Vortex Sparc AR Review: Ratings, Pros & Cons, Analysis and More

Vortex Sparc AR Review

Vortex Sparc AR is one of the most recent, high-performance optics ideally made for urban combat and tactical operation. It's precisely created for every professional and newbie taking action on hitting targets. I honestly think that you can comfortably maneuver all the operation settings for accurate results despite your skill level.

There is no better way to enjoy the operation process than arming yourself with excellent tools; it's like wearing confidence. The Vortex Sparc AR Review below will get into detail to explain what you should expect with Vortex Sparc AR.

Red Dot design and power settings

The red dot optic feature is also known as reflex sight has a clean design that offers a precise field of view operation. There is unlimited eye relief, which makes it compatible with any kind of high recoil weaponry. The feature is powered by a single triple-A battery capable of powering over 300 hours of brightness at maximum setting.

You can view the red dot even during the brightest light conditions, which promote unconditional and accurate visibility. The illumination settings operate within 10 optical settings with night vision compatibility. This means that you can combine night vision equipment with the red dot to optimize the benefits. The smart memory feature consistently remembers your last fed illumination setting.

Impeccable range

The 2 MOA red dot design does not offer magnification settings, although the sight is clearly visible. It works at a range maximum of 100 yards and does its best at long-distance targets ad low light environment.

Convenient functionalities

When making a shot, you need to set the appropriate windage and elevation using the adjustment dials. The windage dials are on the side during the elevation settings on the top of the optic. What we find peculiar about the Sparcs dial are the slightly raised bars that allow your fingertips to grip the dials.

You are not limited to finger operation since you can use a coin or screwdriver alternatively. However, finger adjustment is more efficient, especially during a fast and estimated operation. You can change the elevation and windage values in a pinch since it's within your fingers' reach.

Versatile mounting options

One of the biggest successes of Vortex Sparc's creation is the mounting base of the optic construction. The base can work with two mounting heights, which include the 1/3 co-witness and absolute co-witness. The shim base construction is the key to ensuring accurate and fast switching between both heights.

A wonderful advantage that comes with the height exchange option is the ability to work with a wide variety of weapons. When mounting the rail to a weapon, use a Weaver or Picatinny style base or the already mounted one. The hex wrench for mounting comes with the package.


All Vortex optics are integrated with the weatherproof capability, and Vortex Sparc is not an exception. The weatherproof performance is unchanging and long-lasting, thanks to the fog-proof and waterproof sealing and purging.

The material composition of Vortex Sparc is aircraft graded aluminum boasting a hard, ionized coating and rubber armor. The coating protects against surface glare from sunlight and other corrosive effects. With this upscale quality of production, one point remains clear ad that is consistent and durable service.

Vortex Sparc AR Review


  • The red dot design is a great way of ensuring great visibility at all times within the day.
  • The device has raised bars to adjust the windage and elevation settings with your fingertips.
  • The optics mounting base has interchangeability between two heights perfect for a variety of weapons.
  • It has a weatherproof performance that reduces corrosive effects plus improves quality make.
  • It includes an automatic power shut-off feature that turns off the sight after 12 hours.


  • The bouncing red dot may distract your FOV, commonly around bright light settings.
  • It's impossible to change the size of the red dot, which may displease some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best MOA size?

A: Every MOA measurement has its range that's perfect for working with. The most common dot sizes are between 3 and 5 MOA, which can work within both close and mid-range, therefore ideal for self-defense and target shooting. 2 MOA is impeccable for shooting at long ranges. The dot sizes are accurate and precise within their range of operation.

Q: What is MOA?

A: MOA is an abbreviation for a minute of angle, therefore an angle measurement. When it comes to estimating or rather assigning a measurement, we consider the distance (in inches) it can spread in various yards. For instance, I MOA spreads 1 inch per 100 yards, which is similar to 8 inches in 800 yards. Another example is 3 MOA at o.3 inches at 10 yards, 1.5 inches at 50 yards.

Q: What is the difference between red dot and holographic sights?

A: The holographic sight uses a powerful laser that roams around to develop a holographic image of a reticle. On the other hand, red dot/ reflex sight uses a low power LED too produce the reticle. The difference between the two stands clear when it comes to battery duration and parallax errors. For the holographic sight, the battery life is short-lived since it consumes more power. Additionally, it is more immune to parallax distortions. Each of the sights has it is good and bad.

Q: What makes Vortex Strikefire and Sparc different?

A: The Vortex Strikefire has 2 MOA, a night vision, and better mounting than Vortex Sparc. Because Vortex Sparc has a smaller MOA of two, it tends to be more accurate. The former also has its flaws commonly related to the lenses, although overall, it's a perfect choice for mid-range optics.

Q: Where are Vortex products manufactured?

A: Vortex Optics has been operational since 2002 and hailed from a pre-existing outdoor retail store in 1986. The original store was located in Middleton, and as the business grew, they branched into a number of stores. They have a modern facility that engineers inspect and services their products within the US. Their dealers spread wide across the American, European, Australian, and African markets.

Final Verdict

I wouldn't oppose any intention to try out the Vortex Sparc AR optic device with a red dot feature. It is qualified for all weapon operations to obtain your target accurately. It may require skill to get on the field, but an appropriate tool is no less crucial than skill. What I mainly found alluring about the optic is the multi-faceted mounting operations it offers.

It's such a relief knowing that you have got the right tool for different purposes, incredibly resourceful. Everything you are looking for in an optical device is fully packaged in this device. You better get ready to enrich your skill set and obtain staggering results.

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