Tree Stand Vs. Ground Blind

Tree stand vs ground blind is a common debate among bow hunters and deer hunters in general and has been there for decades. From what I know, none of them has been declared superior or better than the other. Both hunting positions increase your chances of making accurate shots at your prey.

Each has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses that can guide you into determining whether it is tree stand or ground blind for you. Hunters may have different preferences or tastes as far as tree stand vs. ground blind debate is concerned.

We want to compare the two based on several factors such as;

  • Concealment 
  • Comfort
  • Portability
  • Set up
  • Capacity

Deer hunters consider concealment as the most important factor for hunting successfully. A tree stand puts you above your quarry, with tree foliage helping conceal you more. 

Similarly, the stand's height not only keep your odors above the prey's detection zone but also puts you in a position where deer rarely look.

Such animals only look upwards when they see sudden movements or see something in their peripheral vision. That means this tree stand advantage will remain even in mid-autumn when all the leaves fall.

On the other hand, the only way a bowhunter can remain completely concealed in a ground blind is when he closes all the doors and windows. 

However, this is impossible since you have to leave them open to see through and make a shot. And for that, you are at a higher risk of being seen by the quarry.

You have to conceal the blind with brush and foliage if you want to prevent it even more from being noticed by the animals. Alternatively, you can set it up far in advance so that the prey animals can get used to it until it is not a bother to them anymore, then you go hunting inside it.


Even though tree stand models offer different comfort levels, no matter how comfortable it is, hanging on top of a tree can be disturbing to some people. Also, sitting up there limits what you can bring along or place next to you.

However, you will feel more comfortable on those larger platforms, zero gravity seats with memory foam. If you find a comfortable stand, the view it gives you can be unmatched. You will have a wider view of your environment, experiencing nature in its true form.

There is no doubt that sitting on the right chair inside a ground blind is very comfortable. You can set up a comfortable chair in it and relax as you wait for the perfect opportunity to shoot at a buck that passes by.

However, the same comfy nature makes you believe you can get away with some things you should not be doing, such as napping and playing video games. Otherwise, ground blinds allow you to have more amenities around you and provides better noise control.


Tree stands and ground blinds belong to a weight range that is almost the same, even though the former is a little bit more cumbersome to carry around. Tree stands are awkward to carry on your back, especially since you have to carry other gear.

When it comes to moving a tree stand, some types are easier to move than others. Climbing and hang-on tree stands are easy to transport from tree to tree or even higher up on a specific trunk. On the other hand, ladder tree stands are pretty difficult to move.

Modern ground blinds are more portable in that they are effortless to carry around. You can fit them into a carrying bag and even set up semi-permanently on your favorite spot so that you do not have to carry it with you to and from the woods.

Otherwise, you can still manage to carry them daily to and from the woods, if that is your preference, especially since they only weigh around 10-30 pounds. The fact that they are mostly constructed like lightweight tents makes them easy to move.


Many people have chosen one over the other based on how easier it is to set up. Tree stands need serious work to set up. It takes a lot of work and to fully set it up at the right height. Another part that needs serious work is searching for the right tree on which to set it up.

It would help if you had a tree without any low limbs that may interfere with the setting up process. Reversing the process and packing them back up is also another difficult part.

Most ground blinds boast a quick set-up system. You can fully erect it in just a few minutes, and when you are done, you can choose to further camouflage it with twigs and leaves. Packing them back up is also an easy thing to do.

If you consider a tree stand, you should consider a climbing tree stand vs. hang on based on your needs. Additionally, there are tree stand designed for particular weight. For big guys, always choose the best climbing tree stand that will accommodate your weight.


Capacity is one of the most obvious areas of disparity. Tree stand's capacity is more limited than that of the ground blind. Though there are two-capacity tree stands, most of them can only accommodate one person. That makes them a no-option for larger groups but a solid choice for lone hunters.

Ground blinds can accommodate up to eight people depending on the type. Most models accommodate 2-4 people, which is still good. This capacity makes it an excellent option for hunter/spotter combination. Also, you can use it as a group whether you are hunting or for wildlife photography.

Final Verdict

There may not be an overall winner in the tree stand vs. ground blind debate, but there may be a winner in every hunting factor discussed above. You can use this guide to find a preference between the two.

What you choose will depend on what factors mean much to you generally or for that specific hunting trip you are preparing. All in all, you can still enjoy every hunting experience and increase your chances of success in the hunting ground if you make the right choice.

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