Best Paintball Slider Shorts In 2022 – Reviews and Guide

Sports fanatics will affirm that paintball is one of the most entertaining sports invented for both competitive and entertainment purposes. It gives you a great sense of achievement to eliminate an opponent during the paintball gaming by hitting them with the dyed paintballs. 

Having the best paintball slider shorts as your training kit and protective gear during gaming enhances your overall game experience.

It feels bad to be eliminated from the fun game thus the need to do all it takes to remain in the game. This calls for constant dodges and sliding to evade attacks from your opponent while targeting them simultaneously. 

The health hazards and risks associated with the paintball require quality protective gear to keep you safe. These are some of the best paintball slider shorts that we recommend for your paintball sport.


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Paintball is an exciting game but you need to have the right protective gear like quality knee pads, elbow pads, and slider shorts among others. Slider shorts are great for aggressive players or people who are more prone to bruises. We have narrowed down your options to 10 protective slider shorts.

1. Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

These paintball shorts emerge among the top choices for best paintball shorts because they are made will quality polyester, spandex, and sponge materials.

As a result, these shorts protect you against numerous risks as you engage in your paintball games. You are guaranteed safety against sliding injuries, sweat irritation, and enhanced movement.

The spandex fabric used for the paintball shorts facilitates easy movement by allowing maximum flexibility. Its sponge material has anti-microbial ability thus absorbing most of the moisture from your body ensuring skin irritation is a thing of the past from accumulated sweat.

Besides absorbing moisture, these materials also provide extra protection when you slide during gaming. They absorb shocks from direct impacts and ensure you do not suffer injuries from the slides.

The waist sleeves and the upper leg lining have a good fit thus the shorts remain intact during your rigorous movements. What is more, the shorts come with an integrated cup pocket. These shorts are worth every gamble for any paintball professional player as well as casual paintball players.

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  • It has an integrated cup pocket
  • Provide extra protection
  • Offer easy movement
  • Made of durable material
  • The fabric manages moisture


  • It is small

2. Exalt Paintball Free-Flex Slide Shorts

If you are sourcing for the complete package for quality paintball slider shorts, these shorts are among the best paintball slider shorts. They are customized to offer complete protection during any sliding movements and dives as you engage your opponent in paintball gaming. 

Its contoured relief cuts especially come in handy to enhance easy movement besides protecting you against direct impacts.

Your groin and crotch are well safeguarded from any impacts during gaming through the new molded cup design. The interior of the shorts is well lined to also offer protection against such impacts. Your shorts are held in place without sliding or slipping by the silicone printed waistband.

The perfect fit coupled with the lightweight of the shorts gives the users great comfort during paintball gaming. To cap the overall experience, the fabric material used for these paintball slider shorts is breathable ensuring your skin is safe from irritation. The shorts will serve you right for a long time as the fabric is strong and resistant to quick wear and tear.

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  • Ample protection when sliding
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Protects your crotch and groin
  • Promotes easy movement


  • The stitching is faulty
  • Can be too tiny for some users

3. TUOY Padded Compression Shorts

Designed to accommodate diverse sporting needs, these paintball slider shorts have a well-padded football girdle to safeguard one from hip and thigh injuries when engaging in games like soccer, paintball, basketball, ice skating, rugby, hockey, and any other contact sports where risks of sliding and injuries are imminent. 

One of the best in its category, these paintball slider shorts have superior features that enhance the paint-balling experience.

The material of the shorts is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This gives the shorts are long lifespan and provide smooth movement and protection to the paintball players. 

It has a 9 mm foam padding made with nylon fabric that is breathable to offer a cushion to professional players. With these shorts, your hip, thigh, and tailbone are well padded against any direct impacts.

You are provided with different sizes so simply pick the waistline that best suits your fit to ensure the shorts remain in place during gaming. Generally, the shorts provide you great comfort as well as proper air circulation while at the same time absorbing any accumulated moisture. These shorts will serve your needs be it in professional paintball gaming or any other contact sport.

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  • Suitable for different types of games
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Good coverage and better support
  • Made of durable material
  • It doesn’t slide when playing


  • The fit is terrible

4. HK Army Crash Slider Shorts

Complete your professional paintball look today by getting these classy quality paintball slider shorts that offer its users protection, comfort, and flexibility during gaming. The shorts are designed to guard all the sensitive parts against the groin to the thighs to the tailbone. 

Its well-contoured dual layered padding is very effective in absorbing shock waves from direct impacts while you slide or dodge paintballs from your opponent.

The material not only enhances your comfort but also has high durability. You enjoy flexible movements as the shorts are light in weight and provide good airflow around the sensitive areas of your lower body. 

Its thigh panels are well padded to ensure injuries are kept at bay when you slide on your sides during the intense engagement with your opponents.

Rarely will you have the shorts sliding or slipping out of place as they are held by the quality waist sleeves. In addition, the customized HK Army trim to align with your anatomic profile ensures the shorts remain in place throughout the gaming experience. 

The shorts will serve you well for your professional paintballing needs offering protection, comfort, and flexibility.

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  • The short is lightweight and flexible
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Designed with high-impact padding
  • It keeps you safe


  • Padding on the front leg would have been better

5. Shock Doctor Shock-skin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

It is no mystery that these shorts are familiar with professional and college athletes’ world over as they are among the best paintball slider shorts you will find in sport wear stores. The shock skin fabric integrated in the shorts together with the vented foam pads and secured by high-frequency seams provides you with ultimate protection and comfort during paint balling.

The X-fit brief cup retention system has a wraparound internal mesh that provides the users with unparalleled fit, stability, and comfort while holding the cup in position. 

Its relaxed fit pattern is developed to align with your anatomic profile and provide a perfect fit without compression while at the same time ensuring maximum freedom during movement.

All the pads are made for maximum impact protection by absorbing shocks of direct impact in all critical areas such as the groin, hip, thighs, and tailbone. The fabric material wicks all the moisture from your skin thus minimal skin irritation. 

We simply recommend you try these paintball shorts the next time you go exploring the paintball game. Professional paintball players especially will benefit from the services of these quality paintball slider shorts.

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  • Great impact protection
  • Offers a relaxed fit
  • The fabric is protective yet comfortable
  • Provide great support
  • Good quality for the price


  • Warps after washing
  • The fit is not correct

6. Youper Adult Elite Compression Padded Sliding Shorts

This is a great complimentary training kit for professional baseball, football, and paintball players. The paintball slider shorts come with a soft athletic cup to complete your safety needs. Past testimonials may affirm that the shorts offer incomparable protection for contact sports and more so for paintball games. 

This is due to the cup pocket which is sold separately and the insert cup as well as the 100% sponge pad that protects you when you slide during sports.

Its closure is simple as the sleeves are elastic thus allowing you to fit the shorts quickly and hold them in place as long as you engage in your sports. 

The fabric is high-performance and ensures moisture is wicked away from your body to minimize the effects of sweat and skin irritation. Its fabric constitutes 82% polyester and 18% spandex.

The cups are soft and light in weight. These paintball slider shorts have cups 4 times lighter than the traditional models. This makes them not only feel comfortable on your body but also gives you flexibility and perfect fit. 

You are at liberty to select the size that fits your body profile as the shorts come in different size ranges.

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  • It fits perfectly
  • Padded to provide protection
  • Softer fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Amazing sweat-wicking features
  • The short is lightweight


  • The size runs small

7. Planet Eclipse Paintball Overload Gen2 Slide Shorts

The padding done on these paintball slider shorts makes them the best sliding shorts for your games. All the key areas are well padded with much weight being given to the hips, waist, crotch, and thighs. 

These sensitive areas are well safeguarded allowing you the confidence to enjoy the paintball game to the fullest. Your shorts are made to allow for comfort and flexibility thus light in weight.

Air circulation is enhanced through the integrated mesh venting that transfers heat and allows for cooling from extreme heating. The crotch has removable padding with a cup pocket. 

What is more, the shorts come with a lower back rash guard to further offer protection to sensitive body parts.

Its graphic waistband ensures the shorts are fit well and held in place at all times. There is a minimal slipping of the shorts as you slide to dodge a paintball from your opponents. The modular padding system further ensures you enjoy an injury-free paintball gaming experience. 

Movement in these shorts is smooth and comfortable. Next time you go shopping for protective gear for your contact sport, check out these paintball slider shorts and feel the vibe yourself.

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  • Padded for maximum protection
  • Venting to keep you cool
  • It has a lower back rash guard
  • Flexible and lightweight construction
  • The shorts are comfortable


  • None

8. Body Prox Protective Padded Shorts

These shorts are skillfully made to offer maximum protection against injuries, direct impacts and inspire confidence for outdoor enthusiasts such as paintball players, skateboarders, snowboarders, ski fanatics, and any contact sport. 

The 3D finish on the pads ensures your sensitive parts including the hip, tailbone, butt, thighs, and crotch are well safeguarded as you engage your opponents during paintball games. Its closure is quick and comfortable.

Scratching your body will be the last thing to worry about during paintballing as these shorts will provide you with premium protection making you limitless and fearless as you take on your opponents. 

The pads absorb shocks from direct impacts when you slide to dodge your opponents. Its fabric is high grade with great breath ability and quite durable. 

It combines features of spandex and nylon thus is skin-friendly as it does not stick to your skin. In addition, the waistband allows for great mobility and gives the shorts a perfect fit with no slipping or sliding from your body.

Despite the 3D design, the shorts are light in weight thus offering a relaxed and comfortable fit. Your skin is kept safe from sweat irritation and cool at all times. 

Let these slider shorts picked among the best paintball slider shorts be your great companion for training and competitive paintball games.

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  • Made with a highly breathable fabric
  • Provides premium protection
  • The comfort is exceptional
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • It is lightweight


  • None

9. CHAMPRO Women’s Tri-Flex Padded Shorts

Made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex material, these shorts are a perfect choice for professional as well as casual paintballing. The shorts allow you to keep them clean after getting messy while sliding on the field as they are machine wash compatible. 

Fitting the short is fast and comfortable through the pull-up closure. The trim shape of the shorts further makes the shorts remain intact during gaming as they align well with your body profile.

All the integrated pads are well made to ensure maximum cushion for your hips, thighs, and tailbone. This gives the paintball players confidence to explore the game maximally. Its tri-flex pattern pads are flexible to allow the shorts to conform to your body.

Movement is smooth and comfortable throughout the game as the shorts have a 4-way stretch fabric which comes with high compression. 

The dry technology will keep you free from sweat irritation and leave your skin cool at all times. Built-in cup pockets allow you the freedom of inserting your cups for maximum protection.

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  • Integrated padding for protection
  • Flexible to conform to your body
  • Allows easy movement
  • It is machine washable
  • Keeps you warm
  • Easy to use


  • Size runs large
  • It feels poorly made

10. GI Sportz Race 2.0 Series Slide Shorts

This is one of the most demanded slider shorts by paintball players and other outdoor enthusiasts. From the design to the features, these shorts are quality and among the best paintball slider shorts, we would recommend them to any player seeking protection with a classy touch. What makes these shorts exciting for your paintball games are the ultra-light make and their high flexibility.

The shorts feel very comfortable and fitting them is even faster. The silicon grip waist is elastic to allow for stretching yet strong enough to hold the shorts in place and prevent sliding from your body. 

All its pads are crafted with high-grade material, therefore, protect you against any scratches and impacts when you fall while dodging an attack from your opponent. These pads protect all critical areas from the hips, crotch to the thighs.

Air circulation is well factored in through the ultra-breathable mesh that is flexible. Not only will you have flexible movements but also skin irritation-free time during gaming. Eliminate all doubts and fears of injuries by getting these slider shorts and exploring the fun in paintball games.

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  • Ultra-light construction
  • The stitching is durable
  • Designed for paintball competition
  • Padding on the lower and upper hip


  • No negative reviews

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Slider Shorts

Hoping you are well informed about some of the best paintball slider pants available in the market. It is important to highlight some factors that you need to check out to get the best of the best products. 

Armed with this knowledge, you are certain that the kits you buy for your next paintball experience will live to its expectations. Some of the factors include but are not limited to the following:


We all want to be fearless and limitless when we go to the field of play. For this to be realized, you need a guarantee of safety against injuries and impacts from falls, sliding, dodges, and crawling all in the bid to outsmart your paintball opponents. This calls for protective pads that are quality and with great ability to safeguard all the sensitive parts of our body.

The pads need to be fitted around areas such as thighs, crotch, hips, tailbone and made strong to withstand any pressure. Let the shorts you buy have quality pads to guarantee your maximum cushion against scratches, injuries, and impacts when you engage in paintballing.


The material used in making your slider shorts is as important as the pads needed to safeguard you against injuries. This is due to a couple of reasons. Whatever material is used to make the shorts need to be high grade to resist quick wear and tear as the paintball is very rigorous and therefore subjects the shorts to huge pressure.

Secondly, the material needs to allow for proper air circulation to ensure you do not accumulate sweat on your body as this may cause skin irritation. Finally, the material should allow you to have easy maintenance since paintball slider shorts are prone to getting messy. Those that allow for machine wash are quite easy to clean.

Pattern and Prints

In layman’s language, paintball can be seen as hide, seek and hit. You need to spot your opponent, target them, and hit them with the paintball to eliminate them as you dodge the same from them to remain in the game. 

Having paintball slider shorts that camouflage with the surrounding environments will work magic to your advantage.

The patterns and prints on your shorts need to allow you to hide from your opponent by camouflaging with the surroundings. This may make you last longer if not win you the paintball game.


How fast and how well the paintball slider shorts fit on you is very important to the success of your involvement in the paintball games. The paintball slider shorts you select should have fast and easy closure to allow you to dress quickly and be ready for the games. 

In addition, the slider shorts need to fit properly on your body without slipping or sliding as you engage your opponents.

Choose slider shorts that have strong elastic waistbands to give you good fitting yet allow for flexibility. Paintball slider shorts with trims aligned with your body profile will be good as such trims enhance the grip of the shorts on your body.

Breath ability

The rigorous nature of the paintball games imminently makes one experience sweating. When accumulated, sweat can turn into a sour experience and cause skin irritation and discomfort during gaming. 

As a result, getting slider shorts will great breath-ability will make you enjoy your paintball experience. Your slider shorts need to allow proper air circulation through natural spaces and have moisture absorption ability to wick away sweat.


The faster you make your move the higher your chances of remaining in the paintball game. The slider shorts you select for your paintball gaming need to have high flexibility and comfort to allow you smooth movements and positioning to pick out your opponent as soon as you spot them. 

Avoid paintball shorts that make you feel rigid and discomfort in your movement as such would reduce the chances of winning and surviving in paintball gaming.

Thick Fabric

Besides having the pads to protect your sensitive areas such as thighs, crotch, hips, and tailbone, you need to safeguard the entire lower body well. 

The slider shorts you choose therefore need to have a proper thickness to ensure that your body is cushioned against minor scratches and impacts. 

Thick paints though may not offer great mobility for professional paintball players will play a great role in safeguarding amateur and beginner players.

Thick slider shorts will keep your skin protected and last you longer as you perfect your art with paintball gaming. Given beginners in paintball tend to have crawling as their main mode of movement, thick paints will serve them well.


Fun is the goal in paintball games but safety is paramount. Whether one is engaging in competitive paintball games or casual games for bare enjoyment, you need to have proper protective kits to enhance your safety. 

Having the best paintball slider shorts to complete your training kit for paintball will be a big plus as far as safety is concerned.

All the highlighted picks have superior quality features that will go a long way in giving you the best paintball experience. Simply review the different features, concepts, and prices and select the one that suits you best. 

Make sure the slider shorts you pick protect all the sensitive parts of your body and especially the hips that are exposed to imminent danger when sliding or crawling.

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