Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Review

In our current century, technology is evolving daily, and there are many inventions. Wondering how you can keep up with all the changes? Or figuring out how to go about with the new masterpieces? Well, worry not for that is our job. For years, Nikon has always been the best brand when it comes to dealing with lenses globally.

Hunting has never been easy since our forefathers, but with the new Nikon Prostaff rifle scope popularly available in the market today, piece of cake. It has new advanced features that will not only make hunting easy for you but also fun. In addition, the scope is famously known worldwide for its great lens and accuracy. Let us examine some top features of this riflescope i mean nikon prostaff 3-9x40.

It has an O-ring sealed with nitrogen enabling you to use the optic under all weather conditions. Sealing the ring guarantees you that the scope's optical resolution will not change even if the weather changes unexpectedly. More so, not only is it waterproof and fog proof but also shockproof.

Magnification and Objective Lens

Many shooters go for this type of scope because it can be used from far distances so long as it has a wide magnification and the objective lens is reliable. The objective diameter is of 40mm field view. They also love it because it can adapt easily no matter what you are using.

This saves you the unnecessary extra burden of purchasing other scopes to work efficiently. In cases where you need to get a clear focus of your target, you need to multiply the objective lens diameter by the zoom level.

Patented BDC Reticle

This setting increases precision even after years and comes in handy if you are a long-range shooter. It makes your hunting easier since it enables you to adjust the lens even at a longer distance.

The parallax setting gives you a clear view such that even short-range shooters can have a good shot if they have a clear aiming point and target well.

Another added advantage of this feature is that it enables you to adjust the scope to the position you will feel most comfortable before shooting. It is most convenient in missions because of its simplicity.

Zero-Reset Turret.

It enables you to make easy and necessary adjustments while on the field trying to aim your target at a certain domain. More so, it makes adjusting easier and much simpler compared to other scopes. It is easy to understand since all you need to do is turn the knobs to whichever angle fits you.

If you need to improve your precision during shooting for better performance, you can easily make small adjustments. The scope comes with a spring-loaded adjustment knob that allows you to focus up to zero while aiming for your target.

Precise Hand-Turn Adjustments

This feature gives you easy access to focus clearly on your target while maintaining your preferred setting even after experiencing a hefty recoil on your firearm. The adjustment you are allowed with is at a premier range.

Optical System

As expected, all Nikon related scopes are clear, and of good quality, it applies to the Nikon riflescope. It offers features that most riflescopes in the competition bracket do not; yet they are slightly pricey compared to this one.

For instance, you can enjoy premium brightness, high contrast views, and light transmission due to its multi-colored lenses, which increase light transmission up to 98%.

Most shooters prefer Nikon riflescopes because of its high-performance. This is because the optical system has a cover to protect it from any factors that might damage the lenses.

nikon prostaff 3-9x40 review

Things We Like:

  • The riflescope can adapt to any rifle.
  • Features a high zooming and magnification focus, enabling you to target your prey easily.
  • Relatively cheap compared to other scopes and definitely worth it.
  • It is not complex; hence, easy to use.
  • Lightweight in nature, therefore, making it easy to carry around.

Things That Could Improve:

  • To mount it to your rifle, you must purchase the ring separately.
  • It might be blurry if the target is really close to the shooting range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any health crises that have emerged from using the scope?

A: So far, none. The scope comes with efficient eye relief, keeping your eyes safe, guaranteeing you there will be no eye strain, and protecting your eyebrows.

Q: Must you have a specific rifle to purchase the scope?

A: Fortunately, the Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40-rifle scope is highly versatile thus can work well with any firearm.

Q: What is the best way to protect the lenses of the scope?

A: The purchase comes with eye covers to help protect your lenses since lenses tend to be very crucial and sensitive, not forgetting quite expensive hence, you need to be more careful with them.

Q: Is the scope expensive considering that it is a Nikon product?

A: We try to make all our products pocket-friendly, giving everyone a chance to own at least an item from us. This applies to the Nikon riflescope, which is relatively cheap.

In addition, the Nikon riflescopes offer a full lifetime warranty. In case you encounter any difficulties with the scope at any time, you can always take it for checking.

Final Verdict

The nikon prostaff 3-9x40 is the best choice if you want to be cautious when avoiding your target to spot you during shooting. Purchasing a Nikon product is possibly the best purchase you will ever make, and that is just a bonus.

Having this riflescope will make your shooting easier and enjoyable due to its excellent features. Considering that the scope covers almost all shooting ranges during shooting, there are zero to no chances that you will miss your target.

The scope is also quite simple and easy to use. Every coin has two sides, and the fact that the scope has its cons too should not discourage you, for this would be your best purchase ever.

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