Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Fishing Reel Review

Since it was first introduced in 2016, the third generation of Penn Slammer reel has become the flagship of the Penn spinning reel range. Anglers worldwide have a lot of positive things to say about it, and that is because they love it more than enough.

It is also a collection that has been widely used by anglers everywhere. Two of the numerous qualities that make it stand out as the best are its performance capabilities and durability.

And if you want to find out what all the fuss about this reel is, keep reading this Penn slammer 3 review.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

A metal body, rotor, and side plate is a plus and an advantage that you will have to enjoy in this reel. It is a quality that is even more important for large models, especially since the metal parts keep the gear and pinion properly lined up.

This would, in turn, leads to smoother retrieves and a reel that will survive for long. If you are serious about angling and want to make more out of it, you need a spinning reel to handle the pressure of constant use and serious fishing. That is why a reel like this with strong metal parts is what you need.

Innovative Gear Technology

There are many innovative features put into this spinning reel, and its gear technology is just one of them. This model uses a brass gear system cut only with the best machine. The resultant gear is highly precise and strong.

For an angler, this is just the kind of convenience they need to make a difference in how they perform at fishing. This gearing system’s technology incorporates the whole gearbox system, including the pinion and drive. And for that, you get lasting cranking power.

A gear made of brass is way better than those with aluminum construction and will survive it all. Likewise, it gives you a lot of smoothness.


Penn Slammer III

You cannot convince a serious fishing enthusiast to purchase a spinning reel that is poor on performance. But with this reel, performance is not an issue. It may not be the lightest in its category, but it is lighter than most reputable models. That said, this reel is very well balanced, and it still gives you a sturdy feel.

A huge amount of pressure does not make it snap. Instead, it holds the pressure with so much ease. Even when you are hooked into a huge fish, you should be confident that the Slammer 3 is up to the task and is designed to handle it.

Although other Penn spinning reels run smoothly, the Slammer three is exceptional. Also, its drag system is extremely effective.

IP6 Sealed Body, Spool Design

If you need a reel that can take the punishment that saltwater fishing imposes on reels, this one is an excellent choice. It can get the continuous saltwater spray, occasional drops, get dunked when wading, and casting heavy lures repetitively, but it will still stand to the test of time.

It can take spray the whole day from every angle, and the water will not even get into the gearbox of the reels. In addition, there are seals around its shaft, drag system, and the main pinion to lockout saltwater and protect the inner parts from getting damaged by the water.

Premium Drag System

Most spinning reels by Penn have the HT-100 drag system. This an extremely powerful drag and a huge contributor to the huge liking these spinning reels get from anglers. The Slammer 3 has even got a better drag system.

The spinning reel has gone a step further and introduced a new Dura-Drag system on the reel, and it is extremely effective. It is a new system that allows for extra drag pressure alongside an incredibly smooth operation.

This innovatively enhanced drag system uses an exclusive material based on the same material often used in the transmissions of high-performance racing cars. As a result, it can endure constant and regular brutal encounters with hard-fighting fish.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel


  • Strong and durable metal construction protects the reel
  • Well-built, including the machined brass gearing
  • Hardcore drag of up to 60 pounds
  • Designed to handle the punishment from extreme saltwater fishing
  • Incredibly smooth operation


  • It is a little bit too heavy for what may be the perfect weight for it

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Slammer 3 range have high-speed models? Which are they?

Yes. There are two high-speed models available in the Pen Slammer 3 range. The two are 65000HS and 8500HS.

How well does this reel perform in catching big fish?

This spinning reel is up to the task and can handle the big fish amazingly well. It cranks easily under pressure and does not twist at all.

How is reel’s premium Dura-Drag system better than their HT-100 drag?

We would describe the premium Dura-Drag system as a more advanced system than the HT-100 drag. It is, therefore, extremely more effective.

Q: How many knobs does the reel have, and how effective are they?

This spinning reel uses a couple of different handle knobs. One is an aluminum knob, while the other is the EVA knob.

Final Verdict

With a spinning reel like this, it is hard to go wrong. Slammer 3 may not shine in the weight department, but it does in all the right and most important places. It performs exceptionally well for the larger pelagic and surf casts.

Also, it is designed for durability and can therefore last many years. In it, you get a brute of a reel and perform like an absolute workhorse. Even better, it does all that yet still has that silky-smooth operation and technical ability.

This Penn Slammer III review presents to you a reel that stops at nothing to give any fishing enthusiast the best fishing experience, even in the toughest of situations in the water.

Here is a detailed video Where you can learn all the features of PENN Slammer 3 

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