How To Setup A Climbing Tree Stand

Hunting can be difficult or terrifying, especially for the first experience or not well-prepared. One of the essential hunting tools that you need is a tree stand and a hunting camera. Using a tree stand helps you get better visibility. 

It also ensures your prey does not get your scent. You need to know how to set up a climbing tree stand for the best hunting experience. I will take you through some tips on how you can do that perfectly and safely.

Most of the time, accidents are unpreditable, so you have to be careful. Tree stands that a bit high possesses a good chance for the hunter to see and catch the prey with ease, although they are dangerous due to the distance between you and the ground. Getting up and down a tree stand can be a challenge for you, the hunter. The most important caution is to:

  • Never leave a tree trunk without a harness.
  • A harness is important for your safety, and when purchasing one, always ensure that it's not expired and is also strong to support your weight.
  • You should not replace harness with a rope since a harness is better and stronger than the rope.
  • You should practice how to climb up and down a tree stump using the harness first before hunting. By practicing, you can familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts while climbing the tree stand.
  • Choose a strong tree for your tree stand safe.
  • Wear good boots for hunting. This will help you while climbing the tree safely.
  • Always notify someone when going hunting. Just if something happens to you, someone will know where to find you.

Step by Step Guide On How to Setup a Climbing Tree Stand

Knowing how to set up a climbing tree stand correctly is essential. Follow these steps below.

Choosing The Location and The Tree Stump

Before you set up your climbing tree stand, you should first check the direction your target will be coming from and going to. This is so important since it will help you have limited ideas of the tree to set up your climbing tree stand.

Choose a tree stump that is strong enough to withstand your weight. The tree stump's surface should also be rough since a smooth tree stump one can easily slip and fall, leading to injuries.

Choose A Leafy Area

It would be best if you chose a leafy area. This can help you hide with ease. Also, in case of an accident, the leaves can be used as cover ups from excessive injury. Accidents do happen, and you can't know when this should just be taken as a preventive measure.

A leafy area will help you hide well from the prey, and the animal you are hunting will not see you easily. This will help you have a bigger sample of prey.

Putting Up the Tree Stand

This is an essential procedure, and when not done well, one can easily slip and fall from the tree stand. When putting up a tree stand, ensure that the tree stand is tight on the tree stump to avoid falling.

While climbing your tree stand, you can leave an allowance for easy movement. Then when at the top, ensure that it's tight enough to support your weight.

Picking A Hanger Belt

When putting up your climbing tree stand, choose a good strong hanger belt to support you. A hanger belt will help support you while you are on top of the tree. This will help minimize accidents that may occur when the hunger belt becomes loose or get cut due to friction when it's tight and good for use.

Also, a good hunger belt should allow you to climb with ease to the top since when climbing, you will be multi-tasking doing things like pulling up the tree stand and the ladder.

Tree Stand Gear

Before you get out of the ground to the top of a tree, stand always to ensure that you have the right gear with a belt around your waist and tree trunk for better climbing. The belt will help support you while climbing the tree in case of a slippery.

Wear the right shoes and ensure when at the top, your luggage and cameras are at a strategic point so that they won't prevent you from seeing the target.

Arrange Your Belongings Well at The Tree Stand

When at the top of the tree stand, ensure all the stuff you need for the hunting are in the right place By doing so, you can sit at a strategic point and wait for the prey. If you place your cameras and bags in the wrong position.

Then this will prevent you from seeing and catching the prey with ease. Your hunting weapons should be placed where you can easily access when at the top of the climbing tree stand. You always have a first aid kit, too, just in case of small injuries during hunting.

Final Word

As a hunter, a good set up tree stand is important for a good hunting experience. Ensure that you select a good area for the setup, and a leafy area is good since you can easily hide from your prey. Ensure that you have a harness when climbing up and down the tree. This will help you not to fall in case of an accident.

If you a big guy, select a climbing tree stand for big guys for a comfortable hunting experience. You should ensure that you arrange your weapon, camera, and bags on the tree stand well. This will help you see the prey with ease without obstacles.

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