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What Size Stand-Up Paddle Board Is Right For A Beginner? Learn From Expert

Stand-up paddle boarding is an exceptionally great way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. It is also an ideal way to work out and keep your body fit. Figuring out what the best stand-up paddle board size you need as a beginner can be challenging. 

The key to finding the right size is choosing the one that can carry your weight efficiently, provides enough stability, and makes things easier for you. Similarly, the board should suit your paddle boarding style.

To find the right paddle board size, you must know four board dimensions; volume, length, width, and thickness. Volume measures the board's buoyancy in liters. Length is the measurement from its tip to tail. Width is the board's side-to-side measurement. And finally, thickness is the distance from its top to bottom.

When a beginner is looking for SUP, they should think of what they will use it. There are many different paddle surfboard types out there, and each is more suited for a certain type of water sport than others. 

Some of the common types of activities include surfing, touring, and racing. With so many water sports to choose from, there are lots of options at every skill level. Likewise, since SUP is easy to learn, any beginner can enjoy it.

Your paddleboarding style should help you determine the right board size to choose if you are getting started. Size is a factor that also determines whether a board is suited for a type of activity or not. When you understand the types, your choice will be easy and informed.

Size For Stability

Stability becomes even more vital to consider when choosing the best paddle board for a beginner. A board that gives good stability helps you maintain your balance in the water. 

paddle board size guide

If you are new to paddle boarding, opt for a larger board. Wider paddle boards are perfect for people with bad flexibility, which is typical of beginner paddle boarders.


Weight is the most important factor to consider when choosing the right size paddleboard. Therefore, if you weigh up to 235 pounds, you need a board with a volume of at least 175 liters for optimal stability on the water to be achieved. 

If you weigh over 275 pounds, a board with a volume of at least 242 liters would be perfect for you. Anyone weighing more than 300 pounds would require a board with at least 272 liters of volume to find great stability.

Board Length

When speaking of the size of a board, length is an important part. The length of the board should be ideal for your body size and weight. The higher you float, the more stable you will be. 

Therefore, it is even a bigger deal for a beginner to make sure your paddle board displaces the right amount of water for your weight to achieve maximum stability. Longer boards are heavier, and therefore more difficult to carry to the water than shorter ones.

Board Width

Choosing the right paddle board size requires that you consider the width too. It plays a vital role in finding the right board for your needs. For a beginner, a paddle board width within the range of 32 and 34 inches is just right. If you stay within that range, you will surf more comfortably as a newbie. Any width smaller than 32 inches would require an experienced paddle boarder.

Board Thickness

Thickness is also a vital part of the general board size. Inflatable paddle boards are generally thicker than hard paddle boards. The thicker a paddle board is, the more stable it will be on the water. Therefore, inflatable stand-up paddle boards are more stable than epoxy.

For one, inflatable paddle boards boast consistent thickness right from the nose to the tail. On such a thicker board, you feel like you are sitting high up on water, which adds stability to it. Thicker paddle boards are therefore more suitable for beginners than thin ones.

The inflatable paddle boards are usually more suited for water paddling. Also, they are portable and would therefore be easy to take along with you. That is partly why they work best for beginners. 

On the other hand, epoxy paddle boards are better suited for surfing and touring. And for that, they work best for experienced paddle boarders. They also glide smoothly through the water.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Paddle Board Size

Consider these tips if you want to get the right paddle board size for yourself.

Weight capacity

What Size Paddle Board Do You Need For Your Weight

You need to consider the weight capacity of the paddleboard when choosing it. It should be able to carry your weight comfortably without straining to do so. If you are new to this activity and find a board that can support your weight, paddleboarding will become easier and more stress-free.

For someone who is learning to paddle board, such the right condition would accelerate your learning success. The board will be easy to balance and stay flexible while paddling. Similarly, the board should carry the extra weight of food, rinks, and other accessories that you would like to bring along.

Your length

Your length will play an important role when choosing the best paddle board size for yourself as a beginner. Taller people have a higher point of gravity compared to shorter people. Therefore, if you are tall, you may have more difficulty maintaining balance on the same board than shorter people.

Final verdict

Now that you know how to determine the right stand-up paddle board size for a beginner, you can choose the right stress freely. As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best paddle board to make your beginning experience worthwhile and your training successful. 

No matter how hard the first time may seem, you can overcome the challenges to become the best paddle boarder you can imagine. All you need is the right board size to help you learn the right skills for your early stages.

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