How Much Does Paintball Cost: General Pricing

Paintball's affordability is part of the reasons why it is one of the fastest-growing sports in many countries. How much does paintball cost? Generally speaking, its cost can be as little or as much as you want. The cost is greatly influenced by how much you want to play and pay. The cost may vary based on a number of other factors too. 

For instance, the cost may vary from one center to another. While it is a question that is not easy to answer, we will try to give you an average figure.

The cost of paintball is arranged into two categories; initial and recurring costs. The initial cost is comprised of the cost of all the equipment you need to get started. 

On the other hand, recurring costs are those that you incur along the way as you continue to play. Also, the more time you spend playing paintball the more it costs you, especially in the long run.

The most obvious cost in paint balling is the cost of the actual paintballs. You can purchase cheap paint at about 30 dollars for a box of 2000 rounds. 10 dollars can get you a case of 500 rounds.

However, for professional-grade tournament paint, you will have to part with about 80 dollars for a box of 2000 rounds. The faster a gun shoots, the higher the total cost of the paint you will use eventually.

Field Provider

The cost of paintball is majorly determined by the field provider. Different paintball fields charge widely varying prices for both individual units and the whole package. In most cases, a paintball game will cost you 20 to 140 dollars per person.

Playing in a professional field comes with extra costs. For instance, they may require you to buy paint from them, which may cost more there than it costs to buy from a local store.

Renting Equipment

As a beginner, renting equipment would be the better option. The good news is that most fields offer rental equipment at reasonable prices. Factors such as renting paintball gear instead of buying affect the overall cost. Renting can help you avoid some of the initial costs, which makes it the best option for new players.

Resort to this option if you are playing for the first time, especially since you are still not sure whether you are going to enjoy the sport or not. The price for renting equipment depends on the field. With about 30 dollars, you can rent decent beginner equipment.

Buying Equipment

how much is paintballing

When you begin playing paintball, you should keep your expenditure as low as possible. As a beginner, you can acquire a semiautomatic or an electromechanical paintball gun at a cost of between 70 to 100 dollars. Therefore, with around 200 dollars, you can have a decent beginner set, including an upgrade able gun.

If you need a customized high-end setup you can spend as much as 2000 dollars or even more. For instance, professional-level paintball guns usually cost as much as 2000 dollars apiece. But you may also spend a similar amount on additional gear.

The cost does not end there. After the initial purchase, you can upgrade and customize your equipment. In that case, you will have to buy everything you need for both upgrading and customization.

The changes made may include improved circuit boards and custom anodizing jobs. Also, you will need to purchase high-end clothing such as specialized pants, custom jerseys, as well as elbow and knee pads.

Cheapest Option

The cheapest paintball equipment you can ever find anywhere should cost between 30 to 50 dollars. Anything that costs below 30 dollars should raise questions. You can get the cheapest paintball equipment by purchasing a basic pump player's pack from a local big-box retailer.

For just 30 to 50 dollars, you can have a set that includes a plastic pump gun, hopper, mask, and a few 12-grams CO2 canisters.

In a case where these accessories come in a package, there is no option for buying the items separately. You will have acquired more equipment at a cost so low. However, even though the guns work, they are usually very slow.

Similarly, they are less accurate and tend to break paint in the barrel. Another shortcoming of the cheap pump gun is that it requires you to keep replacing the small 12-gram CO2 canisters now and again.

For 70 to 100 dollars, you can get a better offer. With this kind of money, you can get an entry-level semiautomatic or an electromechanical paintball gun in a set that includes all the equipment you need to play. In case you need to buy better accessories separately, a good mask will cost you at least 20 dollars, a CO2 canister at least 12 dollars, and hoppers at about 5 dollars.

Quality Mask

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball

The mask that comes with the cheapest package covers the face properly but feels uncomfortable. That is bad news because a mask is one of the most important safety gear, and you should never compromise on safety. However, for a mask, you can always look for a more comfortable option.

Also, you should not compromise on the quality of a paintball mask. Therefore, you will have to get used to the discomfort if you cannot get a better mask because whatever the case, you must put on a mask when playing.

You may be a beginner, but if you are passionate about playing paintball, purchase an upgradeable entry-level paintball gun. That way, you will be able to add expansion chambers, drop forwards, barrels, and more. But if you are on a budget, avoid the non-essentials and the fancy equipment such as motorized hoppers.


Whether you use CO2 canisters or compressed air tanks, you will have to refill your tank. Different stores refill tanks at varying prices. As you can see, there is no distinct answer to the question 'how much is paintballing?' The cost can be as high or as low as you make it. Before you can answer this question, you should do some searching to find out how much you want to spend and play.

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