Top 10 Best Collapsible Fishing Rod of 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Many anglers want to have a versatile fishing rod that is easy to transport. You can achieve that if you have the best collapsible fishing rod. Telescoping fishing rods are gaining popularity among many anglers because you can easily fold them into pieces.

You can get the opportunity to collapse the fishing rod or extend it to suit your requirements. Unfortunately, many people believe that the best telescopic fishing rods not reliable enough.

In some cases, it can be true. However, today manufacturers utilize modern technologies and great materials to make the best telescopic fishing rod and reel combo.

You will come across many fishing rods on the market. That is why it is crucial to have some relevant information to help you select a quality rod and reel combo. This guide covers the best portable fishing rod that anglers should consider and buying advice.

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KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

1 Piece


PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Fishing rod+reel(No Lures&Line)

1.2 Pounds

TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

1.6 Pounds

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos


14.08 Ounces

Goture Travel Portable Fishing Rod

SWORD-Rod&Reel-3000 Combos


HURRICANE MK-706MHSPT Mako 7' 6Pc Telescopic Rod


12.8 Ounces

Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod


4.94 Ounces

FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kit

6.89ft Fishing Rod Set


QudraKast Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Red Full Kit

2 Pounds

YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole



Why Do I Need A Telescopic Fishing Rod?

The main reason why many anglers buy telescopic fishing rods is because of their compact design. The rod and reel combo are great if you are camping, if you don’t fish occasionally or need a travel fishing rod.

So, if you are an angler on the go, you will love using a telescopic fishing rod. You can also carry the best telescopic fishing rods if you engage in other activities like boating, hiking, road trips, and kayaking. You can easily fit the rod and reel combo in your backpack when traveling.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews

Before you invest your money in a telescopic fishing rod, it is crucial to know how to choose the right one. This is the main objective of this article. We will take you through the recommended collapsible fishing rod that will be a great addition to your fishing gear. Check these top 10 rod and reel combo reviews.

1. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

This is an amazing rod that utilizes soloscopic performance technology to give you better performance and durability.

The kastking blackhawk ii telescopic rod gives you the performance of a single piece in a 6-piece design. It is designed with several floating line guides that enhance performance and a consistent taper.

Additionally, the telescopic fishing rod ensures there are no dead or flat spots on the blank. The telescopic rod features well-designed snug fits that give the full performance just like one piece rod. You can use this rod for various use since it is multi-purpose.

You can get the kastking blackhawk ii in 14 lengths so that you can choose the right one for baitcasting or spinning fishing. Additionally, you can use it in fresh and saltwater, whether you are fishing, bass fishing, kayak fishing, or trout fishing.

You will also love the design of kastking blackhawk ii telescopic rod, which gives you good balance. This rod is convenient to use, and you can easily travel with it. You will also save fishing time because you can let the reel stay on the rod.

All the components of the reel are high-quality for long-lasting use. It includes stainless steel line guides and high-quality and graphite reel seats. In addition, it features comfortable EVA handles that give you the best grip.

Assembling this telescopic fishing rod is quick and easy. You need to start at the top and extend every section while aligning the guide in every section. If you need to collapse the rod, begin at the bottom of every section, twisting it gently.


  • Features superior quality construction
  • It is easy to extend and collapse
  • The rod offers multi-purpose application
  • You will enjoy a great performance
  • Features comfortable EVA handles


  • Poor design and it is fragile
  • It is terrible to line up

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you need a telescopic fishing rod combo, this one will be a great addition. You will get one fishing rod and one fishing reel. One great thing that many anglers love about this reel and rod combo is the elasticity. It also features a high density carbon fiber and fiberglass that make the unit durable.

Plusinno telescopic fishing rod a stainless steel hooded reel seats that are corrosion resistant. You will also have an easy time using this rod and reel since it has a comfortable EVA foregrip. If you need something lightweight and portable enough, then plusinno fishing rod will meet your needs.

The telescopic rod features a closed length design to make carrying it easy. This medium power rod also has an anti-reverse and power drive gears that offer high strength. Additionally, it features a deep aluminum spool with one lone hole and double color.

If you need the best telescopic fishing rods for a gift, you can give this reel combo to your father, husband, son, or boyfriend on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.


  • It has a large line and spool capacity
  • Portable design for easy transportation
  • The reel combo has great elasticity
  • Great for boat and sea fishing
  • high density carbon fiber construction
  • Has quality graphite blank construction


  • The tip of the rod is fragile
  • It doesn’t last long

3. TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

If you are a beginner angler and need an affordable rod reel combo, thus TROUTBOY will be great. This telescopic fishing rod kit comes with a spincast reel, free spare graphite spool, and a telescopic fishing rod. This reel rod combo has amazing features, and you will like its elasticity.

This reel combo is great if you want to introduce your kid to fishing. It has a user-friendly design that makes it easy for beginners to use. The telescopic design also makes the reel easy to carry since you only need to pack it in your truck or bag.

Additionally, the telescopic rod has great power sensitivity making it convenient to use. The rod features a combination of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass that make it durable. This fiberglass rod also features a corrosion resistant reel reed made of stainless steel.

The telescopic fishing rod also features a double anodized aluminum spool that is lightweight. In addition, the stainless steel ball bearings provide stability and smoothness. Another notable feature is the precision-matched gears with a gear ratio of 5:5:1.

This kind of reel combo offers multiple uses. Adults and kids can enjoy great fishing experiences. You can use it for reservoir pond fishing, inshore fishing, freshwater fishing bass fishing, and much more.


  • It provides multi-purpose use
  • Nice design for beginners
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to carry it when traveling
  • Great for both kids and adults
  • Features a durable and lightweight construction


  • Motor stops working after some time
  • The reel breaks easily

4. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod comes with a carrier bag and essential fishing accessories. This includes one carbon fiber, telescopic fishing rod, a fishing reel, a fishing line, three fishing lures, and other vital accessories.

The rod and reel combo has a high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make. This makes the rod solid and durable. This fiber telescopic fishing rod has guide rings are stiff and lightweight. It is made from SIC ceramic and has excellent heat dissipation.

This rod and reel combo is low in friction coefficient hence long-lasting. Moreover, the guide rings are more solid, and it contains International Advanced Epoxy Resin Adhesive.

The reel contains 13+1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings, a strong 5.5:1 gear ratio, and precision-matched gears. This gives it a smooth performance.

The spool has a fantastic aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb design to provide more strength. Also, the EVA knob makes it non-slip, making long-time fishing more comfortable.

Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod is portable. It easily fits in a boat, backpack, or car trunk. This allows you to travel to your best fishing spot anytime you feel like it.


  • Light in weight and durable
  • Easy to carry around
  • The handle is not slippery
  • Great reel design
  • Extra accessories
  • Fantastic combo for beginners


  • The reel  does not last long
  • Not favorable for all water types

5. Goture Travel Portable Fishing Rod Telescopic Fishing Pole

Goture Travel Portable Fishing Rod Telescopic Fishing Pole

Goture travel telescopic fishing rod is another kind that features a new compact body design. This allows the oscillation gear and gravity to balance, creating a better rod balance.

The fishing reel contains double-shielded bearing systems to offer a smooth operation. This includes a gapless one-way clutch bearing and six ball bearings.

You can easily change the position of the rocker for left or right-hand use. In addition, the embedded ceramic rings prevent winding by sending out heat from the line of friction.

Besides, this telescopic rod has sturdy reel seats with an aluminum alloy, which effectively makes it corrosion resistant. You can enjoy fishing in seas and oceans without worrying.

The CNC-machined spool has a higher anti-abrasion design. This prevents line twining from helping you retrieve experience and provide a slick glide.

Eva handle plus a detachable fishing rod plug give you a comfortable grab and skid resistance. This helps with accurate casting.

Above all, the Goture fishing rod is convenient and portable. Therefore, it is a great choice.


  • Good quality and light in weight
  • Comfortable handle
  • Great design


  • The rings are not in good condition.
  • The rod feels a little bit stiffer.

6. HURRICANE MK-706MHSPT Mako 7' 6Pc Telescopic Rod

HURRICANE MK-706MHSPT Mako Telescopic Rod

The Hurricane Mako spinning telescopic fishing rod packs into a small size. The rod features six telescopic sections, which give you a compact and convenient road.

Its ceramic guides work with the fiberglass blank to provide a smooth performance that meets saltwater fish demands. This telescopic rod compact size makes it easy to carry around from shore to shore. It easily fits in the car trunk, boat, and backpack.

The EVA handle grips provide control and comfort when fishing. Another great feature is the graphite reel seat which has stainless steel cushioned hoods.

The telescopic rod is long enough. At some point, it looks like a deep-sea fishing rod. The solid plastic case with foam at each end enhances the protection of the rod.

Hurricane has a broad selection of reels, rods, tackle, combos, and fishing accessories that saltwater fishers need for outstanding performance.

It combines countless hours of on-water experience and high-end technology to give you the best fishing rod. Hurricane is well designed to meet your specific needs of offshore, inshore, blue water, and backcountry fishing.

Wipe the rod properly before collapsing to remove any sand or grit that can make it stuck.


  • Strong and durable 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well balanced
  • Compact design
  • Great build quality
  • Easy travel rod


  • It is heavy
  • No access point on the rod to clean dirt

7. Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Ro

Eagle claw is one of the best telescoping rod you can purchase. It is a true definition of a compact but durable fishing rod that can change your fishing experience.

The telescopic rod is sturdy for the trunk, turbo-prop, and trail. It is made of durable glass. Despite the looks, it has a lot of power rating and delivers excellent results. Eagle claw is the type of rod you need to improve your fishing skills and your strike level.

Besides, the rod comes with ceramic guides and EVA foam handle for comfort. The features on this item enhance the overall experience. This enables you to practice targeting with expertise.

It is suitable for all types of anglers and there is one hook per pack. It is a good quality product to ensure you enjoy your activities. Plus, the cloth travel sack makes it easy to transport.

The telescopic rod is quick to deploy and casts very well. The six eyelets do not rust even when exposed to salty water. It is very flexible and comes at a very affordable price.

A one-year warranty is issued. Additional features are included to help you in your fishing activities.


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy rod
  • One year warranty
  • Comfortable handle


  • Material is fragile
  • Quality is relatively inconsistent

8. FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kit, Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kit, Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole

FISHOAKY telescopic fishing rod are made from carbon fiber material that is mixed with fiberglass. This makes the rods durable and corrosion resistant.

Ceramic Guide ring has stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts. This helps in securing longer casts and reduces friction in the line.

FISHOAKY is a telescopic fishing rod with a telescopic pole for easy storage and transport. The pole is suitable for both salty and freshwater fishing.

The Left and right interchangeable aluminum handle offer strength and flexibility. The fishing reel is smooth. It has an S-curve oscillation system which is good inline winding.

The telescopic rod is designed for novice and includes necessary for fishing. There is no need to buy other fishing tools.

This carbon fiber rod is excellent for beginners and pros. Set up is easy and takes little time. The pole slides up and down to make it shorter or longer.

Additionally, it folds up easily into a compact size for traveling. The pole folds up to the size of your arm and extends to the size of your body. Finally, it is straightforward to use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Full fishing kit
  • Easy to set up
  • Pole is adjustable
  • An excellent choice for beginners


  • The pole does not lock in place completely
  • Lacks user instructions

9. QudraKast Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

QUADRAKAST telescopic fishing rod is an excellent gift to your loved ones. It has a new-volcanic red cross-wrap design and offers comfortability and capability great for professional and recreational anglers.

This reel combo features excellent material. It is made from high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. The pole features high-strength, ergonomic graphite make.

Soft and comfortable EVA handles to prevent you from getting blisters. Since it is a telescopic rod, QUADRAKAST is convenient, portable, and easy to carry. The weight is bearable.

Another reason to love this rod and reel combo is that it fits easily in your backpack, car, ATV, RV, and many more places. Keep the pole in any safe place of your choice when traveling.

It is suitable for a wide range of activities: trout, bass, striper, panfish, walleye, saltwater surf fishing, and inshore fishing. It could be a nice gift for fishing enthusiasts. The tip end is white to enhance night visibility. Also, it reflects any biting signal from the bass.

Excellent quality at a great price. There is a handy clip that prevents the rod from extending when not in use. The rod extends and goes back in quickly without binding up. The accessories included in the package are just unique.


  • Complete fishing kit
  • The end lights up at night
  • Excellent material
  • Wide application
  • It extends nicely without binding up


  • The sections lock together when twisted
  • Not suitable for deep-sea fishing

10. YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole with Spinning Reels

YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole with Spinning Reels,Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing with your kids is a great family outdoor activity. This cost-effective telescopic fishing rod is well designed to give your children a fishing experience.

It includes spinning reels, telescopic fishing rod, fishing line, fishing lures, and other essential fishing items suitable for beginners.

A fishing starter guide is available for basic fishing skills, few tips for fishing, and simple diagrams for rigging options.

Everything fits well in the shoulder bag hence easy to carry. The rod is made from carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. It has good elasticity.

YONGZHI telescopic fishing rod for kids is very suitable for streams, bass, rivers, trout fishing, and ponds. The spinning reel has right and left changeable handles.

telescopic rod is smooth and requires little effort to use. Complete fishing kits for kids' first fishing experience included. It is easy to switch from bottom to top fishing within seconds.

The unique nylon monofilament fishing line makes the line durable and offers excellent knot strength. Furthermore, the fishing floater makes your fishing activities more convenient.


  • It contains a fishing starter guide
  • Easy to use
  • Full fishing set
  • Made with durable materials


  • The reel is made from plastic 
  • The string is not strong

Buying Guide: How to Choose A Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best telescopic fishing rod and reel combo

Several qualities define a quality telescopic fishing rod. You need to be familiar with these tips to help you buy only the best fishing poles. Check essential buying advice that you should remember when buying the best collapsible fishing rod reel.

Number of Sections

How many sections does the collapsible fishing rod has? It is great to check the number of sections in telescopic fishing rods because it will help you know weak points. It also determines the rod lengths. In most cases, you can find telescopic fishing rods that have 4-6 sections.

The lesser the sections, the better. However, this might affect the length of the rod. I would advise you to choose a rod with a few sections in a nutshell and ensure you pick a durable one.

Quality Material

Apart from the price point, always check the type of material that your telescopic fishing rod is made of. There are various types of materials that you can choose. Most of the rods feature high density carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of the two.

If you want a rod that gives you maximum durability, check one that features high-tensile materials. While heavier materials are durable, they might increase your weight’s rod.

This might not be great if you are traveling and you need to carry your rod. It will only add more weight to your backpack. So, you should weight the pros and cons of each rod to make the right purchase.

Fishing Style

Before you buy a telescopic fishing rod, always consider the type of fishing that you want to do. What type of fish do you want to catch? If you have that in mind, then you will pick the best portable fishing rod.

If you are into salmon fishing, then buy the best collapsible fishing rod for salmon. In most cases, telescopic fishing rods work well for small to medium-sized fish or deep sea fishing.

Other types of fishing that you can try include bass fishing, trout fishing, and crappie fishing. In each of them, ensure you get the right best collapsible fishing pole.

Line Guides

If you check a Telescopic fishing pole, you will some rings along the pole. These holes play a role in carrying the line and maintaining it in place. So, if your telescopic rod has many rings, the better.

Line guards are crucial, so you should ensure that they feature robust construction and well-fixed to the pole. In addition, check the guide inlets too. Many companies make lines with ceramic inlets that minimize friction and promote heat dissipation. This, in turn, protects the line.


Sometimes you might opt to choose the best collapsible fishing rod and reel. However, I would advise you to buy your reel. Most of the reels that are included in the rod might not be adequate enough. You might also not like the quality. So, always choose a quality reel to avoid problems when using it.


You can also refer to the power as the weight of the telescopic fishing rods. This is the amount of tension that your collapsible rod can hold before it breaks, a good telescopic rod should have a medium to medium-heavy power rating. This makes them suitable for fishing smaller and medium-sized fish.


It is also worth considering the hardware or the design of the reel. In most cases, telescopic fishing rod and reel have a similar design. But some models might include extra features like blanks, reel seats, or guides. It is great to consider a simpler reel to avoid potential mechanical failures.

Other factors you should consider include a carry case/ carrier bag, collapsed length

Frequently Asked Questions

How do telescopic fishing rods work?

Telescopic fishing rods are portable rods that are easy to use. You need to begin by placing the rod on a flat surface and then pull all the sections until it locks. After you have expanded the rod, then you can use it just like other fishing rods.

Are telescopic fishing rods any good?

Yes, they are worth investing in if you need something portable. If you have a high-quality telescopic fishing rod, then you will enjoy great angling experiences.

What are telescopic fishing rods used for?

A telescopic rod is great for any fisherman. These rods have a collapsible design and have a shorter length. This makes it easy to use the rods in remote places.

Is a collapsible fishing rod right for you?

They are right for you because they perform better than other fishing rods. Additionally, these rods are affordable.

Are telescopic fishing poles bad?

The only downside of these rods is their many moving parts. This makes wear and tear happen, and this deteriorates the quality of the fishing rod.

Is a longer or shorter fishing rod better?

If you want to make short and accurate casts, then a shorter rod (6 feet and below) is better. If accuracy is not your goal, then a longer rod above 7 feet will be great.

What is a Telescoping Fishing Rod?

These are fishing rods with a foldable design for easy portability. Their size can collapse from 18-26 inches, and this makes it easy for the rods to fit conveniently in car trunks.

Are old fishing rods worth money?

Old fishing rods are rods dated back from 1920-1960. The fact that they are old doesn’t mean they come at a good price. However, some have good value, and you may get them at a great price.

How do I choose a rod action?

The rod's power is the amount of pressure you use to bend a rod. A heavier rod action needs more pressure for it to bend. Light action rods require less pressure to bend. So, you can either choose heavy, medium, or light rods.

What is the right collapsible fishing rod?

There are many collapsible fishing rods on the market. However, not all provide impressive performance. We have given you top reviews and buying guide to help you choose the best. All the above reviewed collapsible fishing rods work well and give you many years of use.

What are ultralight rods good for?

Ultralight telescopic fishing rod are good for anglers who want to hook the fish with bait and keep the fish holed until it stops to fight. These rods bend easily, and you can use them in saltwater and freshwater fishing.

What is the best all-around fishing rod?

According to experts, the most recommended all-round fishing rods are the Ugly Stik GX2 rod and Daiwa BG SW spinning reel. They offer great angling performance at come at an affordable price.

Final Words

At this point, I hope you have the right information to help you pick the best collapsible fishing rod. These are great rods and reel combo for anglers who need a compact rod that is easy to carry.

If you understand why you want a collapsible fishing rod and how to use it, it will be easy to choose the right fishing rod.

Anglers who fish occasionally or those on the go can pick the above telescopic fishing rod. With the reviews and buying advice, you will not find it difficult to pick the best collapsible fishing pole. Good luck with your purchase.

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