Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review: In-Depth Review with Pros & Cons

The Etek line by Planet Eclipse has always stood for quality and in its highest form. Many paintball players love this maker, and since smoke means there is fire, there must be much to be enjoyed. This paintball marker is the fifth installment in the Etek series. Its qualities make it an excellent choice for paintball shooting enthusiasts who would like to spice up their competition game play.

There is so much to love this equipment for, some of which are widely discussed in this Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review. In a nutshell, it boasts ergonomic construction, shoots quietly, and works with fragile paintballs.

LED Using Combinations

Through the LED using combinations, it gives you the privilege to easily access and adjust the firing modes and parameters. The blend is composed of button presses, and trigger pulls. So if you want to take things a little further in the playing field, it will be a relief to know that through the OLED display upgrade, the Etek 5 gives you an option of a graphical user interface.

The fist in any paintball marker, this model allows you to plug the OLED board directly onto the existing standard circuit board, and you do not even need additional upgrades like grips, frames, or circuit board itself.

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Design and Feel

The Planet Eclipse Etek comes in seven different colors, giving you more than enough options. The options would make the game more interesting is every game player had a different color, and you are all contesting and enjoying the variety.

Though it looks just like paintball guns often do, you will love the little things that are included to set it apart and to give you a unique feeling when using this model. This gun is made of high-quality aluminum, which is where it gets its nice and solid feel. Another essential aspect of its design is in giving you the feel of a real gun.


Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, any paintball player would find this marker extremely easy to use and comfortable to carry around. The weight also makes focusing more manageable and will give you an extra advantage against your opponents. As a soldier, it gives you all the opportunities to be a beast on the playground.

Generally, this is a fantastic all-around gun that will optimize your chances for enjoyment and becoming a victor. Lightweight is achieved through the use of low weight but durable composites in its core areas.


Efficiency is where the Etek 5 scores the highest. Its operating pressure of 85 PSI, this gun uses amazingly minimal air, which saves you a lot of gas. This high level of efficiency also contributes to the increase in accuracy, which means that you will be hitting the target more often with this fantastic piece of innovation.

Marketed as a natural speedball gun, the Etek 5 is a fast shooter with so much accuracy. It produces little sound when shooting, which makes it the perfect choice for you to sneak around your opponents.


The Planet Eclipse Etek comes with a wide range of beneficial accessories. One of the accessories is a superb wrench set that will serve you well and for an extended period. It also has attractive ball ends that come in an excellent little carrier.

You will love the fact that the parts kit is plentiful and will help you keep your marker up and running as often as you would want it with little or no disappointments. There is a barrel sock included too. For maintenance, it comes with a lubricant to keep the moving parts smooth and protected. There is a laser extent for the bolt and a bottle of oil for the rammer.

Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review

What We Like:​

  • More efficient market at its price range
  • Rubberized grip to increase user comfort for more prolonged use without fatigue
  • Less bouncy trigger offers smooth and enjoyable operation
  • Comes with an increased valve chamber volume
  • It saves a lot of gas
  • Affordable and easily attainable for most people
  • Provides dependable warranty for natural defects of any kind
  • It has no LPR on its front


  • The frame is excessively vast with a large seem in the middle
  • Some parts make it uncomfortable for the user

Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Eclipse Etek 5

How far can the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 shoot?

There is no standard or distinct distance a paintball marker can shot. Instead, the range is often dependent on the velocity. On the other hand, speed is dependent on several things such as the nature or design of the playground, or whether you have a barrel with a back pin. However, most markers shoot with an approximate effective range of around 100 feet.

Can I play rec speedball with this Planet Eclipse Etek 5?

Of course, you can. With this gun, you can play so that you shoot less even in speedball. You are also in a far better position if you have a fast trigger finger.

What do I get from its longer barrel that I may not find in shorter ones?

There is power in a long gun since it enhances the shooting accuracy. Therefore, longer barrel equals to better shooting plus skill.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes. The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is designed for both beginners and experienced paintball players. It is enjoyable for players of all skills.

Final Verdict

Once you have gone through this Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review, you should understand what makes it different and a must-try for many paintball enthusiasts. Another good news is that this incredible middle-level electro-pneumatic gun is now available on the market. It is also amazing how you do not have to break the bank to acquire it.

That is to say, this piece is reasonably priced and is very affordable. You can, therefore, pick yours and for your playing mates without feeling the pinch. Do not miss out on this, whether you are an armature or an experienced paintball gamer.

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