Kastking Perigee 2 Review In 2022 : Features & Benefits

If you are a beginner or a pro angler looking for an inexpensive fishing rod, the Kastking Perigee 2 is your best companion. At its price, this fishing rod has a ton of great features that you will enjoy.

This might be your ideal fishing rod for bass, salmon, walleye, trout, and catfish. It also delivers an impressive performance both in saltwater and freshwater.

We will take through a quick guide to help you know the performance of this rod and the category of anglers it suits. You will also know the strengths and the weaknesses of the rod to help you determine if it suits your needs.

kastking perigee ii

This fishing rod brags of excellent features that all anglers appreciate. Let’s have a quick look at some outstanding aspects of this fishing rod.


One of the main aspects you should check when buying a fishing rod is comfort. This one is designed with ergonomic reel seats for comfortable use.

The seat features a quality graphite construction that offers strength and eliminates any unnecessary weight. As a result, you will enjoy great deployment and comfort when fishing.

The rod also features a comfortable hold with high-density EVA grips. It has a two-handle grip that gives you good traction and ensures you get a solid throw. Therefore, anglers will always get a comfortable grip when fishing. 

In addition, you will not get a soggy grip even if you have sweaty palms or when water splashes. To add on comfort; this rod has a hook holder that ensures the hook stays in place.


This fishing rod has a medium-light power that provides fast action. The rod can easily flex closer to the tip, while its medium power ensures it uses less force to flex the rod. You can use this rod with lighter lines with a rating of 4-10 pounds.

Carbon Fiber Blanks

This fishing rod has a fantastic carbon fiber blank that provides accuracy, strength, and power, and you can get it in 29 sizes to 7-inch baitcaster rod or spinning rod with medium to heavy power.

You can use these rods for walleye fishing, catfish rod, trout fishing, bass fishing, steelhead rod, and saltwater fishing.

Smooth Power

The Kastking rod has hybrid spigot joints that provide smooth power transition on the entire rod blank. It also has a high computer technology control that wraps at different angles from 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees to ensure the power flows.

Regardless of the type of fishing you choose, you will always feel like you are using a one-piece fishing rod.

Strong Construction

The fishing rod has been designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater. It has a carbon fiber construction that enhances its longevity. You will also enjoy using the rod because it provides a better feel.

However, it might not be as sensitive as graphite rods. With this rod, you will not experience tips snapping or eyelets falling apart.

All the other components of the rod also feature premium construction for durability. The seat, EVA grips, and hooker holder are all quality.


This is one of the most versatile fishing rods that you can use for different purposes. It handles different tasks well, giving you the most reliable performance. The rod is also the best choice for anglers because it has different rod actions.

All the rod actions meet the needs of different anglers to provide the most satisfying fishing experience. It doesn’t matter the type of species you want to target, and this rod will deliver a fantastic performance.

Twin-tip Technology

The two-piece rod gives you many benefits, and this sets the rod aside from other competitors in the same price range. Additionally, the two-piece option offers two actions from one rod.


Many people, especially new anglers, will benefit from this fishing rod because of its great price and amazing features. It is a fairly in-expensive fishing rod for people who want to get started in angling.

If you are also an experienced angler with low demands, you will also enjoy using this durable fishing rod.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods


  • The rod is made of quality components
  • It is comfortable and lightweight
  • It provides good rod flexibility
  • The packaging is awesome
  • Great value fishing rod
  • It has a durable design
  • Great for saltwater and freshwater
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • Many sizes and actions


  • It can break easily
  • Not good for large fish
  • The rod doesn’t feel strong

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I got this fishing rod today, and I find it too hard to take the two pieces apart. How can I do that without breaking the rod?

Answer: It’s simple to take the two pieces apart. Twist it, and the two pieces will be undone.

Question: What type of water can I use this fishing rod?

Answer: You can customize your fishing with this rod because it works well for both saltwater and freshwater.

Question: What is the length of the package?

Answer:  You will get this rod packaging in a nice rod tube. The packaging length is between 3-3.5 feet lengthwise.

Question: Do the guide rust after using them in water?

Answer:  I bought my rod a while ago, and I haven’t noticed any rusting on the guides. It’s a quality rod that I would recommend to all anglers.

Question: Can this rod work with a sturgeon?

Answer:  If you need a rod that will work with sturgeon, look for a medium heavy. You need something heavier based on the sturgeon’s size.

Final Words

After checking the in-depth Kastking Perigee 2 Review, I hope you have learned some of this rod's top features and benefits. This is an amazing fishing rod that will serve different applications.

It is of great quality and comes at a reasonable price. This rod works well for beginners and pro anglers alike.

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