category due to its laudable performance.

First of all, the blade retention system is especially relevant to the seamless functionality of the wing blades. This mechanical broadhead includes a high retention band that ensures the blades are deployed upon impact with the animal. The band minimizes the high-speed flight that could lead to premature blade deployment. You can position the band in three different spots according to the kinetic energy your bow can produce.

Additionally, the Slick Trick mechanical broadheads come in a pack of three broadheads that you can use interchangeably. It is ideal for modern crossbows that have a great travel distance, therefore it has widespread compatibility. Also, the expandable blades are razor-sharp for maximum piercing. The edges of the blade broadheads can pierce through the dirt, skin to get to the vital tissues to kill the animal in a single shot.

Another thing is that the mechanical blades have ferrule alignment technology that ensures that they are robust for long-term use. They are immune to distortion and damage. The blades can easily cut through the retention band, for full deployment upon impact on the animal’s skin. They each have a diameter of one inch so that when they are both combined, they have a cutting diameter of two inches. It is effective in making huge exit wounds for blood trailing.


  • It has two blades with a cutting diameter of two inches.
  • The retention band system controls the crossbow broadhead flight.
  • The blades have ferrule construction for hard-wearing features.
  • It weighs 100grains which is floaty.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of bows; crossbows, compound, and recurve.


  • The blades may snap off during deployment.

6. SW hacker SWH00219 100 Grain 1.75" 2 Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Swhacker SWH00219 Crossbow Broadhead

The SW Hacker has two expandable blades that deploy upon impact. The blades are in two categories. One of the smaller blades is responsible for initial skin penetration. It is like they clear the pathway for the other blades. The second category is known as the main blades whose work is to extend through the flesh. Since each of the thick mechanical blades has a cutting diameter of 1.75inches, the two will make a huge entry cut of 3inches.

Additionally, the blades have ferrule alignment technology that provides heavy-duty construction. You do not have to worry about the blades snapping off during deployment because they have a strong build. Also, they are resistant to corrosion or ground and rock impact, hence they cannot break or bend. These blade broadheads qualify SW Hacker as one of the best broadheads for crossbow over 400fps.

The mechanical broadhead has a hardened high carbon steel chisel point that can easily penetrate through the tough hides of animals. Even though the animal skin is tight, this chisel point tip can stab through the flesh at the recommended distance. Make sure that your modern crossbow also matches the distance over 400 fps for the best results. Also, the blades have a thickness of 0.32inches to outdo the thickness of the hides.


  • The blades have ferrule alignment technology.
  • It has a hardened chisel point for easy penetration.
  • It includes three mechanical broadheads.
  • The expandable stainless steel blades have a cutting diameter of 1,75inches.
  • The blades have edge-cutting and bone-splitting capabilities.


  • It leaves small blood trails that make tracking difficult.

7. Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery

Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery

We say that the best crossbow broadheads are as effective as their tips. Therefore, you need the best blade tips for the best crossbow hunting results. These fixed blade broadheads have chisel tips created with precision. The manufacturers have pressed the tips with immense pressure to create smooth and sturdy construction. 

Also, they are of stainless steel to prevent distortion and damage. The trocar tips ensure that the fixed blade broadhead has stable and accurate penetration into the flesh.

Additionally, the three fixed blades have steel construction with accurate alignment. They have equal intervals for accurate hits and controlled resistance against the wind while moving towards the target. 

The aerodynamic design makes the Wasp blades broadhead fly at high speed to hit the animals. Also, the blades are razor-sharp to penetrate tough animal skin.

Another thing is that the manufacturers guarantee flawless design for smooth cutting and flying. The fixed blades and trocar tips have been tested to ensure the accuracy of their result. 

The Drone broadhead dives right through, even on the shoulders of big game bones such as deer, hogs, and elks, Thanks to the sharp blades, nothing can stop these Wasp blades from accomplishing their mission.

Other features include the cutting diameter of 1.125inches and 100grain weight. Although the cutting diameter will not leave a large trail, you can be sure that the kill will be impressive. 

I love that apart from including three assembled broadheads, they also provide two extra replacement blades. It is advisable to replace your blades right after using them to ensure an effective kill on your next hunt.


  • The three blades have trocar precision machined tips.
  • It has fixed blades for accurate targeting.
  • It includes two extra replacement blades.
  • Professional shooters have created it.
  • It is impeccable for crossbow hunting.


  • May not group with field tips.

8. Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead

The muzzy trocar hbx is among the best crossbow broadhead with undisputed strength and accuracy. First of all, the fixed blade broadheads have heavy aluminum shaft construction that can withstand the wear and tear of time. 

They are resistant to dirt, debris, rust, and damage despite the impact on the animal skin. Consequently, it has a lethal performance that depicts the precision and flight of a field point.

Additionally, it has a hardened steel trophy tip on the blade and end of the broadhead. It guarantees the precision of your targets causing the animal to die within a few minutes.

Also, the accurate hits ensure that you make a clean and ethical kill. It has a cutting diameter of 1-3/16inches that leaves a large trail of blood. Therefore, it will be easy to track the direction that the animal charges towards.

Also, it has a retention band that ensures the crossbow bolts stay in position while making a cut-on-contact delivery. This means that the fixed blades will directly pierce into the skin of the anima without slicing through the flesh. 

The cut will simply be deep and precise, and an aim at the vital points would mean an instant kill. The muzzy trocar hbx has three sharp blades with 0.35inch thickness with a helix design. However, the design is not very welcoming for beginners in crossbow hunting.


  • The fixed blades are of heavy aluminum shafts for resistance.
  • It consists of three removable blades that you can easily sharpen.
  • The front deploying broadheads have a cut-on-contact impact.
  • It has a hardened steel trophy tip to easily stab the animal flesh.
  • The crossbow bolts are immune to deflection.


  • The retention band may be difficult to position.
  • It may not be user-friendly for novices.

9. NAP Killzone Crossbow Broadhead 100 Grain 2 Inch Cutting Diameter Three Pack

NAP Killzone Crossbow Broadhead

The NAP Killzone is one of the best crossbow broadheads that include a patented spring clip to position the blades during flight. The best crossbow bolts work well when it launches on the animal skin during impact. 

Therefore, to ensure that the blades cut-on-impact and the crossbow bolts are not deflective, the spring clip stations the blades in place. Additionally, the blades are heavy-duty and razor-sharp to allow for an accurate and penetrative shot.

Also, the blades are of stainless steel composition which builds their strength and resistance against distortion. The two blades have a thickness of 0.39inches for maximum piercing in the thickest flesh and bones. They have edge-cutting and bone-breaking performance to ensure that your target is down.

It can make a 2inch cut for excellent penetration and devastating wound channels. Your target will not make it out for long until it collapses out of blood loss. Plus, you will be able to track them with the large blood trails.


  • The blade broadheads are heavy-duty and razor-sharp.
  • It consists of a spring clip that locks the blades during flight.
  • It has a 2inch cutting diameter for excellent penetration.
  • You can remove the blades while replacing them.
  • The hybrid broadhead is ideal for crossbow hunting.


  • It does not have a durable make.

10. Ravin R101 Stainless Steel 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads

Ravin R101 Stainless Steel 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads

The Ravin mechanical broadhead is high-performance with a 416 stainless steel composition. This qualifies it to be among the best crossbow broadheads in the market. Although we have been discussing the best broadheads for crossbows over 400 fps, Ravin broadhead flies over 450fps. It has a high-flying performance that guarantees precision and deep penetration. Similar to the Killzone, it includes a spring clip that locks the blades in position until the broadhead lands on the animal skin.

Therefore, it eliminates the need for O-rings and lock rings which could hinder the penetration power of the blades. Consequently, this leads to better arrow flights over a long distance. The package includes three mechanical broadheads with a cutting diameter of two inches.

It also uses a rear deploying mechanism that optimizes the kinetic energy you apply to the shot. Another phenomenal feature that Ravin has is the ease of use which is perfect for beginners in crossbow hunting. The functional demands are fewer together with the mastery process.


  • It has 416 stainless steel construction.
  • There are no lock rings for ease of use.
  • It has an internal spring clip for keeping the blades in place.
  • The hybrid broadhead can fly over 45Fps.
  • It uses a rear-deploying mechanism for accurate shots.


  • The blades may open during flights.

Things to Consider Before Buying best broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps

Best broadheads for crossbow over 400 fps On The Market

Here is a summary of essential considerations that will guide you to picking the right broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps.

Types of Crossbow Broadheads


Mechanical broadheads are also known as expandable broadheads. You may have noticed that the first three broadhead review were about mechanical broadheads. Compared to the other two types of broadheads, mechanical broadheads are more accurate and have the highest performance. They expand on impact. Usually, it has two sets of blades that work differently.

The first set of blades that are often smaller penetrate the skin of the animal to cause a dent. Consequently, the second set of blades widen the cut made by the smaller ones by slicing through the skin until they reach their maximum cutting diameter.

In that case, mechanical broadheads have wider cutting diameters than other broadheads. Since they have wider cutting diameters, they leave a large wound entry and exit on the animal’s skin. However, mechanical broadheads have a disadvantage of reduced penetration speed due to blade expansion.


As the name suggests, fixed broadheads consist of immovable parts that work together to acquire a target. As opposed to mechanical broadheads, the blades do not expand upon impact, instead, the flight position is similar to the impact position.

Fixed broadheads have a solid-state position with often a ferrule design that improves their durability. Therefore, they are more durable and have smaller cutting diameters than mechanical broadheads. The fixed broadheads have been in the longest use over the years until the other ones were manufactured.

Due to their solid-state and wholesome performance, they have the highest launch speeds, which lead to deep penetrations. They cut through the edges of the skin and splits tough animal bones. This feature gives them an upper hand over their counterparts, in addition to the fact that they are durable. Additionally, the immovable parts mean that the broadhead requires less maintenance.

The downside of fixed broadheads is that when the blade gets damaged, you need to replace it entirely. Also, they have limited diameters which leaves a small entry wound that makes tracking difficult.

Replaceable fixed broadheads

These kinds of broadheads have become as common these days as fixed broadheads were during the past. You could say that they arose to fix the inconsistencies and downsides of fixed broadheads.

Unlike fixed broadheads, they have replaceable blades which qualify them for long-term use while only replacing the blades. It must have been difficult to buy a new broadhead every time a blade was damaged, therefore replaceable broadheads are more convenient.

Aside from that, this broadhead has similar functionality to the fixed broadhead. It has a small cutting diameter, and robust construction features together with high-speed broadhead flight.

Hybrid broadheads

They have become common these days as they offer one the option of having mechanical and fixed broadhead properties. A good example is the NAP Killzone broadhead which used rear deployment and has a large cutting diameter, however, the blades are removable.


Mechanical broadheads use two different deployment types.

Front broadhead deployment

Also known as over-the-top broadheads. They consist of blades that are connected to the rear of the ferrule which penetrates from the front when it impacts animal skin. This means that the blades expand once the broadhead is inside the body of the animal.

Therefore, the blades are supposed to be razor-sharp to cut through the flesh. Consequently, the entrance holes of these broadheads are smaller than rear-deployment ones.

Rear broadhead deployment

Unlike front broadheads, these have their blades expanding outwards, immediately they come into contact with the skin. The entrance hole is as wide as the exit hole. It results in a large blood trail for easy tracking of the animal.


There are two different cuts;

Total cut - The total cut is the sum of the measurement of the blades. If a broadhead has two blades 1inch each, then the total cut is 2inches.

Cutting Diameter - it is often a metric of broadhead performance that highlights the total width that the blades will make on the skin. If a broadhead has two blades measuring 1inch each, then the cutting diameter would be 1icnh as it accounts for only one blade

Therefore, the cutting diameter measures the effect of the blades on the animal, making it all the more worth considering.


The weight of your broadhead will determine the penetration power through the skin of an animal. If you are targeting a huge game, it is best to use a heavier broadhead that uses more kinetic energy to get into the flesh of an animal.

On the other hand, medium and small-sized games can have a pass-through with a lightweight broadhead since their impact will be just enough to kill them. Also, ensure that your broadhead requirements are compatible with your crossbows bolt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of broadhead should we buy?

You should buy a sturdy broadhead with materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. The blades should be razor-sharp and have accurate penetration. Although most broadheads have these properties, you may want to consider the different types.

You can use mechanical ones for larger animals and replaceable fixed ones for medium-sized and smaller games. Additionally, the hybrid option has both mechanical and fixed properties.

Is a chisel point broadhead ideal for hunting?

Yes, they have deep penetration power that cuts through the edges and splits bones and shoulders. Although they have a tiny impact hole while penetrating the skin, the exit hole is devastating. Its downside is the fact that the blood trail will be difficult to track.

Are broadheads already sharpened when bought?

Yes, just like knives, they are often ready to use. However, you can confirm by shooting at cardboard and decide whether to re-sharpen the blades.

Are thin blades more effective than thick blades?

Thin blades are more effective when slicing through the flesh of the animal as they have fast penetration. However, their blood trails are smaller. Thick blades are great at leaving a big penetrating and exit hole for larger blood trails.

Which company makes the best broadheads?

My best pick is Grim Reaper because its broadhead works like a field tip that targets large games. Its shots are accurate and deadly. Plus, the company owners are qualified archers and hunting representatives, which reveals their passion for making excellent products.

What grain broadhead for a crossbow?

100 grain to 125 grain since most companies have these options.

What weight broadhead for 400 FPS crossbow?

Broadheads are often lightweight weighing between 3 to 4.5ounces. As long as it matches your crossbows specifications, I believe you will achieve the best results.

How Heavy Should My Broadhead Be?

The heaviest should be 4.5 ounces for easy lifting.


Hopefully, you have found the best broadhead for xbows over 400Fps. I believe that all the recommendations were according to your taste and that your search was fruitful. I hope your hunting game scales higher as you upgrade your broadhead. All you need is a robust, razor-sharp, and deadly broadhead to make deep and accurate penetrations.

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