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How To Clean a Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun – Step By Step Guide

Tippman 98 custom paintball gun is an upgraded version of the earlier original version Tippman 98. The customization made to this new version makes it durable, reliable, and user-friendly. 

This makes it popular among new individuals venturing into the game. Regular maintenance of this paintball gun is essential to its functionality as well as durability.

When well maintained, the performance of this paintball gun is commendable. You must clean key areas of the gun occasionally like the barrel, hand grips, and main body. This improved version can withstand dirt for longer periods without lowering the performance.

Regular cleaning prevents the dirt from clogging the barrel and slow down the speed of the paintballs. Follow the steps outlined below on how to clean your Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun.

Cleaning The Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun

The entire cleaning process of the Tippman 98 custom paintball gun is delicate since it involves disassembling the different components of the gun and cleaning each part separately. 

As such, when done without proper preparations, the process may end up being a mess. You may lose the screws used to assemble the paintball gun so be well-armed with all that is needed.

Get a flat area to disassemble and clean your paintball gun. Lay a cloth or a towel on the surface. It prevents items from rolling over and second, it drains excess oil from the paintball gun when you separate the components during cleaning. 

You will need a paintball barrel ramrod, 7/32 and 11/64 Allen wrenches, a clean cloth rag, and gun oil. The gun oil should be recommended for cleaning paintball guns for better results.

Precaution During Cleaning

Precaution During Cleaning

Paintballs are discharged from built-in pressure which must be released before you try to disassemble the paintball gun. This pressure when released carelessly is dangerous and may cause serious injuries to you. 

Therefore, remove all air sources from your paintball gun, disconnect the hoppers and remove paintballs before attempting to disassemble your paintball gun.

Cleaning The Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun - Step by Step

Clean a Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun
  • Lay a cloth or towel across the surface you choose to work on. This will drain away any oils that come from your Tippman 98 custom paintball gun and prevent any piece especially the screws from rolling over.
  • Take your paintball gun and unscrew the barrel from your paintball gun then inspect for paint, dirt, or any debris. When you notice either of these, use water and a dry cloth to remove them from the barrel.
  • Once cleaned and free from moisture, rub some oil on the surface around the O-ring in your barrel. This ensures no oxidation occurs.
  • Your barrel is clean thus set it aside and move to clean the handgrips. Place it where it is safe from dropping onto the ground else it may damage from the impact.
  • Using the 11/66 Allen wrench, remove the hand grips from your paintball gun.
  • Check for any trapped dirt, paint, or debris around the grips. Clean the dirt if any with a clean cloth.
  • Lightly oil the handgrips once cleaned and set them aside to screw them back during assembly.
  • Now it is time to clean the main body. Start by removing the hopper feed elbow and close the bolt by pulling the trigger. This allows the bolt to slide forward.
  • Carefully, lay the marker on its right side, and using the 7/32 Allen wrench, remove the screws. At this stage, make sure all the screws are secure. You will need them all when it is time to assemble the paintball gun.
  • Remove the grip at the front and clean it well. Once cleaned and dried, set it aside.
  • Pull out the end cap to ensure it doesn’t shoot off the spring when inspecting it. Clean all the dirt in there with a clean cloth. Disassemble all the other bits of the main body and clean them all individually.
  • All moving components cleaned on the main body must be lightly lubricated to enhance performance.
  • Clean the linkage arm of your paintball gun and then clean the rear components.
  • The rear bolt needs care when lubing it. After cleaning and lubrication, place it back the way it was. Do not forget to clean the valve lock bolts and set them aside at this time.
  • Repeat the same for the slide bolt, front slide arm, rear bolt, buffer ring, adapter nuts, ball latch, cover, fore grip, and all springs.
  • Once all components are cleaned and well oiled, it is time to reassemble the Tippman 98 custom paintball gun.
  • Reattach the hopper feed elbow, cock the bolt back then pull the trigger once or twice. This ensures you even all the lubrication.
  • Eventually, replace the barrel, check to see all the screws are back in place and your Tippman 98 custom paintball gun is clean, performance enhanced, and ready for use.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun?

Accumulated dirt will make your paintball gun misfire and bring the performance down. This will make you miss the fun of the game by increasing your chances of being eliminated from the game. Therefore, take time to clean your paintball gun occasionally to remove any dirt or debris that may clog the barrel and the body components.


The cleaning process of a Tippman 98 custom paintball gun is delicate. Therefore, you need extra care when assembling, disassembling to cleaning to lubricating. The lubricants used in your gun must be compatible with the gas used in your gun.

This means you cannot use just any lubricants but must ensure they rhyme with the gas in your gun. The screws need to be safeguarded during cleaning since failure to assemble the paintball gun properly will further cause malfunction. When you follow the highlighted steps, you will find the exercise smooth, flawless and effective.Don’t forget to check out our latest guide on how do paintball guns work 

Watch The Video To Learn More About Cleaning Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Gun

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