10 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods And Reel Combo Reviewed in 2022

Enjoy productive fishing adventures with the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combos. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need the right fishing equipment.

Finding a rod and reel combo for saltwater use can be challenging. We have this guide that will shade insights on surf spinning combo to suit your needs.

If you don’t want to experiment different rods and reels in vain, we have done the hard work for you. Go through our in-depth guide and reviews to help you pick a suitable surf fishing rod and reel combos for deep sea fishing.

Product Name




1.Penn Squall II Level Wind Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Combo



2.PENN Battle II, Battle III Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

1.7 Pounds

88 x 7 x 5 inches

3.Penn Fierce III Combo

1.15 Pounds

46 x 6 x 5 inches

4.Penn PURII6000802MH PURSUIT II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel COMBO

2 Pounds

6 x 4 x 50 inches

5.SHIMANO Rod & Reel Sienna Spinning Fishing Combo Freshwater




14.08 Ounces

41.34 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches

7.Penn Squall II Level Wind Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Combo



8.Penn Warfare Star Drag Combo

2.6 Pounds

82 x 6 x 5 inches

9.Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo



10.Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo



Best Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel Combo Reviews

Saltwater fishing requires every angler to have the right surf fishing rod and reel. Saltwater anglers need a rod and reel combination that are corrosion resistant. If you are confused which saltwater rod and reel to choose for deep sea fishing, keep reading.

1. PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

PENN Squall Level Wind Combo

It is one of the best saltwater rod and reel in the market, with unique features. The product features a short rod that is stiff and provides a smooth fishing experience.

The reel is great and can help you catch a significant number of fish. So if you are looking for a good rod at trolling on your kayak, this is a great deal for you.

The reel comes with a line guide that moves back and forth when it is being retrieved. The guide ensures that the line is evenly distributed in the water to allow for the maximum catch. The fishing gear also comes with a one-piece tubular glass with has a solid tip for sensitivity.

It features marine-grade bronze alloy material that allows for durability. The material works well in saltwater and ensures that it does not cause corrosion. In addition, its solid construction allows the tool to fish out even the heaviest fish.


  • The fishing combo is light in weight
  • It features well-designed handles for comfort
  • The device has a solid construction for durability
  • The product is affordable


  • The sensitivity of the rod might not be significant.

2. PENN Battle II, Battle III Spinning Reel, and Fishing Rod Combo

PENN Battle II Combo

PEENN Battle II comes with an entire metal body and side-plates that enhance the durability of the device. 

It features an anodized aluminum material that is tough enough to handle salty water environments. It also comes with a 5 + 1 bearing system that allows for maximum performance.

The framework is rigid, which helps in the protection of the tool. In addition, it comes with a carbon drag fiber washer, which allows you to drag about 100 miles off the reel without causing wear and tear. Another fantastic feature of this machine is its rubber gasket.

The gasket ensures that there is slipping and also enhances comfortability when handing it. It can also serve as the best rod and reel combo for fresh and saltwater. The combo operates smoothly with no quirks.


  • The reel works smoothly with no issues
  • It provides plenty of bails and drags the action
  • The device is suitable for inshore and offshore fishing
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Its material is long-lasting


  • The fishing gear is expensive as compared to others
  • You might experience the separation of the spike on the tip from the combo

3. Penn Fierce III Combo

Penn Fierce III Combo

Most salty water anglers fall in love with this combo as it provides power and performance in any fishing activity. The product features graphite and stainless steel body that is solid in construction.

The best exciting thing about this tool is the EVA handles. The EVA grip handles provide more traction when taking the fish. 

The handles also feature finger grooves with EVA material which offers extra comfort. The PENN Fierce II combo is suitable for fishing in any nearshore and inshore fishing activities.

With the Techno-balanced rotor, this combo gives you complete smooth retrieves. The machine also features a heavy-duty aluminum material to ensure it can withstand harsh environments.

The combo is lightweight, which allows you to fish for long hours without getting tired. The size of this combo is also excellent. It is built for everything, which makes it a versatile size. The side plate plays a vital role in keeping precise gear alignment under heavy loads.


  • The full boy metal provides protection.
  • The four stainless steel bearing increases instant reverse bearings
  • EVA handles increases comfort
  • Composite black construction boosts durability


  • The monoline might not work well on the rod
  • The piers might be small

4. Penn PURII6000802MH Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel COMBO

Penn PURII6000802MH PURSUIT II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel COMBO

It is a well-built combo that comes with a fair enough price. The smoothness of the reel will amaze you. The rod can perfectly handle up to 6 ounces of weight. You can catch a large amount of fish using this combo.

The rod is so sensitive, thus boosts its operation. It features high-quality material that serves you for a long time. 

You can consider using the fish for surfing and off jetties. It is easy to assemble, and the reel feels nice when put together.

The fishing gear provides you with a very smooth reel action. Also, it has one of the best saltwater fishing rods that hold up nicely to the surf. 

The body is lightweight and features corrosion-free graphite material. The four shielded stainless steel bearing works to boost the instant anti-reverse bearing.


  • It is easy to use the rod.
  • The machine provides you with sensitivity features for a more straightforward catch.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble the product
  • It gives a very smooth reel action
  • The product  comes at a budget-friendly price


  • The reel might be too sturdy
  • Its pole is fragile and tends to break easily

5. SHIMANO Rod & Reel Sienna Spinning Fishing Combo Freshwater

SHIMANO Rod & Reel Sienna Spinning Fishing Combo Freshwater

If you are looking for balance in the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing, then Shimano rod and sienna spinning is an excellent deal for you. It has good construction and a great reel which performs highly.

The price of this product is highly budget-friendly.  The design offers you long casting distances as compared to the shorter ones. It also works to prevent backlashes and knots from forming.

It also comes with a G-free technology which shifts the center of the reel closer to the rod. The G body helps to reduce fatigue on the body and thus enhances comfort. The rod comes with P-cork handles which increases comfort.

The aluminum oxide plays an essential role in guiding the application of fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided lines. As a result, the Sienna product is perfect for everything from inshore fishing to freshwater fishing. 

The product also uses rigid materials that do not rust easily. It works well in saltwater and thus enhances durability.


  • The product has nice handles for comfort.
  • It  features solid construction that increases  durability
  • The tool operates smoothly and swiftly
  • The materials are corrosion free


  • The product is expensive as compared to others



If you are looking for a perfect balance weight, then this is an excellent tool for you. The balance weight stretches the rod butt perfectly, giving you a swift motion of the fishing rod. It gives you a chance to adjust the pitch and the screw system.

The tip of the tool is so soft, which boosts its operation. Its line is about 130cm which is a suitable fly device. 

The tool also provides power which helps in its performance. Even though it is small, it produces enough power for your fishing activities.

It is a three-piece design that gives a specific size of the performing process. The rod is long enough to ensure that it covers even the more extended casting activities. One thing that is interesting about this product is the handle.

It features hugely comfortable materials that enhance comfortability. Additionally, the fabric of the handle is hard enough to prevent slipping.


  • It features solid and durable construction
  • The handles design enhances comfortability
  • The device is affordable
  • Its material does not cause wear and tear
  • Its design allows to for easier use and handle


  • The end of the grip is too short
  • The butt of the rod is light

7. PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo, 6.5 Feet

Penn Squall II Level Wind Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Penn Squall is another saltwater fishing rod and reels that work favorably in various saltwater conditions. The fishing rod can help you fish even the biggest fish in the water. 

It comes with a solid frame construction that does not break easily and perfectly handles even the most challenging fish.

The fishing gear also features a durable construction frame with lightweight graphite to enhance its performance. 

The HT carbon fiber drag offers a potent drag action while maintaining its smoothness. The reels are also versatile and enhance the trolling activity.

The machine comes with two stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing that eliminates the rotor back play. The black glass construction has an ultra-sensitive rod that is durable.

The tip of the rod is too sensitive to ensure a big catch. The Penn Squall fishing rod and reel is favorable for any person.


  • The product is lightweight, which allows for convenience
  • Its construction is durable to handle even the challenging environments
  • The carbon drag provides for more incredible smoothness
  • It is suitable for various salty water conditions.


  • The handle might not be that good.

8. PENN Warefare Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Penn Warfare Star Drag Conventional Fishing Reel

The machine is one of the best fishing reels and rods in the market. The great combo comes with a tremendous ultra-responsive fishing rod that boosts the fish catch. 

It features a solid glass tip that does not break easily. It also has a blank tubular construction and aluminum oxide inserts that maximize its operation.

If you are looking for a tool that works well without sacrificing smoothness, this is a deal. The machine features five stainless steel bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing. Some good news about this rod is its lightweight features.

The lightweight features allow you to conduct fishing activities without getting tired. The rod is versatile as it is workable in various freshwater and saltwater with different angling.

The handles are also great for reducing friction on your hands and boost comfort. The fishing gear will help you best achieve your fishing needs in saltwater.


  • The machine provides a smooth drag.
  • It features an excellent construction that is long-lasting
  • The solid reel is best for the price value
  • It works well with any kind of water depth
  • The handle and the spool works incredibly good


  • The material  might bend easily
  • The rod tip is relatively sensitive

9. Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

It is not ugly as the name describes. This is a beautiful type of fishing rod combo that comprises and dependability and toughness. If you need the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners, you can consider this combo.

Its material provides excellent free corrosion that enhances durability. The stick has a precise tip design that makes visibility easy. Most of the anglers will choose this type of tool to help haul their trophy fish. It also comes with an oversized handle knob that increases its performance.

Its EVA handles are perfect for helping prevent fatigue and enhance comfort. The machine will challenge you to use it in big water fishing as it features durable construction. It comes with a combination of fiberglass and graphite to maximize its usage.


  • It features a one-way clutch instant reverse ball bearing for reliable hook sets.
  • The lightweight EVA handles offer comfort during long hours fishing outings.
  • The machine comes with a precise tip that delivers strength and responsiveness.


  • The ceramic coating on the rod might flake off.
  • The rod is very sharp, which tends to be dangerous.

10. Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

This is a rod that is perfect for everybody. The combo can significantly outdo all the fishing levels. Wakeman is the best fishing combo to consider if you are looking for something that will benefit everyone in your house. It features an Emerald green metallic finish which is incredibly fantastic.

It also comes with a comfortable split EVA handle which enhances comfort. The fishing gear comes with a single ratio ball-bearing drive. It comes with a reel that improves its performance.

The combo is a great package. You can try and use it both in saltwater and freshwater. It comes with high resistant water material that prevents corrosion. The material is highly durable to ensure that it lasts long.

Another interesting fact about this combo is the price. It comes at an affordable price that is equal to its value. It does not disappoint, and the pole is fantastic.


  • The device provides smooth casting.
  • It has a great sensitivity that allows for a large fish to catch
  • The rod is durable and works well
  • The combo is pretty easy to put together
  • Suitable for everybody


  • The rod tends to be small
  • Its line might tangle easily

saltwater fishing rod and reel combo for beginners buying guide

There are various types of saltwater rod and reel combo in the market, and choosing the right one might be a challenge. You need to ensure that you purchase the right rod and reel combo that will satisfy your needs. In this part, we will help you determine factors to help you pick the right freshwater and saltwater fishing reel and rod combos.

Fishing Skills

Are you a beginner or pro angler? If you are a beginner, get a saltwater rod and reel combo and combo made of fiberglass. Those with experience can go for a composite reel and rod made of graphite and fiberglass.

The difference between the two types of fishing reels is that graphite doesn’t hold well in tough situations like fiberglass. Learners can benefit much from fiberglass because it is more forgiving and gives you an exciting moment when catching big fish.

Reel Selection

saltwater fishing rod and reel combo

Consider a fishing reel that can hold up to 80 lbs and a frag of 50 lbs. it should also have a deep spool. This will make it easy to catch big fish like sharks, big tarpon, mutton snappers, big dolphin, and kite fish among others.

Additionally, a long pole will also help you catch bigger fish. A braided diamond line is also suitable for big fish since it is thin and can stretch a lot. This offers you more accuracy and long-distance casting.

Bearing and Drag System

best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo for beginners

When choosing a fishing reel, consider the bearings. A quality fishing reel should have about 4 to 5 bearings. They are great because they help you get better control and a smooth fishing experience. You should also consider the quality of the bearings since having low quality can make the reel jam.

The drag system plays a huge role in helping you achieve extra casting yards. Many modern spinning reels have about 300 ft which is pretty convenient.

Rod and Reel Weight

Choose a quality rod with the right spinning rod weight will help you enjoy an incredible balance between strength and weight. It is great to choose ultralight rods since it doesn’t make you wear out when fishing for many hours. If you need a rod that is easy to transport, consider a collapsible fishing rod.

The reel weight provides comfort when fishing. After all, you don’t want to strain your hands when fishing. Therefore, choose a lightweight reel that will be easier to work with.

Rod and Reel Weight

Corrosion Resistance

Fishing in saltwater requires the right gear that is corrosion resistant. It is great to invest your money in a quality fishing rod and reel combo that can serve you longer without frequent repairs.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio in a spinning reel reflect to the number of spool turns on each handle rotation. For instance, if reel's gear ratio is 6.2:1, it means that the spool turns 6.2 times in one full handle crank. The gear ratio is essential since it affects the speed of retrieving the fishing line.


The tools come with a durable plastic body casing and a short body. Having a durable body will help your combo last for long. Also, a durable combo can withstand longing working hours without wear and tear.

When the body is elastic, high density, and high fiber, it is highly durable. Also, a solid and durable rod will help you even deal with the most challenging fish. Therefore durability should be your number one factor.


You can find the best saltwater spinning combo under $100 that will give you fantastic results. When choosing these types of combos, you will have to base them on your budget. Different brands in the market cost different prices.

According to your price range, ensure that you find one that suits your needs. It is essential to do a market survey and determine the best-selling rod and reel combo for saltwater.


Both the rod and the steel features a stainless steel material. The stainless steel material is corrosion-free and thus does not rust easily. Therefore when looking for a perfect rod and reel combo, you should choose easy to clean. Also, one that does not require time to time maintenance. Thus, it saves you time and money.


The usage is another essential factor to consider. Since there are various brands in the market, you need to know what you want to use the tool. If you understand your needs, then it's easy to know what to buy. So, before you need any rod and reel for saltwater, note down your needs and purchase a product that will satisfy your needs.

You can also consider a rod that comes with the sensitive part. It helps you to feel the strikes quickly and have easy fishing. You can view the fishing guides as they will the line to glide through.


Always ensure that you get comfort when fishing. It is vital to ensure that the machine you are using provides maximum comfort. Consider buying one that comes with excellent materials and prevents fatigue on the hands.

Also, consider non-slippery materials on the handle. It will enhance the gasping effect, which helps you have a stable grip when fishing.


Quality is also an important feature to consider as quality is not a factor that you should compromise. Ensure that the product you are buying has high-quality material. 

A combo with good quality will serve you well. You will also enjoy the fishing experience as it provides you will all the features and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What type of saltwater rod and reel combo do you need?

Answer: When picking a saltwater fishing rod and reel combo, consider corrosion resistance. You want to have a quality product that can withstand the salty environment. You can consider reel combos from top brands like Okuma, Pen Fierce II and much more.

Question: What are the best saltwater rod and reel combo?

Answer: There are various types of saltwater rods and reel combo in the market. The best combo you can consider are the top ones which we have reviewed above. They are from reliable brands and provide great saltwater fishing experience.

Question: What is the saltwater spinning reel for the money?

Answer: I you are on a budget, there are various affordable saltwater fishing reels you can choose. Penn Battle, Penn Pursuit, Piscifun and KastKing are the top saltwater reels for the money.

Question: What is the best rod for saltwater fishing?

Answer: Various people have different preferences on the best rod for saltwater fishing. In most cases, you can consider a medium rod for saltwater fishing. Heavier rods are great for handling heavy fishing line weight while lighter rods work well for lighter power rods.

Question: What are a good fishing rod and reel combos?

Answer: We have different models of rod and reel combos on the market. A good one has quality, durability, functionality, high-performance factors.

Question: How do I choose a saltwater fishing rod?

Answer: Choosing a saltwater fishing rod is a challenging task. Therefore, consider factors such as durability, high quality, type of materials, among others.

Final words

Fishing is a great hobby and needs the best gear to accomplish that. Well, the above information gives you more insights into the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combos. Additionally, the above buying guide will help you make the best choice.

The ball is now in your hands. It is your job to ensure that you get a great experience with these fishing tools. All of the above spinning reels are incredible and make your fishing experience memorable.

I hope that this review was helpful. All the best as you purchase and embark on your fishing experience.

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