10 Best Surf Fishing Rod And Reel Combos Reviewed In 2022

Surf fishing is becoming more popular today than ever. Many people love surf fishing because of the possibility of catching just about any fish. With this type of fishing, the ocean can be even more exciting than it is already known to us.

It is vast and full of surprises, more of which can only be experienced by the most adventurous amongst us. Surf fishing can give you a great way to catch big fish if you have the right surf combo.

It would be a success even for newbies with the right gear and just some simple steps. We want to share with you information on the best surf fishing rod and reel combos for surf anglers.

Product Name




1.Master Fishing Tackle Mounted Line Spinning Rod Combo

15.87 Ounces

55 x 8 x 5.5 inches

2.Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

1 Pounds

20 x 15 x 15 inches

3.PENN Battle II, Battle III Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

1 Pounds

84 x 3 x 3 inches

4.PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

1.85 Pounds

84 x 6 x 6 inches

5.202 Spincast Combo Fishing Rod And Reel

1.5 Pounds


6.Quantum Optix Series Freshwater Spinning Fishing Combo

1 Pound

41.8 x 1.4 x 1 inches

7.Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

3.06 Pounds

34 x 10 x 4.5 inches

8.Quantum Reliance Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

2.2 Pounds

83.05 x 7.35 x 6.95 inches

9.Dr.Fish Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos




10.Berkley Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

1.95 Pounds

5.12 x 6.3 x 50 inches

Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Reviews

Surf fishing is easier when you equip yourself with the right gear. Therefore, we have researched the market to provide top recommendations on surf fishing rod and reel combos. Find detailed reviews and guide of top surf fishing combos for big fish.

1. Master Fishing Tackle Mounted Line Spinning

Master Fishing Tackle Mounted Line Spinning Rod Combo

Master Fishing tackle is one of the best angler surf fishing reel from Penn Reels on the market with unique features. The fishing rod is suitable for anybody, whether a child or an adult. The gear comes at a budget-friendly cost.

The fishing rod design is tested with safety which boosts its performance. The safe design ensures protection against injuries when fishing.

It features materials that are tough enough to handle even the heaviest fish. The solid construction does not break easily can fish out even the toughest whales.

When we look at its durability, this spinning combo is marvelous. The device can handle long working hours without wearing out. An indicator that its material is of high quality.

Another thing that makes this tool unique is its comfortability. You can handle the fishing rod for a long time without causing injuries to your hands.


  • High in performance
  • due to its quality
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Its design can handle even the most challenging situations
  • The device is straightforward to use
  • Its material is durable for extended use


  • The tool might not be suitable for all types of water depth

2. Okuma Fishing TU-902-65 Tundra Combo Spinning

Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

The surf fishing reel features plastic materials that are easy to clean. Plastic does not get rusty quickly, which means that the reel is suitable even in salty water fishing.

The surf combo features a special price that is equivalent to its performance. It features a weight of about 20 to 25 lbs. It is lightweight to increase comfortability.

Another great thing about this surf fishing combo is the long stiff pole feature. The pole is long enough for all types of casting and stiff enough to fish out even the wild types of fish.

This surf spinning combo is of high quality which lasts longer with proper maintenance. It is a high-quality spinning combo that is suitable for vacation or occasional fisherman. Besides, the tool is an excellent combo for pier or surf fishing.


  • The device comes at an affordable price
  • It features a long pole for convenience
  • The pole features comfortable materials that enhance comfortability
  • It is suitable for entry-level adults
  • Features durable solid construction


  • Its click to hold button somehow gets out loose easily
  • The device is not suitable for all types of bait configuration
  • The configuration of the rod might be hard to control

3. PENN Battle II, Battle III Spinning Reel, and Fishing Rod Combo

PENN Battle II Combo

The device is a swift, smooth fishing reel that works smoothly with no quirks. The device provides a great back and pulls action, making it impossible for anything to challenge it.

Penn battle ii combo, a spinning reel combo, features high-quality aluminum material on its entire body and side plate. The material provides a challenging rigid framework that offers protection and keeps the model in alignment.

It's an HT-100 carbon fiber drag washer that is suitable for salty water fishing. The fiber allows you to work with the fish, and thus, you can pull in about 100 miles of line off the reels. It ensures that it does not cause wear and tear on the tool.

The surf fishing combo features a gasket rubber that offers comfortability and avoids slipping of the super line.


  • The model comes with an instruction manual for reference
  • It works smoothly thus reliable
  • The fishing gear is suitable for indoor and outdoor fishing
  • It features heavy-duty aluminum, which offers durability
  • It has a carbon fiber which provides smoothness


  • The main gears might produce some noise
  • Its reel at times might get clunky and loose

4. Penn Spinfisher liner saltwater combo

Penn, Spinfisher VI Live Liner Saltwater Combo

It is a great combo that allows you to bring in several catches during fishing. It is a reliable model as it features a well-constructed design that is simple and easy to use.

In salty water fishing, the tool does an excellent job. The rod is also sensitive and thus can help you catch fish easily. The model can handle up to 30lbs of fish.

It's also a heavy-duty and excellent fishing reel, which features a solid rod that matches its price. The solid construction enables the reel to handle some relatively large fish.

If you love inshore fishing, then surf fishing combo is the perfect combo to consider for your needs. It also comes with a very sensitive tip that enhances its performance.

The castability and the smooth drag of this fishing reel are incredible. The handle of the rod features soft comfort material to enhance comfortability during fishing.


  • It is light in weight thus convenient.
  • The device is suitable for flat fishing of trout and reds.
  • It offers a more water-resistant feature
  • Its drag is simple and easy to use
  • Its reel operates smoothly and swiftly


  • The rod is a bit heavy as compared to others
  • It is expensive as compared to other models

5. 202 Spincast Combo Fishing Rod And Reel

202 Spincast Combo Fishing Rod And Reel

If you are dealing with medium-light freshwater fishing, then this is a suitable model to pick. It is a matched combo that comes with a no-tangle design for practical usability.

The surf fishing combo comes with easy-to-use features which help you set up the product within minutes. It also features a handy hook keeper that increases its performance.

The model features high-quality materials that make it a user-friendly combo fishing rod and reel. The rod of the product is fitted with ceramic guides and an EVA handle that reduces hand injuries.

The fishing rod is also long enough to cover the long casting fishing activities. The model comes with an assorted tackle that makes fishing easy and fun.


  • It is easy to set and use the tool.
  • The model is a perfect set-up for all the skill levels
  • It features a quick-set anti-reverse option for increased functionality
  • The product comes with a well-matched two-piece glass rod
  • It is ideal for medium-light freshwater fishing


  • It is not favorable for all water conditions.
  • The reel tends to be too small for some fishing activities

6. Quantum fishing Optix Op60F Ops702Mh

Quantum Optix Series Freshwater Spinning Fishing Combo

The product features unique features that you will love. It comes with aluminum spool material that ensures this model lasts for a long.

Its reel seats are also durable and offer smooth operations. If you are looking for an easy and swift-performing tool, this is an excellent choice.

The rod and the pole are highly sturdy and thus make fishing enjoyable. The product's handle is fitted with soft and user-friendly materials that allow for extended use without causing fatigue.

It also comes with a three-bearing drive system that increases its functionality. Quantum fishing features a stainless steel bail wire to improve fishing performance.

The rod comes with excellent gears that do not produce noise during fishing. Its rod is long enough to help you work in any water depth in any environment.


  • The device comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • It is lightweight in the body thus convenient for use
  • The device features solid materials that exceptional durability
  • Its materials offer a water resistance feature to avoid rusting
  • The tool is simple to set up and adjust


  • The rod tends to be a bit clunky.
  • The reel might look small, depending on your needs.

7. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod Complete

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Comb

If you are a fly fishing enthusiast, then we have this incredible fishing gear. It comes with aluminum and double locking rings that facilitate fly fishing.

The handle features a cork design that comes with accent rings to help in its operations. It features a custom-designed fly box that can perfectly hold up to 372 flies.

The package is excellent as it comes with fly fishing accessories that make the tool complete. The simple accessory tools are hands, as they help to change your water fly fishing rod easier.

Another exciting thing to look at is its sturdy case which holds the rod, reel, and accessories. The case comes with a strap and a hand ring which boosts portability.

The rod also comes with a backcloth bag which offers protection to the rod. It is also long enough for deeper water fishing.


  • It features a hard case that is perfect for traveling on planes
  • The tool is excellent value for its money
  • You can easily change the reel from any direction
  • It is suitable for large trout, among other species
  • The tool is versatile


  • The reel tends to break easily
  • It would help if you changed the fly-line

8. Quantum Reliance Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod

 Roll over image to zoom in Quantum Reliance Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Quantum reliance is a great tool that won't let you down in any water. The water-tight seal ensures that it prevents water from reaching the inner parts of the fishing gear.

The fishing rod features an EVA handle with the stainless cushioned wood reel, which ensures all-time comfortability. The model also provides medium power with fast actions that are suitable for targeting everything.

The six anti-corrosion bearings help promote the durability of the rod by deterring elements that affect its performance. In other words, they prevent corrosion and deliver smooth performance.

The aluminum body is resistant to wear and tear, thus boosts long-life performance. On the other hand, the tool features a ceramic carbon system that reduces friction.

It also reduces the temperature of the reel to enhance smooth and consistent movements. The rollers also offer instant anti-reverse for hooksets and an amazing drag system.


  • The model provides an ultra-high performance.
  • It has water-tight features which prevent rusting
  • The tool provides all-time comfortability
  • It features rock-solid protection for durability
  • It has a ceramic drag system that reduces friction


  • You can snap off the tip
  • The model is expensive as compared to others

9. Dr.Fish Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Dr.Fish Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

The surfing rod is a complete kit that you can consider for your saltwater fishing needs. It is suitable for professionals as it comes with everything needed for fishing.

This outstanding reel provides high action strength to the giant species without losing sensitivity and resistance. The stainless bracket feature reduces the chances of angler's failure during fishing.

The product also features stainless material that is water-resistant. The material is solid enough to handle long fishing hours in a challenging environment.

Its handle is fitted with high-quality material for increased comfort. The design of the tool is excellent as it is easy to transport.

The quality is perfect and robust for use. If you are looking for flexibility, then this model is a great deal. The model is easy to change from left hand to right. It's indeed a great model for everyone.


  • The product works flawlessly for its price
  • It's  suitable for surf fishing and saltwater fishing
  • The model is ideal for professional anglers
  • Has high-density fiber blanks for exceptional strength
  • It comes with accessories
  • that enhance performance


  • The pole is not so durable
  • The reel might break easily at times

10. Berkley Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Berkley Glowstik Surf Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

It is one of the new generations of night fishing gear for surf anglers. The fiberglass blank make is solid and sturdy.

The rod glows extremely beautifully, which lights the night fishing activities. It also comes with a one-touch LED battery and a fiber cable that creates a nice glow.

Berkley glowstick is ideal for fishing in saltwater. The combo comes with spinning reels and a top-quality solid construction that facilitates fishing.

The device can be able to fish out even the most demanding types of fish. Its handles are wrapped in rubber to increase comfort when fishing.

Its stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant, and thus its lasts for a long. The rod of this model is long to maximize long casting.

The cushion hood will keep the rod in place and prevent it from loosening. It is suitable for use for anyone.


  • The tool features anti-corrosion material for durability
  • It comes with a battery-operated option for more power
  • The handles feature rubber to boost comfort
  • It offers excellent performance for value
  • The device features a fiberglass construction


  • The glow is not perfect
  • The rod is not suitable for all water types of fishing

Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Buying Guide

The rod and reel combo are two essential fishing equipment. Both the reel and the rod are the most used fishing gears by saltwater anglers. That is why you should choose a combo set right. However, the choosing part can be very challenging.

That is why we have decided to help with some professional guidance and perspective to help you make the most accurate choice the first time. It will save you the heartache that comes with poor choices when choosing a rod and reel combo to match your fishing style.

Rod Length

Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Surf fishing rods and reel combo typically have a length of between seven and fifteen feet. Its range is wide enough to provide more options to choose from. But why is a rod's length such an essential factor when choosing the best surf fishing rod and reel combos?

Longer rods for surf fishing will enable you to keep your fishing line out of the surf. Likewise, the longer the rod, the further you can cast. A long fishing rod combines well with a reel located closer to the rod’s rear end. Such a combination will give you a longer casting length with your surf fishing rod.

A surf fishing rod from seven to nine feet long is suitable for fan casting to catch small to medium-sized fish. The nine to twelve feet rods are great for all surf fishing conditions.

From twelve to fifteen feet, it is a rod that is only suitable for long casting, making the surf fishing rods suitable for rougher conditions. With this last surf fishing rod range, you can throw a bait out as far as possible and hopefully catch the monsters.

If you would like surf fishing rods compact enough for travelers, collapsible fishing rods can be great.

Rod Power

This is the second most important factor to consider when choosing the best surf fishing rod and reel combos. The surf rod strength depends on the line weight rating and the casting weight the rod is designed to throw.

But it is defined as the lifting power or the strength of the rod. You can get a lightweight surf fishing rod to heavy. Most anglers seem to prefer the option that is right in the middle. 

At medium-heavy, it is right in the middle of the spectrum. This presents the most versatile option with many amazing rods that fall in that category that surf fishing anglers would make the most out of.

When picking the right rod strength for surf fishing, be certain also to choose a suitable line for it. Heavier rod strength performs better with a heavier line and vice versa. A too light line increases the risk of breaking fish off and makes catching fish almost impossible.

Rod Action

It is rods that bend and not those that are faster that are easier on the angler. Action is simply the taper or bends the rod displays under pressure. This factor is as important as it is ranked third in this list.

A fish surf fishing rod with fast action tends to bend more next to the tip, while the one with a slow action tends to bend at the center. Surf rods action is an important factor when considering casting distance.

That is to say, a fast tip rod offers the most casting distance, which makes it more suited for fishing lures in the surf. Also, you need fast action surf rods to use on rigs that have just one hook. The slower action is great for treble hooks since they do not need a single hook’s setting power.

Reel Seat

The reel seat lies at the butt of the rod and is where the reel is mounted. You need a surf fishing rod reel combo that has a functional graphite reel seat. Cheap reel seats will cost you big time. You should make sure the reel seat works well to support the reel.

You should also check if the reel seat of the rod reel combo is the kind that will not loosen over time. You need to buy a rod that is fitted with a secure, and you know it is good when the reel seat locks the reel in tight.

High-quality rods often come with equally high-quality reel seats, even though that is not always the case. To be sure, you can depend on genuine customer reviews to find out the surf fishing rod and reel combos made of quality that extend to the reel's seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best surf rod and reel combo?

Answer: That would be the Penn Battle II Rod and Reel Combo. This rod and reel combo is the best you can ever find on the market today, with every necessary strength to it from comfort to durability to functioning to price and maintenance cost.

Question: What is the best rig for surf fishing?

Answer: Fish finder rig is an excellent choice for naturally presenting a piece of bait along sandy bottoms. It uses a pyramid sinker, but you can also use a special clip with steel weight, such as a spark plug or bolt.

Question: What tides are best for surf fishing?

Answer: High tide is always the best for surf fishing. It is the best tide both because it provides the highest levels of water and the fact that the more water movement causes the water to take longer to rising and fall, which is a good thing.

Question: What is the best size rod for surf fishing?

Answer: Anything from 8 feet to 10 feet would be an excellent choice. It is perfect, especially when you are holding the rod so much because you are fishing with lures. It is also lighter and therefore more convenient.

Question: What is the best saltwater rod and reel combo?

Answer: We would recommend the Penn Squall Level Wind Combo rod and reel combo. It is perfectly suited for the environment and would give you the right combination of comfort and control. It is also pretty durable.

Q: What is a good length for a surf rod?

Answer: In surf fishing setup, seven to nine feet will be perfect for a surf rod for sur casting. It will help you catch small to medium size rays, fish, and shark.

Question: What is the best surf fishing rod?

Answer: We would recommend the Breakaway HDX as the best surf fishing rod and reel combo. There is almost no limit to the kind of fish this rod can handle in surf fishing.

Question: What is the best rod for casting long distance?

Answer: When casting long distances, the Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod truly stands out. It comes in four different lengths ranging from 8 feet to 12 feet.

Question: How far can a surf rod cast?

Answer: Expect 85 to 90 yards as the best a surf rod cat can give you, especially since only part of the rod’s power will be used. That is not bad.

Question: How do you surf a long-distance cast?

Answer: The trick lies in downsizing your line, switching from 50-pound-test to 40-pound-test braided line. It will add significant casting distance.

Question: How do you cast further surf fishing?

Answer: Simply take a step, then bring your arms across before you pull down while the other pushes down. It will do the trick.

Question: What is the best surf rod and reel combo?

Answer: The Penn Battle II Rod and Reel Combo is ideal for surf casting. Most anglers prefer it for its accuracy and calculated design.

Question: What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing?

Answer: Generally, the gear ratio between 5.3:1 and 5.7:1 will be the best. However, anything higher will work fine too.

Question: What is the best fishing line for surf fishing?

Answer: We would recommend a 20-25 test line if you want the best results. It will be good in all conditions.

Question: Is a 9ft Rod good for surf fishing?

Answer: Yes. It is good but not the best.

Question: What is the best surf rod and reel combo?

Answer: Penn Battle II Rod and Reel Combo. This combo set will make you succeed in surf fishing in ways that many others of its kind would not.

Question: What size rod is best for surf fishing?

Answer: 8 feet to 10 feet is ideal to suit your fishing adventures. It is a lighter and more convenient option.

Question: What is the best saltwater rod and reel combo?

For this option, many surf anglers go for Penn Squall Level Wind Combo. It will do you the justice you deserve.

Question: What is the best rig for surf fishing?

Answer: The fish finder rig is ideally suited for surf fishing. There will not be challenges when you use it for this specific purpose.

Final Words

Choosing the best surf fishing rod and reel combos is difficult if you know what you want. We have given you top suggestions for the quality gear that will make surf fishing easy.

Compare each of them to find the right rod and reel combo that will match your fishing needs. Whether you need cheap surf fishing rods or expensive ones, you can always get what suits your needs.

Watch the video to learn more about surf fishing rod and reel combo for beginners

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