How to Get Paintball Paint off Car

Paintball is an interesting game, especially when everything gets covered up with paint. If your car gets splatter with the paint, there is no need to worry. Paintball paint washes off easily on cars and houses. The dye from paintball is made of food-grade ingredients that are water-soluble.

The dye is non-toxic and biodegradable. Therefore, if there are stains on your car from paintball paint, they will come off easily if you wash with water and soap. However, just because the paint comes off easily doesn’t mean it is an easy task. Check this guide to get effective tips on how to get paintball paint off car.

Paintball washes off from cars. Paintball paint is manufactured using components used in manufacturing food substances. The paint composes mostly of non-toxic, non-staining, and biodegradable compounds.

Laxative and other non-toxic substances, which are mixed in the paintball paint, wash off. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the paintball paint ruining your car paint. You only have to rub it off gently and immediately before the sputter sticks.

How to Remove Paintball Paint from Cars

To get the paint splatter off your car, wash the car as you normally would. For this process, use car washing detergent and warm water. You might also need a sponge or towel to use with the mixture to wipe off the paint.

Wash the paint off as soon as possible as it may stick and ruin the car when left to dry up. Alternatively, use a bug and tar removing product. Put a few droplets on the cloth or towel, then wipe the paintball paint splatter.

If the paintball paint is difficult to remove, you can always call for professional assistance. Do not force it out as it may damage the car paint and coating.

1. Removing paintball paint from car interiors

You may need chemical cleaners, vacuum cleaners, towels and rags, and brushes. For the right chemical cleaner, look at the material used to design the interior to determine the appropriate cleaning products.

2. Removing paintball paint from car windows

Washing the car may leave some splatter on the window. Take a blade and gently scrape the dried paint off the window. This process is time-consuming therefore requires a little patience and care. Use microfiber clothing and tool to clean the window surface.

Be extra cautious if the windows are tinted. Some tinting is a separate sheet attached to the window while it is part of the window in other cases. Using strong cleaning products may ruin the window tinting. Spray the cleaning detergent on the microfiber cloth and wipe the window rather than spraying it on the window directly.

3. Removing paintball paint from seats

Car seats are made of vinyl, cloth, or leather. These materials require different cleaning methods. Vacuum the seats before attempting to remove the paintball paint splatter.

Leather seats: The paintball paint may change the color of the leather to a different shade if left for long. Spray the cleaning agent directly on the seat for it to work. Smear the cleaning product across the seat using a clean towel or cloth to spread it out.

Once clean, dry the leather seats using a microfiber cloth. Remember to use a leather conditioner to keep the leather fresh and supple.

Cloth: An upholstery cleaner can get rid of fresh paint on seats made out of cloth. Use the cleaner in moderation. This helps prevent a foul smell from developing from soaking too much fabric.

Vinyl: You can use most cleaning products to remove paintball paint from vinyl seats. Spray the cleaning product on a clean cloth and wipe the vinyl seat. Use a second towel to clean up any moisture from the seat. Be careful to prevent the cleaning solution from smearing into the vinyl clothing.

How to remove paintball splatter on mats and carpets

Floor mats. Paintball paint splatter adds up to the dust on the mat. To clean, shake the mat. If the paintball paint splatter does not come off, clean the mat with a chemical solution

Carpets: Use a vacuum cleaner and hand brushes to remove the dirt and dried paintball paint. Add a drop of specialized cleaning solution to the carpet and wipe it with the brush.

Use an absorbent towel to clear up any liquids left on the carpet. Try a stronger cleaning compound if the splatter does not come out.

Door panels: You can use any cleaning solution or compound to remove the platter. Be cautious of open compartments and cup holders on the door panels. These areas are usually the dirtiest.

Dashboards: Determine the material of the dashboard, and remember to vacuum before applying the cleaning solvent. After cleaning the dashboard, apply an interior dressing product to prevent it from cracking and fading. This is a precaution if you clean up the interior dressing in the process.

Things To Avoid When Removing Paintball

  • Avoid using water on leather seats. 
  • Scratch gently to avoid ripping off the leather
  • Clean off the paintball paint gently to avoid scrubbing out the car paint


Paintball paint explodes on impact at a high rate of speed. Removing paintball paint off a car is very easy. All that is required is to follow the instructions step by step. Having the right materials for this process is essential.

Generally, use a mild car washing detergent, warm water, and a sponge or microfiber cloth. Repeat the steps until all the paintball paint comes off. Also, rinse the area to remove any paintball paint or cleaning product residue.

Although it may take some time to remove the paintball paint from the car, follow the instructions provided for better results.

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