Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

People who have been climbing for some time know the experience that comes with having the right kind of shoes. It not only makes the experience great but complements your footwork too. There are many climbing shoes on the market but the best climbing shoes for narrow feet can only be found if you have done proper research.

You will notice that experienced climbers have several pairs of shoes, each to suit a particular kind of climbing experience intended and the terrain. There are several climbing shoes by foot shape in the market. Below we have reviewed some of the best climbing shoes you can get.

Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet Comparison Table

Product NameColorWeightPrice
La Sportiva Men’s Miura Climbing ShoeLime1.79 PoundsCheck Price
La Sportiva Women’s Climbing ShoesTurquoise2 PoundsCheck Price
BUTORA Women’s Endeavor Rock Climbing ShoeLavender – Tight Fit‎0.51 KilogramsCheck Price
Scarpa Mens Techno PRO-MSilver/Azure12 OuncesCheck Price
La Sportiva Womens Mythos Eco Rock Climbing ShoesGreenbay12 OuncesCheck Price

Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet Reviews

If you are into rock climbing, buying the right climbing shoes is essentials. This applies to hunters too. Not only should they understand how to use a climbing stand but also should choose the right climbing shoes. We have researched the best climbing shoes for people with narrow feet. Read on to find your favorite model.

Have you been searching for the best climbing shoes that fit tightly with no pain or high-pressure points? You have found them.  These versatile shoes come in wide sizes, with feminine options in the U.S being a size larger than the masculine products, perfect for intermediate climbers. They are the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

Miura rock climbing shoes are designed for use both indoors and on rocky terrains the outdoors. The LaspoFlex midsole is lightweight offering torsion rigidity to ensure high performance and longevity.

The upper side is made using classic leather that is soft and has a lining that ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable all through the day. The lacing pulls quickly to allow the inner volume to be adjusted according to the desired fit.

These shoes feature a Vibram rubber sole and a highly tensioned Slingshot Rand. This transmits power to the toes making it easy for you to hook, smear and edge while climbing. La Sportiva Miura brings you comfort, performance, and durability in one package.

  • Fast lacing
  • High performance
  • Perfect for edging
  • Durable climbing shoes
  • Comfortable fit
  • Laces wear out easily
  • May feel uncomfortable if worn for the whole day

Whether you are going for any kind of climbing outdoor or simply taking a trip down to the gym, this pair of La Sportiva climbing shoes will sort you out. The rubber sole makes these shoes versatile and for use in different terrains.

These shoes feature an all-leather upper part that is breathable. It can stretch to accommodate any foot shape. The inner tongue has a cotton lining that offers maximum protection to your feet. The forefoot features a round shape and a high volume to fit more users.

The sticky FriXion RS rubber and rubber heel rand offer a great grip to provide an edging platform as you climb further up. The LaSpoflex midsole is extremely thin to provide extra tensional rigidity. All these features combined make the shoes last longer.

Worried about how comfortable your feet will be? The heel cup is designed to hold the heel in place to fit snugly. The lacing offers a quick pull to allow the length of the feet to fit. Putting on and off is made easy by the two heel pull-tabs and a togue tab assist.

  • Great for edging
  • Jack of all trades
  • Breathable and durable
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Not an all-day comfort fit
  • Sizing can be a miss

Women have recently become popular in the discipline of physical activity and especially climbing. Butora, a Korean company brings the best Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes for beginner climbers. 

The shoes feature 100% organic hemp fabric that reduces odor and stretch. You can get the pair in both wide and narrow options. The shoes are built with a mixture of leather and synthetic materials. The zigzag Velcro strap helps to get a customized and snug fit.

 The midsole has a 3D injection-molded ABS for torsion rigidity and proper edging. When it comes to climbing shoes by foot shape, the asymmetrical shape matches the natural foot shape and features a triple fork webbing system.

Endeavor climbing shoes come in a variety of colors, each of them with precise sex and color fit. You can get a size to fit you similar to the street shoe size for performance or a ½ size up if you want a comfortable fit. All these excellent features and the durable construction will give you more than you expected.

  • Used in all seasons
  • Good for edging
  • Durable design
  • Perfect and comfortable fit
  • Sizing issues

For the best lace-up trad climbing shoes for smearing on slabs and great grip in any cracks, look no further than scarpa climbing shoes. They have a less protective rubber layer but still provide enough friction on technical terrains.

If you are not quite sure of your climbing shoes budget but still want comfortable shoes for your adventure, consider getting a pair of Scarpa Men’s Techno PRO-M. They are made of 100% leather. They are perfect for an all-day adventure and you would not have your feet complaining in the end.

The shoe comes in a colorful design (silver/Azure) that is appealing to the eye. It is versatile and can be used for not only climbing but also other adventures too such as hiking, mountaineering, and trail running. Its strong construction makes it durable.

With these climbing shoes, you get the utmost comfort, especially in the heel region. This means there is no need to order a size up or otherwise. Scarpia promises that the size you order will actually fit. It has low rubber tension as well.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Colorful design
  • Comfortable
  • Less durable than other trad climbing shoes
  • Rubber joints start to tear sooner than expected

La Sportiva settled for more than 95% recycled materials to design and make these climbing shoes for narrow flat feet. The laces, soles, tongue padding, and webbing are made using water-based adhesives, metal-free tanning, and biodegradable leather, all while retaining quality and function.

These shoes are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The construction guarantees all-day comfort. Mythos Eco is the best choice if you are a beginner climber who may not be aware of what kind of rocks to expect.

The patented and specially designed Mythos lacing system allows for customized adjustments and a comfortable fit. The women’s version comes with a rounded toe profile, flat downturn, and low asymmetry. It does not have any lining and uses a lace-up closure technique.

The Mythos is among the most comfortable climbing shoes known in the market today. They are regarded so because of the neutral sole and very soft leather that molds to the user once it is broken in. although they are comfortable, these shoes need break-in time. Most La Sportiva climbing shoes are known to fit true to size.

  • Less harmful to the environment
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great grip
  • Lace adjustment is a task
  • Less sticky outsole

Best Climbing Shoes for Narrow Feet Buying Guide 

best climbing shoes narrow feet

When looking for climbing shoes, you may want to consider a few things that will ensure the interface between you and the rock is not compromised. Think of the following:

Type Of Shoe

Depending on the kind of climbing you want, choose aggressive, moderate, or neutral shoes. When you are in doubt, start with a multipurpose shoe, and then you can specialize as you gain experience.

Neutral climbing shoes allow your feet to lie flat inside to give a comfortable fit all day. This is the best pick for beginners. Moderate climbing shoes have a down turned shape that makes them ideal for long climbs, overhung sport routes, slab routes, and crack climbs. It is an all-purpose kind of shoe. 

The best option if you are going for a challenging overhang climb is to buy a pair of aggressive climbing shoes. They have an asymmetric shape and very down turned toes. In addition, it comes with lots of heel tension to put your feet in a powerful position.

Shoe Features

Climbing shoes come with features such as straps, laces, linings, rubber, etc. All these features affect the performance of the shoes. Laces are versatile and allow for loosening when it gets hot. Straps are the best for bouldering and when you want to slip shoes off. If you are a trainee climber, slip-on closures have elastic closures for great sensitivity.

Consider the kind of rubber used for the outsole as well as the thickness. Shoes with firm rubber offer better support and edging. Sticky rubber provides a good grip especially for smearing on slabs. Thick soles go up to 5.5 mm, are good for edging support, and last long. Shoes with thinner soles ranging from about 3-4 mm are preferred for smearing.


For the best performance, choose climbing shoes that fit snugly and should not cause any pain. With a snug fit, you will climb longer. It is important to try on various models of shoes and compare. If possible, shop in the afternoon as this is the time when your feet swell to the fullest size.

You must also be flexible when it comes to size. While one size may fit perfectly for one brand, it may be a different case for another brand. Most climbing shoes come in United Kingdom, U.S., and European sizes. A shoe chart size will come in handy for size translation. 

Climbing Shoe Material

Climbing shoe uppers are made of leather or synthetic materials. The leather may be lined or unlined for easy caring and increased stretching. Synthetic shoes offer high performance but do not stretch. So, do not expect the fit to change in the future.


You are not going to climb once and forget about it, are you? You most likely will find a new hobby in rock climbing or bouldering. In this case, you need climbing shoes that will last you several years. The material used to make the shoes and the crafting technique contribute to how durable the shoes will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between bouldering shoes and climbing shoes?

These terms may be used interchangeably but bouldering shoes are essentially a type of climbing shoes that are highly downturned with a tight heel cup, soft midsole, and a snug fit. They are softer than sport climb and trad climb shoes. Climbing shoes are specifically constructed for use in rock climbing. They are made of both synthetic and leather materials secured with Velcro.

Should I get aggressive climbing shoes if I am a beginner?

No. you can only get aggressive climbing shoes if you have more than a year of experience in climbing and you can gain precise footwork on tiny holds. As a beginner, there is still a lot you need to learn, and buying aggressive shoes will just be a waste of money. The best climbing shoes for a beginner are flat ones with enough midsole support and with a snug fit.

Should your toes be curled in climbing shoes?

Yes. Generally, your toes will curl up a bit to remain at the front edge of the shoe. However, your big toe will curl down.

Why are climbing shoes designed to fit tight?

Most climbing shoes are designed to fit tightly because of the amount of pressure exerted on your toes. The pressure helps to gain control of your footwork and effectively heel hook without thinking about losing your shoe. The shoes should, however not be too tight to cause pain in the toes.

How long does it take to break into climbing shoes?

There is no definite timeline. How long it takes for your climbing shoe to stretch completely depends on how long you wear them and which materials are used in its construction. Overall, most climbing shoes will begin to feel comfortable after three climbing events.

Final Verdict 

Now you know how to identify the best men’s climbing shoes for narrow feet as well as those for women. No matter what level of climber you are, you are sure to get the best climbing shoes for narrow feet. Consider the factors mentioned in this article and get a pair of climbing shoes to start you off. 

The climbing shoes reviewed here are among the best you will find in the market, whether you are looking for the best climbing shoes for Egyptian feet or the climbing shoes for roman feet. You will even be lucky to find climbing shoes wide feet narrow heel.

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