How to Attract Deer with Peanut Butter

In areas where hunting deer is legal, each hunter is looking forward to attracting a deer to their tree stand. There are several deer attractants in the market. These baits may be much expensive to buy, and so you can try peanut butter. Peanut butter is much available, and also it is cheap to acquire and use.

In this guide, you will learn how to attract deer with peanut butter. You will find it much affordable, and the results will always be successful. This will, however, depend on other factors that will make your hunting successful.

There are a few things that you must take into consideration before you engage in the process of hunting deer. These factors include:


First of all, you must ensure that it is legal to bait a deer in your area. Different states use different laws concerning ways of attracting or giving baits to animals. 

Before you take a deer into your property, make sure that you abide by all laws concerning the same. Also, ensure that you can hunt deer in the particular season.

This is because there are some areas where baiting deer is not endorsed in certain seasons but allowed in some. Make sure you are doing a legal thing to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.


To make your area more favorable, check out the wildlife management strategies, and you will be able to make your property more attractive.

Requirements for Attracting Deer Using Peanut Butter

The following are the things you should have:

  • Peanut butter
  • A can with a lid
  • Dark duct-tapes
  • Water
  • A thin rope about 10ft long
  • Scent-blocking soap
  • Drilling machine plus a bit

How to Attract Deer with Peanut Butter

The following are the simple steps on how to attract deer using peanut butter.

Step 1: Clean The Can

First of all, you must make sure that the can you use is clean and free from other foodstuffs. A coffee container is the best to use if possible. Clean it thoroughly and the can you choose should have a lid.

Besides, use the scent-blocking soap to ensure that no scent is left in the can. The peanut butter smell will attract the deer, and the coffee smell will interrupt the scent making your exercise to be unsuccessful.

Step 2: Paint The Can

The can you use might be having some fancy colors on the outside that might scare off the deer. You can use a dull color to paint like pale green or brown. Try as much as possible to match the color of the container to that of the surroundings.

Step 3: Drilling The Can

Thirdly, drill the bottom of the container. Depending on your rope's diameter, drill a hole that is slightly bigger than the rope's thickness. Do not make a mistake of drilling a huge hole that will leave a space after putting the rope.

Step 4: Put in The Rope Through the Drilled Hole

Insert the rope using one end and pull it to the base of the container. Turn-over the can then pull the rope from inside the container. Make a tie on the rope's end and then pull the other end out. The knot should not pass through the hole so make a sizable knot.

Step 5: Drill The Cover

Make several drills on the cover. This will help the peanut butter's scent to escape via the holes of the container for the deer to smell.

Step 6: Pour Peanut Butter in The Container.

Fill the can with your peanut butter to the top. Filling the can will help in spreading the peanut butter's scent.

Step 7: Bind The Container.

Use some ropes together with dull duct tapes to attach the can to a tree. There are two techniques of attachment. 

The first one is to hand the container then tie the other end to a tree. This method may make the peanut butter to drip faster. The second one and the best is to attach the can at a 90 degrees angle to the tree.

Tie the line around the tree then bind the can firmly. The side with the cover should hang downwards to some extent. Also, ensure that the deer will be able to reach the can. Avoid nailing the can on a tree.

Step 8: Spread The Scent of the Peanut Butter Around

The peanut butter scent should be strong enough to reach the neighborhood. To achieve this, you can mix the peanut butter with water then sprinkle the mixture around the place where you place the can. Make a thick mixture that will not drop to the ground resulting in less spread of the scent.

Alternatively, you can take some peanut butter and apply it to the leaves or on the tree trunk near the can. Once you are done with this last step, wait for the deer to fall to your trap, and you can enjoy your successful catch.

Alternatively, if you find the method too complicated, you can use the ground method. However, this technique will be effective during sunny days when the ground is dry. 

You make a shallow hole or make several small holes very close to each other. Pour the peanut butter in and then wait for the deer to come.

Final Words

A hunter always looks for the simplest methods and less expensive baits to attract animals. With deer being one of the most hunted animals, it is great to know some tips and techniques to catch them. 

Peanut butter has proven to be the cheapest bait that attracts deer resulting in faster and successful hunting. I am sure you now know how to attract deer with peanut butter, and you are going to give it a trial.Don’t forget to check out our latest review on scope magnification for deer hunting.

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