Brooklyn Kayak RA220 Reviews

The Brooklyn Kayak Company RA220 is the kayak of choice for any angler. It is perfectly designed to meet all your fishing needs. Additionally, it gives you an adventure and countless remarkable fishing experiences.

This solo fishing kayak has features that ensure a first-rate fishing experience exceptional and not seen in inflatable kayaks. It is functional while providing premium comfort. Additional stability and safety are also ensured to allow for utilization in all water types.

The kayak is a perfect choice for your next outdoor water excursion experience. You will get it fully loaded with accessories, so it is ready to use. Read a full review of this kayak to determine if it is suitable for you.

Watch the video to learn all the feature of BKC RA220 sit-on-top single fishing kayak.

Length and Width

The kayak is 11.5 foot long in size and has a width of about 34 inches. This provides adequate space while providing for perfect weight distribution that ensures stability. It weighs about 68 pounds making it very convenient to transport. Additionally, it can support up to 550 pounds, which is adequate to support angler, equipment, and your catch without buckling or tipping over.

Ergonomic Aluminum Seat

Brooklyn Kayak RA220 seat

The kayak comes with an aluminum seat that is ergonomic and comfortable for convenience during prolonged use. Some of the straps hold down the seat to the kayak. You can do this by utilizing the D rings. The seat straps are also adjustable for maximum comfort.

Waterproof Storage

Also, the kayak comes with plenty of waterproof storage to keep all your belongings dry. You can achieve this because all the compartments have watertight hatches. The hatches include an oval hatch, a rectangular hatch, and a round hatch. Each is fitted with a detachable storage bag.

The hatches are also through-hole hatches which allow for the storage of longer items like a fishing pole. This is because the bag is an insert that, when removed, reveals the through-hole hatch. It also has a transducer through-hole mount to allow for the wiring, with a section at the bottom for securing the transducer.

The kayak also has plenty of cargo space for additional storage especially seen at the back. The back storage can hold a 20-liter cooler for your cold drinks or a milk crate to hold your catch. An additional bungee cord is present on the BKC RA220 to hold the fishing stull and gear. The kayak also has two side handles for gripping.


The BKC RA220 also comes with a paddle that attaches conveniently to the paddle holders. It then allows the paddle to move seamlessly. The kayak also has two flush mount rod holders and two paddle parks.

Foot Rest

Additional features of the BKC RA2220 include a footrest. This footrest functions as the foot-operated rudder. The footrests have pedals that swing the rudder left to right. The footrests are also easily adjustable for maximum comfort of the angle while seated on the kayak.

Easy Installation Rudder

The rudder is easy to install for convenience. It also folds inwards to allow the angler to store the kayak when it is not easily used. It is attached to ropes that allow the release and fold of the rudder system.

Drain Plug

Moreover, the BKC RA220 has a secure drain plug to drain water in the compartments. It also has eight scupper holes for a self-drainage system. These will ensure no water accumulates unnecessarily on the BKC RA 220 kayaks keeping the angler dry.

Additional Accessories

The BKC RA 220 additional accessories may be purchased separately and attached to the various accessory mounts distributed throughout the kayak. It allows the angler to personalize the kayak to meet all their preferences.


Finally, the BKC RA 220 kayak is designed for all water types. It easily maneuvers through most water, and these include ocean lakes and rivers. This allows for versatility and uses on all water types. Moreover, it makes this kayak exactly what you need for whatever your water needs are.

BKC RA220 11.5-Foot Solo Sit on Top Angler Fishing Kayak


  • Comfort: the seat design offers an adjustable range that ensures comfort.
  • Durability: it exists as a single piece high-density kayak that is abrasion-resistant and contains UV protection
  • Stability: the kayak is stable to stand on to cast and reel. It offers stand-up stability.
  • Safety: it has a wide flat bottom that prevents flipping


  • It lacks a stand assist bar making it slightly difficult to cast and fish while standing.
  • The kayak has a slight design flaw in the handles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does water easily splash into the kayak?

Answer: No, water does not easily splash into the kayak. This is reduced by the raised seal that will minimize the entry of water into the BKC RA220. It ensures that the inside of the kayak remains dry.

Question: Does the kayak come with ample storage?

Answer: Yes, it does. The BKC RA220 has plenty of storage within the hatches. It comes with multiple storage hatches for ample storage. Additionally, the hatches have removable storage bags, which, upon removal, reveal a hatch that allows for storage of much longer items within the kayak.

Question: Are the paddles on the BKC RA220 expandable to adjust the length of the paddle?

Answer: No, the paddles are not adjustable. They come in a fixed length that you cannot increase to meet the angler’s needs. However, the kayak's paddles are designed to ensure maximum comfort during use, and the length is thus adequate and needs no adjustment.

Final Words

In conclusion, this kayak is designed to meet all the needs of an angler during fishing. It is built for use in all water types, and this ensures your needs are met. It also has features including waterproof storage hatches, the ergonomic seat, the pedal-operated rudder system, and the two rod holds, among many other features that make this kayak superior to any other in the market.

It is designed perfectly to meet your fishing and excursion needs and is a must-have! The length and width are also perfectly designed to ensure fast and straight movement yet the wide base ensures that stability is not compromised.

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