How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot

Your paintball gun is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you need on the field. Like other products, paintball guns can serve you for several years while others pose regular problems. Several things can affect the shooting performance of your paintball gun.

If your gun is not shooting properly, you can fix the problem easily if you have the right tips. This guide provides essential tips on how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot. 

Tips on How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot

Paintball guns are unpredictable, and they can sometimes prove hard to shoot. Before you fix it, it is important to understand how a paintball gun works. This will give you an upper hand when fixing the problem. If you experience problems with your gun, follow these tips to solve the problem

  • Power Button 

We are all humans, and we tend to forget easily. High chances are you might not have powered your gun because you forgot to power it. This could be the reason why your gun is not shooting. Try to check if the power button is on. In case the power button is off, turn it on and see if the gun works. 

  • Engage the Air source Adapter

In the same case with the power button, you might have unknowingly disengaged the Air Source adapter. It is best to confirm if the air source adapter is engaged. Before thinking of other reasons as to why your gun is not shooting. Engage the disengaged air source Adapter. This might fix the problem, making your gun start shooting. However, if this does not fix your gun, move on to the next step. 

  • Check the Battery

After confirming that your power button and air source adapter are okay, your battery might have run low or gone flat, so it will be wise to check. If you find the battery has gone flat, you will need to replace it with a new one. This might solve the whole problem. If the battery is low, you can charge it up and check if the gun functions or not. 

  • Check The Dwell Parameter

When you pull the trigger on an electro-maker, it causes a circuit to turn on, making it fire a paintball. Dwell is the timing measure for how long that circuit turns on to make the marker fire.

If you are using an electro marker and you pull the trigger, it turns on the circuit to fire the paintball. The dwell shows how long the circuit stays on to fire the marker. Check the trigger to confirm where you have set your dwell parameter. If it is too low, correct that by increasing it a bit. 

  • The trigger

During shooting, the trigger setup is key to the whole process. If you had not set the trigger correctly, it will cause problems during shooting. Maybe the paintball gun cannot shoot because the trigger was set up incorrectly. Adjust the trigger so it can be fully open. The adjustment will close the microswitch, and that will correct the problem. 

  • Fill the Loader

The eye sensor might be activated. If activated but the eye sensor does not have any paint, the gun will not fire. You will need to fill the loader with paint first. Check if the gun will shoot or not. If the gun does not shoot, that means the empty loader does not cause the problem. Go on with other steps to discover what the problem is. 

  • Blockages Causing Jam

There might be clogs in the loader blocking the paint. Maybe some paint is the source of the clogging or some dirt. This may be why the paintball gun cannot shoot as the paint is blocked from moving. Check if the loader is blocked. Try unblocking them, then shoot again to see if the gun will now shoot. 

  • Pilot Valve Wire

Maybe you forgot or were too busy to remember to put the pilot valve wire plugged into the printed circuit board port. This could be the reason your gun is failing to shoot. Confirm if it is plugged in, and if not, plug it in. Check again if the gun will shoot or not. If it shoots, that means that was the only problem, and you will not need to go on with the other steps. 

  • Printed Circuit Board Damage

After trying all the steps above, it is more likely that there are dames on the printed circuit board. Check if the printed circuit board is in its right condition and still working. If the printed circuit board has problems, you will have to get a replacement. Replace the old one and try shooting again. If it shoots, that means you have succeeded. If the gun is still not shooting, you will need to look for another problem. 

  • Pilot Valve Damage

Damage to the pilot valve will also affect the shooting process. If the pilot valve is damaged, it may cause a problem. Check if it is in its right condition for shooting before blaming the problem on other factors. If the pilot valve needs any replacement, replace it and check if the gun shoots. 


I hope these tips will help you make your paintball work again. You don’t have to dump your gun if it stops working suddenly. Do not buy a new paintball gun but rather repair the old one using the above tips. There is nothing hard in all the tips that mean you will not need any professional help. You will not spend any penny during the repair, most probably. 

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