How To Attach Sleeping Bag To Backpack

For all your camping trips, you need to have a backpack and an organized one. Organizing it will make it accommodate many things that you need on your trip. Some of the crucial things to carry in your backpack are the sleeping bag, tent, food, among others.

You need to attach your sleeping bags to your backpack to make it easy to carry to the camping group. Therefore, you need to know how to attach the sleeping bag the right way ease to make your work easier. 

Check this guide to help you understand how to attach sleeping bag to a backpack.

Most travelers usually pack their sleeping bags outside their backpacks. You may pack your sleeping bag inside as well. There is more good than harm. Packing your bag inside your backpack keeps it warm throughout your trip.

When resting, you will only have to remove it and use it with ease. This is unlike when it is outside your backpack. It may get damp, and you will have to spend extra time drying it so you can use it.

2. Use an Internal Frame of a Backpack

Ensure you roll your sleeping bag tightly, so it gets compact. Be sure there is no moisture in, and it is as dry as possible. Place it in a black garbage bag at the bottom. If there are straps, make sure you compress it to allow in the room for more things.

You will be lucky if your backpack has a compartment for the sleeping bag, depending on the manufacturer. This ensures that your sleeping bag is dry, an important thing to you as a traveler.

3. Use of Straps and Loops

You can attach your sleeping bag at the back if your backpack has straps and loops. They will hold it in position, and it will not fall off. Pull them up and tighten them up. This will also depend on the type of backpack you have, as not all of them will have these features.

You may choose to have the straps separately or buy another backpack. Buy one that is waterproof to save you the cost of buying a casing for it. The loops carry out the following functions;

  • They attach the sleeping bag at the position it should be
  • They keep your bag rolled
  • Some sleeping bags are looped with padded loops that keep you in good condition while sleeping.
  • If the loops are on the sides, they are meant to be used for hanging the bag. This way, it dries evenly, unlike when hanging flatly.

4. Using an External Frame to Tie the Sleeping Bag

An external frame maintains the shape of a backpack and gives it support. You will only have to use the tie points at the bottom of your backpack as they have straps for fastening and securing it. 

This prevents the bag from hanging as it is well balanced. When the backpack is hanging poorly on your back, it may result in backache and neck ache, making your journey tiresome.

5. The Use of Buckles

Look for a modern backpack that has the feature of a buckle. The buckles are used to compress your backpack once it is filled to get rid of gaps. They enhance tightening up of the bag creating stability in it thus no swaying around. These buckles are on the backpack's sides, making it convenient for you to place your sleeping bag safely.

6. Use The Lid On an Internal Frame

Backpacks with internal frames seem confusing as they are somehow complex. They have a cylindrical chamber, and thus you will have to pack your stuff on each other until they pile up. 

This way, it gets hard to retrieve something at the bottom. Most backpacks are made in a way that they have a lid at the top that has strings.

You will have to pull these strings to tighten up once you are through with packing. This way, you can attach your sleeping bag on top of the backpack. 

After you tighten it, there will be a gap left between the lid and the backpack. This gap may allow in moisture, thus making the sleeping bag damp. To avoid this happening, you need a nylon cover placed on top.

7. Improvise

You may find out that the sleeping bag you are using is outdated in that it does not have loops and straps. Here you have no other option other than improvising a means to have it on your backpack. You can do so through the use of strings.

It is advisable to have it at the top of your backpack to prevent pain in the lower back if the sleeping bag is heavy. Carry your sleeping bag in the way you find most comfortable.


Your trips need to be less tiring. This will be so only if you have a good organized backpack carrying your essentials for the trip. For your sleeping bag, there are various ways to keep it well attached to your backpack. 

This way, it will be easy and convenient to use and carry it. If possible, fold your sleeping bag well and place it inside your backpack.

This is to prevent it from getting into contact with moisture and thus being damp. You need it warm throughout for sleeping purposes. Make use of the loops, straps, and buckles available to safely and securely attach your sleeping bag to your backpack.

 This makes the bag stable and easy to carry. You may also improvise these straps by the use of strings to attach it.

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