How to Teach Your Dog to Stand Up and Sit On a Paddle Board

If you love going on an adventure, it will be more fun to carry along your dog pet. It is therefore important to teach your dog how to paddleboard. This will help your dog in exercising as well as enjoy the paddling art. 

Before you start training your pooch how to paddle on the board, you may carry it when going to the waters so that it familiarizes with it. This way, it gets rid of fear. Introduce your dog to the board, so it gets to familiarize with it.

This type of paddling is popularly known as SUP. Your dog stands on the board as you go about your paddling activities. Here is how to make your dog learn this art of paddling,

Introduce Your Dog to The Board

It would help if you did this on solid ground before you proceed to the waters. It may be done by placing the board at your dog's favorite place in the house. He will gain interest with the board with time. You might notice him sniffing it, looking at it, and exploring it in his own ways. Get the right size of paddle board for your dog, as per its size.

Place Treats On the Board.

Dogs love treats, and this would be a suitable way to make them stand on the board. You will encourage them to walk on the paddleboard.

Encourage A Dry Run and Practice Safety.

Put his life jacket on once you notice he is comfortable with the board. This creates some natural feeling, and the dog will feel normal even when you proceed to the waters. Life jacket handles will help get hold of the dog in case it gets into the water. It enhances safety for the dog. 

You can also spot your dog in water if you got separated from one another. Carry some sunscreen to prevent your dog from sunburn. Carry along some water with you as the salty water may make your pet dehydrated.

Teach Your Dog to Obey Commands

An obedient dog is such a great pet to have. Let him learn some terms like 'stay.' You will not have to struggle so much when paddling as he will always obey what you direct him to do.

Know your dog

Not all dogs are water lovers. This will depend on the dog breed you have. Do not get frustrated if they do not show interest in the waters. Golden retrievers are known for their prowess when it comes to swimming. Let your dog learn paddling at its tender age as a puppy. This makes it easier to manage it on the board. Your pooch should be a good swimmer as well.

Hit The Open Water

Let your dog stay in the front part of the board. You may take the middle part and balance the board. Placing your pooch in between your legs or in front of them is the best way to go for SUP as it makes him immobile. Expect some falls here and there. The falls may be due to your dog being excited or waves if you are at the ocean.

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit On a Paddleboard

Let your dog learn some basic skills and obey them. These skills include sitting when commanded and getting out of the board, among others. By so doing, you will get an easy time with your pooch as you go out for paddling. Let him get on the board and sit on his spot.

Use A Board with Good Surface Grip.

This is the best type of board to use so that your pet does not slide off whenever you come across a wave. When seated, the dog's paws will be in a position to have some grip.

Trim The Dog's Nails

Whether seated or standing, your dog may scratch off the board's surface. If the board is torn, it becomes unsightly, and it may not be ideal for paddling again.

Make an Effort to Tire Your Pooch.

Energetic dogs tend to be jumpy and maybe stubborn when you go out for paddling. They may not sit on the board as you expect them to do. After all, you are out to have fun and adventure. Before you get out for paddling, you may choose to play some games, go swimming or engage in an activity that will tire the dog. 

When going paddling, you will notice that your dog will relax and sit on the board without really having to jump into the water.

Consider The Size of Your Dog.

You may allow your dog to sit on the nose of the board if it is small. Larger dogs may sit on the back third of the paddling board. This is important to distribute weight evenly and balance.

Reward Your Pet's Efforts

Most probably, you have a name for your pet. When calling out, commands call his name and then state the command you want to be. For instance, if your pet's name is 'June,' you may call out to command like this 'June sit!' After this, give some treats or snacks. It keeps the dog motivated and makes it feel loved.


Paddling may be more interesting, especially if you carry along with your four-legged friend. Train your dog to swim so that they get used to it. Normalize commanding your dog so that it may obey any time you want it to do something. Always give treats to your dog and praise it whenever it does a commendable task.

Let your dog familiarize themselves with the board. Always take safety precautions both for you and your dog. Let your dog wear a life jacket to help you trace it when you get separated in the water. Its handles also help you get hold of the dog in the water. Rinse your dog after the exercise to reduce irritation from its paws and skin. Applying sunscreen to the dog prevents sunburns.

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