10 Best Paintball Knee Pad Reviews In 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

Playing paintball is interesting and you need the right gear for a successful game. Investing in the best paintball knee pads is great to protect your knees. The right knee pads come in handy when playing in tough terrains. You don’t have to worry about knee injuries.

There are several essential features that you should consider when choosing a paintball knee pad. We have a complete buying guide and top knee pads recommendations you can choose from. Read on to find out which are the right knee pads for you.

Paintball requires essential gear like elbow pads and slider shorts. Additionally, you should protect your knees from injuries with the right paintball knee pads. Go through our extensive reviews and guide to find which knee pad suits you best.

1. Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads

Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads

Tried and tested over the years, these paintball knees pads are quality and will give you a very great experience. They are customized to offer players maximum protection as they engage in competitive paintballing or entertainment paintball. Over years, players who have used these knee pads have given testimonials of their effectiveness in protecting them as well as their unique comfortable design.

Maximum cushion against direct impacts is a guarantee with these pads due to the high-density form material used in coming up with the pads. What is more, the pads have an open cell foam construction to resist impact thus protecting the sensitive area around your knees.

Having a lightweight kit during your sporting activities gives you an advantage as this means comfort and high flexibility. The DYE knee pads offer exactly this. They are lightweight and have a cup-shaped form pad that is pre-shaped to align with the natural bend of your knee joint. In addition, its straps are adjustable thus allowing you to tighten the knee pad around your knee to your comfort.


  • Light weight design
  • Adjustable straps for tightening the pads around your knee
  • Offer maximum cushion against direct impacts
  • Durable and high quality
  • Comfortable yet protective


  • The pre-shape may cause a misfit with some individuals

2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Its thick sponge with anti-slip texture will capture your attention as well as the collision avoidance knee sleeve. These paintball knee pads are among the best for your paintball experience. Designed to accommodate both genders, these pads will look great on you besides giving you maximum protection while enjoying your paintball games.

The pads have features that ensure your safety is prioritized. The pads have a high density strengthened foam cups with good elasticity and breathable fabric which keeps your skin dry at all times and makes you feel comfortable.

In addition, the paintball knee pads have an ergonomic design and are super light in weight thus giving you freedom of movement especially when you engage in outdoor paintball sports.

They protect you against knee injuries as well as keep you warm and prevent your joints from becoming stiff. The impact-proof with increased blood circulation, the firm grip, and its non-slip aspect will make your fancy these knee pads for any paintball experience.


  • Great grip with non-slip aspect
  • Comfortable on your knees
  • Cushion against direct impacts and injuries
  • Unisex knee pads
  • Very light in weight


  • Made to fit with no adjustable straps

3. Exalt Paintball Free-Flex Knee Pads

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

Past testimonials categorize these pads as the best in design and their other features make us concur that indeed these are among the best knee pads you may get for your paintball. They have retention straps that pass through the pads to resist any sliding from your knees and any twisting as you enjoy your paintball game. Airflow is smooth and close to perfect with these pads.

The pads are made dense and with absorptive mold to protect your knees against direct impacts when you slide or kneel as you dodge the paintballs from your opponent. They have integrated memory foam cups that fit with the anatomic profile to give you great comfort.

You may remove and readjust the retention straps to your liking since they are easily adjustable. This ensures there is no irritation or inflammation on your skin due to extreme heat from the pads.


  • Maximum protection against direct impacts
  • Comfortable on your knees during gaming
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Allows for smooth air circulation
  • Minimal skin irritation


  • Failure to do proper adjustment will result in skin irritation due to retention of excess heat.

4. Paintball Equipment Tactical Emersion Combat ARC Style Knee Pads Dark Earth

Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Combat ARC Style Knee Pads Dark Earth

Though made with ARC style for the military, these knee pads will work great for your paintball sport or any other outdoor activities such as hunting that may require you to kneel.

The knee pads are so flexible and comfortable that many people who engage in paintball and hunting prefer them. Their buckle option allows you to strap them in position to your comfort. They are small in size and light in weight thus giving you more comfort during sports.

They are well lined with a protective layer of absorptive material that protects you from direct impacts when you kneel as you dodge paintballs from your opponent or when taking out your target.

The design which is specifically to protect your knees from injuries allows for smooth air circulation. There is minimal skin irritation with these pads since air flows freely around your knees.


  • Smooth air circulation
  • Little or no skin irritation
  • Light in weight thus comfortable for sports
  • Great cushion against direct impacts
  • Easy to buckle up


  • Leaves some sensitive parts of your knees exposed to external dangers

5. HK Army Crash Knee Pads

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Made from synthetic rubber and customized not only to cushion your knees but also to protect your upper leg, these knee pads are simply among the best paintball knee pads you may opt for. You will appreciate every aspect of these pads from the design, the overall outlook, the comfort, flexibility, durability, safety to the ease of closure. Besides being protective, they are a great addition to your paintball tool kit.

When you kneel as you dodge a paintball from your opponent, the pads protect you from any injuries and are very comfortable on your knee. This is attributed to the lightweight and breathable 4-way sleeves for stretching. Furthermore, the Velcro straps are easily adjustable. Putting on these pads is quick since you only need to hook and loop them in place when ready for your paintball games.

They are carefully knitted to give them higher durability. The padding is done in contours to offer you great comfort and protection against all sensitive parts around your knee. Its dual layering and high impact padding make it one of the best knee pads for paintball.


  • Loop and hook closure makes it easy to put them on
  • Light in weight for comfort
  • Maximum protection all around the knees
  • Made to last long
  • Protect the upper leg


  • Air circulation is dependent on the proper adjustment of the retention straps

6. Diamond Talk Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set

Diamond Talk Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set

These are the best paintball arm and knee pads we would recommend to people engaging in paintball, skating or any other rigorous outdoor sport that requires protective gear. The complete set that comes with 2 knee pads and 2 elbow pads will give you maximum protection against injuries and direct impacts while you enjoy and explore your paintball sport or other outdoor activities.

Its cups are made from strong yet very flexible nylon and polymer material. As a result, it is easy to wear this set of protective kits and feels comfortable on your knees. It has multiple adjustable straps which are elastic to secure a strong fit on your knees. In addition, the high-density foam offers a shockproof aspect to your knee pads ensuring direct impacts are neutralized at all times.

The entire package from the size, design, quality that constitutes durability to the two sets of pads to cover your knees and elbows will enable you to explore diverse outdoor activities. These pads are good for paintball, hiking, hunting, camping, and shooting games.


  • Protect knees and elbows
  • Multiple uses
  • Offer maximum protection against direct impacts
  • Flexible and easy to wear
  • Comes with elastic straps for proper fitting


  • Covers the knees and elbows partially leaving other sensitive areas exposed

7. Carbon CC Knee Pad (X-Large)

Carbon CC Knee Pad (X-Large)

The elegant design and quality attached to this set of paintball pads make it among the best paintball knee pads that we would recommend for any sports enthusiast. The pads will fit comfortably on your knees covering most of the sensitive areas around your knee. However, there is a breathing space left to allow your knees to have proper airflow and enhance blood circulation during movement.

Straps allow you to adjust the fitting of these pads on your knee so that you prevent them from sliding off your knees as you engage in your activities. The cups are made to precision to absorb all direct impact shocks and protect you from injuries as you kneel or slide while gaming.

Your pads are guaranteed to serve you for a long time as they are tailored with strong material that will withstand wear and tear. Get these pads today and protect yourself during the next paintball experience against any injuries and direct impacts.


  • Straps allow for proper fitting
  • Provide cushion against injuries and direct impacts
  • Durable and flexible
  • Elegant design
  • Allows for air circulation


  • Extra-large size may not favor individuals looking for small size knee pads

8. Tampa Bay Damage Knee Pads

Tampa Bay Damage Knee Pads

Made with 100% fiber material and with hand wash capability, these paintball knee pads are among the best paintball knee pads you will find on the market. Its foam cups are designed in 3D and are high density.

In this regard, they offer maximum protection when you have a direct impact on the field. The fabrics used in coming up with the knee pads are tough and strong to resist wear and tear. These pads will thus serve you for quite some time before you seek a replacement.

When it comes to fitting, the neoprene sleeve ensures a snug and secure fit around your knee while you play keeping the pads in place all along. The moisture-wicking fabric not only protects you from skin irritation from sweat but also allows for proper breathing around the knees. Its high-performance feature has made it a top choice for professional paintball players who prefer using them for their games and practice.


  • High-quality fabric makes them durable
  • Has a comfortable fit
  • Provide smooth air circulation and prevent skin irritation from sweat
  • Easy to wash
  • The straps allow for adjustment


  • Failure to adjust the fitting straps appropriately may lead to hindrance in blood circulation.

9. TTIO Knee Pads

TTIO Knee Pads- Breathable Soft Lightweight Knee Padded for Skiing Skating Snowboarding Unisex

If you are sourcing for lightweight knee pads that offer great air circulation and are unisex, TTIO knee pads are the best pick for you. These knee pads are not only limited to paintball gaming but are also used in skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

 The materials used in making the pads are super quality making them durable and non-toxic thus posing no danger to your body.

Its design is made with a modern touch to facilitate easy movement yet with the ability to absorb shocks from direct impacts and at the same time allow your knees to have better air circulation.

The soft material with its lightweight makes these pads flexible and comfortable on your knees while paintballing.

The pads are easy to wear. Besides that, they are adjustable and allow for stretching. The pads will stretch according to your waistline thus fit perfectly on your knees.


  • Unique design for modern human motion
  • Adjustable and stretchy
  • Superior materials make it durable
  • Offers maximum protection against shock impacts
  • Highly flexible due to lightweight


  • Lack of adjustable straps may render it obsolete when the sleeves lose their elasticity.

10. Empire Paintball Grind THT Knee Pad

Empire Paintball Grind THT Knee Pad

This hook and loop knee pad is among the best paintball knee pads that you may fancy trying for your protection as you engage in paintball games. The design is attractive and comes pre-curved to align with the anatomic profile for maximum range of motion. You get a perfect fit from the memory foam core which again provides comfort when you fit the pads on your knees.

At all times, the knee pads are held in place by the new loops attached to the grind THT slide shorts. Furthermore, there is a stretch mesh that ensures the knee pads do not bend behind the knee thus maintaining the design shape.

The terry cloth lining on the knee pads interior minimizes irritation and prevents any chafing. The straps are adjustable for the best fit. Its foam cups offer a maximum cushion against direct impacts and keep your knees free of injuries when you happen to slide while gaming.


  • Superior quality for durability
  • Comfortable fit on your knees
  • Easy closure of loop and hook
  • Minimal skin irritation.
  • Great protection against injuries and direct impacts


  • You need to have the empire THT grind slide shorts to use these knee pads.

Things to consider when buying the Best Paintball Knee Pads

best knee pads for paintball

Paintball being a rigorous yet entertaining sport calls for the best kits that will offer you maximum protection yet resist wear and tear. It is, therefore, crucial to review few factors to consider before picking your best paintball knee pads.

Knee Padding

It is important to note that padding to your knee pads is designed differently to suit your end goal. Some pads are made with light padding while others are made with bulk materials. All this is dependent on the activities for which the pads are made.

When you are looking for knee pads that are easy to move around with quickly and easily during practice, for instance, choose those knee pads with light padding. However, if you are looking for knees pads to go paintballing in competitive terrains with a great risk of injuries and direct impact shocks, then we recommend you acquire knee pads with bulk padding for better protection.

Velcro Closures

You will enjoy your paintball game more when you do not have to keep readjusting the position of your knee pads. The Velcro straps are therefore very important in holding the knee pads in place. These straps need to be adjustable to allow you to fit the knee pads to your knees depending on your size.

In case the adjustable straps are not available, the fitting sleeves should be stretchy and strong to hold the knee pads in place. Such sleeves should remain strong and not lose their elasticity within a short period.


The design of your knee pads is as important as the quality of the knee pads. We recommend going for knee pads that are designed with a modern touch to facilitate human motion, smooth air circulation, and hold the knee pads in place. Knee pads made with a vent at the back will offer you great airflow and minimize skin irritation from sweat.

Those knee pads with pre-curved shapes that align with your anatomic profile help in holding the knee pads in place. The design of the knee pads will determine your ease of movement as well as the comfort of the knee pads as you move from one point to another.

Washing Instructions

The nature of the paintball game means your knee pads are prone to getting dirty thus calling for frequent washing to keep them clean. You, therefore, need to get the washing instructions for your knee pads to ensure you maintain them appropriately.

Some knee pads are hand washed while others are machine washed. In most cases, the machine-washed knee pads are more sensitive, and therefore getting the cleaning instructions will help protect them while washing. Put your knee pads in a bag before throwing them into the washing machine. This protects them against the washing machine.


Paintball is not only a unisex game but also allows individuals of all profiles to take part in it. Whether one is tall, short, thick, thin, or even medium-bodied, everyone can enjoy paintball games. The knee pads are made with this consideration in mind. You will thus find knee pads customized to suit different sizes. Make sure to select the size that suits your profile so that the knee pads fit in place without much adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do I need knee pads for paintball?

Although not a must-have item for paintball gaming, knee pads are very crucial as protective gear to keep you away from injuries and direct impacts as you kneel to dodge paintballs from your opponent.

What are the best elbow pads for paintball?

The best elbow pads for paintball are those that fit comfortably in the center of your elbow cup without twisting or sliding on your arm. Such elbow pads should also protect your forearm.

What knee pads do pro skateboarders use?

Skating boarding is a high-risk sport with a high risk of getting injuries when not in proper protective gear. Pro skateboarders should use well-contoured body knee pads for maximum protection since these besides offering protection against injuries and direct impacts also last longer.

Is it ok to wear knee pads all day?

Unless recommended by your health specialist, knee pads should be worn during rigorous activities that expose your knees to the risk of injuries and direct impacts. This way, you allow for air and blood circulation for the areas around your knee.


Paintball games come with a high risk of injuries and direct impact shocks due to kneeling, sliding, and constant movements as one dodge paintballs from opponents and throws target to their opponents. To counter the risks, it is important to have protective gear while paintballing.

Having any of the best paintball knee pads will safeguard your knees and elbows keeping your joints safe as you enjoy your hobbies and outdoor activities. One must select the knee pads that go well with their profile for best fit and avoid frequent adjustments while on the field of play as that may work to the advantage of your opponent.

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