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Difference Between Baitcaster and Spinning Reel : Which One is Best

There are various types of fishing from which to choose your favorite. Likewise, there are various styles or casting methods that you can use as an angler. Although the list can be endless, spin casting and bait casting are two of the most common methods.

The difference between baitcaster and spinning reel is one of the reasons anglers seek to know when trying to choose the right method to use for every fishing type. Over the years, reels have evolved exponentially. But even so, most of them still utilize the same basic designs.

You can compare these two based on the following factors;

  • Size or type of fish
  • Line and lures used
  • Suitability for beginners or experienced anglers
  • Control and accuracy
  • Maintenance needed
  • Durability
  • Price and cost

A reel is a mechanical device that stores, releases, and collects fishing line through a rotating arm and is usually attached to the fishing rod. One of the most obvious differences between baitcaster and spinning reel is the placement position on the rod. Another basic difference is the direction or orientation of the spool.

Baitcasting reels sit on top of the fishing rod with a spool in line with the rod. The spool is positioned perpendicularly to the fishing rod and underneath the rod. Therefore, the line on a baitcaster would come off the spool directly in line with the fishing rod.

On the other hand, the line on a spinning reel comes away from the rod and subsequently makes a turn to follow the fishing rod’s length. You can check quality bass spinning reels and baitcaster combos here.

Based on the fish you plan to catch

Once you have the fish, you intend to catch in mind, and you can find one of these reels more suited for the task than the other type. When it comes to reels, spinning reels are generally suited for catching average-sized fish. You can use yours to catch all fish species from small to medium. However, if you are planning to catch large fish, a baitcaster is exactly what you need.

Based on the lines and lures you intend to use

The difference between these two methods is in the lines and lures with which each use. Lines with around ten pounds are better used with a spinning reel, especially since it will provide the bendiness and flexibility necessary and needed to avoid line breaking.

However, if you intend to use heavy lines and lures, consider using a baitcaster because it is the better option in that case, especially since it provides a high level of control.

Based on suitability for beginners

One of these reels must be more suitable for beginners than the other. When you are new to fishing, you need something easy to set up and use. In that case, a spinning reel is what you need, especially if you are planning to dive into the fishing experience right away.

On the other hand, baitcasters are better used by experienced anglers since it may take extra time and effort to learn how to handle them and are therefore considered an advanced reel choice by most anglers.

Based on control and accuracy

Just like an experienced angler would tell you, spinning reels do not provide the control and accuracy needed for serious angling or that an experienced angler would need. That is why experienced anglers prefer using a baitcaster, especially since baitcaster reels allow for the highest casting accuracy level.

With the latter, you will aim for a particular spot, hence helping you to hit it right every single time. Likewise, you can quickly stop your baitcaster if you make a bad cast and avoid bigger issues as a result.

Based on maintenance needed

The difference between these two reels based on the amount of maintenance they need or how frequently you have to maintain them. Although maintenance can help maximize the durability and efficiency of a reel, too much of it can be exhausting to the owner.

The good news is that both reels do not require much maintenance, even though baitcasters’ more complex structure makes them a little bit more difficult to maintain than spinning reels. Since proper maintenance requires disassembling the reel, it would take you a bit more time to go through the process with a baitcaster with a spinning reel.

The difference in terms of durability

Baitcaster also happens to be the most durable option between the two. It boasts a longer shelf life, and it is the option that you can use the most number times. They have more complex construction and are sturdier and more durable than spinning reels.

However, factors such as maintenance and the amount of work can influence durability and affect the expected results. Baitcasters may be more durable, but they can still break faster since they handle larger fish. Likewise, a properly maintained spinning reel may last longer than a baitcaster that does not receive proper maintenance.

Comparison based on price and cost

Price and cost are essential factors to consider when buying a new reel. Generally, spinning reels are more affordable that baitcasting reels. However, in most cases, the cost will depend on the unit itself. Being more affordable also means that spinning reels are less durable.

If you want to go for a long-term investment, you should purchase a baitcaster. If you take good care of it through proper use and maintenance, baitcasters can prove to be a smart investment for you.

Final verdict

As you have seen, knowing the difference between baitcaster and spinning reel can help you make the right choice when making a purchase. They both have advantages and drawbacks that you should be aware if you choose between the two.

If you want to try out fishing for the first time or a newbie at this activity, a spinning reel would be the right choice. However, experienced anglers are better off with baitcasters than with spinning reels.

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