How To Self Film Deer Hunts

Filming deer hunts has become popular among many hunters today. Most hunters self-film their hunts because finding a dedicated cameraman on your hunting outings can be hard. Technology has made it easier to capture your hunting videos and you just need a few tips to get started.

So, if you would like to know how to self-film your hunts, I will cover everything that you need to know to capture amazing hunting memories.

There are many reasons why hunters self-film their hunts. Self-filing hunts is beneficial to hunters because looking back at the videos is enjoyable. Hunters enjoy showing their family and friends their adventurous moments in the woods. Most importantly, filming hunts is a great way to preserve great memories.

Another top reason why hunters self-film their hunts is to help them find out the right placement on the deer. It is easier for them to rewind the footage and find out exactly where the bullet or arrow hit the deer.

Additionally, filming makes it easy for you to mark the deer’s path and where you saw it last before making the shot. You can also self-film your hunts if you intend to post the videos on your YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Step by Step Guide On How to Self-Film Deer Hunts

You need to have the right equipment to help you film your hunts in the best way possible. First, you need to figure out what you intend to do with the videos. Do you want to record the videos to share with your family and friends or do you want to post them on your YouTube channel?

If you know what you want to do with the video, then it will be easier to get the required items. For instance, if you are filming to share with your friends and family, your smartphone camera can be great. However, if you are filming for a YouTube channel, then you need a professional camera for filming hunting. Check these essential gear you should have before you begin self-filming deer hunts.


If you want to film high-quality videos, then you must invest in the best camera to film your hunts. Self-filming can be tough because you not only want to film the animal but also what you are doing. Therefore, it is great if you have two cameras set at various angles to help you capture everything. You can choose different cameras for hunting which include:

Mirrorless/ DSLR camera- This is a type of camera that operates with many interchangeable lenses. It enables you to make various adjustments as you would wish. A DSLR camera gives quality cinematic images but you need to master how to use it especially if you are a beginner. Additionally, the camera can be bulky.

Action camera- An action camera is a lightweight model that you can mount anywhere you prefer to do your filming. The cameras provide some great hunt videos and you can choose to mount one on the head and the other one on the shoulder.

Camcorder- These are easy to operate and you should get a camcorder that features a manual focus. This will help you either zoom in or out when filming distance animals.

Smartphone- Your smartphone can also work well when filming hunt videos. You can even find some phone scopes that you can connect with your phone for filming. When you are filming with your phone, use it on landscape mode because it is easier to watch the videos comfortably on YouTube or TV.

You can also choose to combine various camera options when self-filming to get the most. For instance, you can use the DSLR camera where you expect to see your target and then mount the cation camera on a tripod or hat. This will help you get details that you are missing from the main camera.


Another item you should take into account is a stabilizer. Image stabilization gives the best and smooth hunting videos. Many cameras feature a built-in electronic or optical image stabilizer but you can also use a physical stabilizer. If you are hunting deer from a treestand, get a camera arm that you can mount your camera on the treestand.

You can also choose a tripod when hunting from the ground or blind to help you hold your camera. When self-filming using action cameras, you will need chest straps/head mounts/ hat clips and other accessories that will help you mount the camera wherever you want.

3.Quality Audio

What you hear is equally important to what you see. You want to have the best video as well as quality audio. Cameras have a built-in microphone but this is not enough to offer the needed audio quality. Therefore, you need to have an external microphone to help you film your huts perfectly.

I would recommend two microphone sets; the one you will wear with the audio device and the other one should be mounted on the camera to record the surrounding sound. Additionally, you can consider covering the microphone with a windshield to reduce wind noise when you are recording. You will eventually get the best quality audios.


Charging can be a major problem when you are in the woods. You can spend the entire day with your battery-powered camera operating the whole time. The last thing you want is to miss anything simply because your camera got discharged.

When you are choosing a hunting camera, you should always consider the battery life first. You should also have some spare batteries and a power bank. Other experienced hunters carry portable solar charges which are useful in places without electricity.

5.Tell the story

Your work is to tell the story when you are filming. Fill the viewer with the ups and the downs of the hunt or anything that will keep them engaged. Keep your camera on all the time so that it can record anything that you would love. This will give you more footages that you can edit to give you high-quality videos.

Final Words

Filming your hunts is a creative and enjoyable way to capture your adventure stories. Also, know that the secret to the best self-filming is practice. Practice more before you go for your final hunt so that you can perfect your skills. I hope you now understand how to self-film deer hunts for the best memories.

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