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Ocean Kayak Frenzy will serve you well if you are looking to have a good time in the waters. This kayak only carries one person, but it’s very stable, making it suitable for beginners and hardcore kayakers. This kayak is small, but despite its size, it can support up to 325 lbs.

In this review, we will look at some features of the ocean kayak frenzy kayak that make it the best kayak for your recreational purposes. We will also look at its pros and cons of this kayak and answer a few of the most common questions about it.

Ocean Kayak has a lot to offer to both new and seasoned kayakers. The features make Ocean Kayak Frenzy kayak compete well with bigger kayaks.

Some of its outstanding features include:


You might think that seating is something not worth mentioning, but if you ask any expert kayakers, they’ll tell you that a comfortable seat matters a lot in kayaking. This kayak has only one seat, which has been designed with comfort in mind. The seat is adjustable for maximum comfort. A footrest is also provided to ensure your feet don’t get strained as you go kayaking.


Ocean Kayak Frenzy is quite easy to handle. When you ride it on non-turbulent water, you'll have the smoothest ride of your life. This can be attributed to its hull design. Its hull is tri-form built to make it glide effortlessly on the water. Despite its smallness, Ocean Kayak Frenzy handles well, just as the bigger kayaks, with much elegance and stability.


The kayak’s triform body is an outstanding design. It is sturdy and strong, enabling the kayak to glide on the water with ease, especially on flat water. If the water gets rough, you’ll feel this kayak’s limit, but it serves well in many situations. However, it is not advisable to use it in very turbulent waters because of its small size.


Portability is perhaps the most important feature that makes many people like Ocean Kayak Frenzy. The ocean kayak is small and light, weighing only about 40 lbs. The distance between its stern and bow is just nine feet.

This kayak is easy to transport even if you want to go kayaking far away. It is lightweight and has carrying handles, making it easy to move around. Its hull design also makes it easy to transport.


Ocean Kayak Frenzy’s hull design provides it with excellent stability. The kayak balances so well so that even if you are inexperienced in paddling, you’ll find this kayak easy to use and have a fun-filled day in the waters. With its level of stability, you’d not have to worry about tumbling into the water. This also makes it the best kayak to learn to paddle. After using it for some weeks or months, you can easily handle bigger and wider kayaks.


The Ocean Kayak Frenzy kayak is made from polythene, a material that isn’t affected by water. Polythene is also strong and can withstand impacts so well. This means your kayak will not develop cracks as you go fishing or have a good day on the waters. Polythene can handle impacts from rocks in oceans, lakes or rivers, and cannot be attacked by microorganisms in the water. For these reasons, your kayak will serve you for many years before you think of buying another one.

Storage Capacity

If you have some luggage to carry on this kayak, you need not worry. The kayak has a bow and stern with bungees where you can store and secure your cargo. However, it is not advisable to have a very heavy load in this kayak because it is small. A very heavy cargo will lower its stability.

Tracking and Maneuvering

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy kayak glides well in rivers, oceans, and lakes. Its maneuvering and tracking ability are perfect. You can easily turn and puddle without putting in so much effort. Furthermore, you can paddle at high speed using this kayak, adding more fun to your expedition. This is possible because this kayak’s maneuverability is quite remarkable. The kayak has enough track that guarantees you’ll enjoy your kayaking.

ocean kayak frenzy review


  • Its skid plate is replaceable.
  • Comfortable adjustable seating with footrest
  • Made from high-density polythene for durability
  • Quite flexible, making it perfect for recreational use
  • Portable and manageable
  • Stable, easy to paddle, and learn
  • Affordable


  • Awkward for heavy or tall people
  • Narrow-body

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - frenzy ocean kayak 

Are ocean kayaks the same as sea kayaks?

No. Ocean kayaks are user-friendly because they are more stable than other sea kayaks. Also, water can’t fill their cockpits, making them safer.

Do I need any training to use the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak?

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak is easy to use because it’s quite forgiving. As a beginner, you can start with calm water to help you learn paddling techniques. However, if you can’t manage it alone, there’s no harm in seeking some training from a kayaking club.

Must I wear a wetsuit when using the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak?

It isn’t a must. Wetsuits are only necessary when it's very cold. You don’t need them in warm weather.

Can I use the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak in rough water?

It is possible to use The Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak on rough water, but you should leave this to more experienced kayakers. If you are a beginner, start with calm water.

Final Words

If you want to have some fun in the waters, Ocean Kayak Frenzy should be on the top of your list. This one-seat kayak is affordable, making it the best choice for new paddlers, anglers, or kayakers. You can use it for your diving, surfing, or fishing expedition because it’s very stable. If you are going fishing, its storage space will come in handy. You can use it to keep your fishing tools, and the fish caught.

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