What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

Hunting can be a very frustrating experience if you keep going hunting and coming back home empty. Thus one should resort to installing an elevated tree stand for a better hunting experience. An elevated stand has many advantages for the hunter compared to hunting from the ground.

The hunting stand should be built on a strong tree that can support your weight. When hunting, put on the right attire for hunting to avoid accidents and go with the right tools to hunt. You should hunt from an elevated tree stand during the day. This is to help you see the prey easily even from a distance.

An elevated tree stand has the advantage that it will give you the hunter a wider view of the area of hunting. You will be slightly above the ground, which means that you will see a far distance than when hunting from the ground.

An elevated stand helps you to see the prey on the ground easily and give you time to plan yourself to attack it. A wider vision is also important since it can help you see danger like a wild animal on time and hide for protection. Vision is so important while hunting because it will help you catch the prey.

Other advantages of hunting from an elevated tree stand

Apart from having your hunting binoculars, an elevated tree stand offers a wide range of benefits when hunting. Here are more ways you will find your elevated tree stand useful.

You Can Hide with Ease

An elevated tree stand helps you hide easily from the prey since, on the ground, the prey can easily track you by your smell and find you. When at the ground, the prey can easily see you and then run hence losing its view easily. 

You can build your tree stand to leave a small view for only you to see outside too. If you encounter a wild animal on the ground, the animal can easily be hurt than when you are in the tree stand.

Spotting and Shooting the Prey

When you elevate your tree stand, you can see the prey with ease and shoot it without missing. Spotting the prey is important, and if you are on the ground, it can be a challenge to see an animal. 

This will give you the advantage since you won't be frustrated on your hunting trip, and it will be an enjoyable experience for you, the hunter.

Safety from A Harsh Environment

Building a tree stand will offer you safety from a harsh environment like rain, sun, and cold. Build the tree stand according to your design as long as you follow the safety hunting rules. 

This harsh environment can be a hindrance during your hunting. Rains can affect your vision during hunting. So, while in the tree stand box, you can easily wait for the prey.

Ease in Shooting

Hunting from a tree stand is slightly easier than hunting from the ground since shooting from the top has a fair advantage angle. The angle from the top is much easy for shooting the prey. 

You have a higher chance of killing the prey shooting from the top than from the ground. Focusing on shooting an animal can be hard. This is especially if you are not used to; hence, when you are at the top, you can put your angles for shooting well to kill.

Good Location

When you erect your tree stand, it means you have given a thought, and you are sure the location is the best for your hunting. You should consider if there is a possibility of seeing the prey coming or passing by from your view.

Visible from Other Hunters

When you build your tree stand, it means that the other hunters will see you from their hunting position. This helps to avoid accidents like another hunter shooting at you, thinking that you are prey. Also, the other hunters can help in time you in case of an accident during hunting.

How to Hunt Safely from an Elevated Stand

As much as hunting from an elevated stand has an advantage, it is also risky for you. Hence it is always advised to follow the rules to avoid accidents while climbing the tree stand. Here are some of the rules you should always keep in mind while hunting on a tree stand:

  • Ensure you have your harness tight on you and the tree while climbing up or down the tree stand to avoid slipping and falling. The harness should also be a strong one to sustain your weight.
  • Wear the right attire for hunting, like good boots that are good for hunting and the right clothing that can help you hide from the prey. The right shoes will help you to climb up and down the tree stand with ease.
  • Choose a tree with rough bark and not smooth to avoid slipping and falling from the tree stand. Also, your tree stand should be strong enough to withstand your weight. A weak tree can easily break while you are on top of it.
  • It would help if you went hunting on a tree stand during the day. This will help you see the prey easily from a distance.

Final Words

An elevated tree stand is important for a serious hunter since it changes your experience. A hunter's main reason to build a tree stand is that he wants a clear view of the area to see the prey easily. 

From the top of your tree stand, you can easily hide from the prey, and also, the angle is the best for shooting the prey easily.

Also, your boxed tree stand will keep you safe from the harsh climate like rain, too much sun, and cold. Also, by building the tree stand, you have planned earlier and a good sign for doing something.

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