Climbing Tree Stand vs Hang On Tree Stand

Many hunters have been using tree stands for many years. Many benefits come with hunting from an elevated point compared to the ground. Using tree stands helps hunters get a wider field of view to shoot your target deer accurately.

On top of that, a tree stand prevents deer from detecting you. When picking a tree stand, you can either choose a climbing tree stand or a hang on. Which one is better, and why? 

We will find more details to help you know which type of tree stand you should consider for hunting.

A climbing tree stand is a good option for mobile hunters who hunt on private or public and don't wish to stay in one location.

When you use the climbing tree stand, you need to situate a proper location and a specific task, and you will be set to go. You will get tremendous results. The climbing tree stand gives the hunter a good observing place, and hence you will be able to stand and see the animals you are hunting and make the correct changes.

The best place to use the climber is in public places since you will get more straight trees there. As we mentioned, climber's functions better with straight trees. Easy to climb and A climber is fixed on the tree before you climb it and hence you will not need climbing sticks Its yield better results when you use the climbing tree stand on an open field where you will get timber edge to place the climbing tree stand.

Climbers are very safe and secure all the time you are doing your hunting. You can stand or even sit down and do your hunting. One of the cons of using a climber is their big sizes; when loading them, you will require more space to put it. The big sizes also make them heavy. The other one is the quantity of noise they produce while climbing the tree. If the prey is close, they may run away from you.

Hang On

Over the years, using a hang on is becoming a more used method for several reasons. When using a hang-on, you should consider its weight since you will be carrying it with you, and also, you will hold it when fixing on the tree. You will not need a heavy tool.

One major issue that comes with hang on tree stands is safety. These tree stands are safe if you use them correctly. You should always have a safety harness attached to the trunk and move it with you as you climb up. This will keep you safe all the time.

Trying to locate and hunt the prey can be hectic more, especially when you locate the best site from a tree, but if done right, it can yield impressive results. With the latest technology, tools are very modern; hence you can operate them and get amazing results.

As you climb up the tree, the tree's diameter tends to reduce as you climb up, so you will need to make some adjustments to the hanger. You can secure the lower side of the hanger. 

A good example recommended for most hunters is a quick hitch. It gives the hunter a good time hunting since you can level up and adjust the hang while still standing. More advantages of this tree stand include:

  • Easy to hang it and leave it on the tree and use it when hunting. You can put it on branches, and you will be able to see your prey feeding so close.
  • You can place a hang-on stand on almost all kinds of trees. This makes your work easier compared to a climbing tree stand.
  • A hang-on is faster to climb a tree with the help of stand and climbing sticks.
  • The chances of making a successful hunt while you are at the top are higher than when you are on the ground since you have a large field of view.
  • Hang on stands also work well in places with many trees and trees with plenty of branches.

Which One Is the Best?

There is no better tree stand than the other. Choosing the right one goes down to your needs. If you need hunting versatility, choose a hang-on tree stand. If you are a mobile hunter, then a climbing tree stand is best for you. 

It is suitable for hunters with different hunting spots and cannot afford to put different tree stands on every spot.

To decide which one to use, you will need to do a proper evaluation. Here are some key features that could help you select which one to use lightweight, comfort, haunt ability, ease in assembling the hunting areas (either private or public). Some areas need to unmount your hunting tools each hunt end, amongst others.


Hunting from an elevated position gives you a larger field of view and ensures deer don't notice you. Whether you choose a climbing tree stand or a hang on, you should always have safety in mind. You should ensure your tree stand has a solid foundation to keep you safe.

On top of that, you should have a safety harness to ensure you are safe throughout your hunting period. Also, if you are a big guy, get the right climbing stands for big guys to ensure you are safe.

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